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Barn Burner covers all the major sports.

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Joseph Peisich


Show Editing

Giancarlo Aulino

Show Editor & Contributer


Media Relations & Marketing

Teri Rivard

Director of Marketing
& Media Relations


The Barn Burner Writers

Betsy Berns

Sports writer
Gordon Brown

Sports Writer
Nabeela Damji

Writes Maple Leafs Game reports, Toronto sports,
Writes Thursday Night NFL Preview,
'Upon Further Review' Monday during NFL season
Giancarlo Aulino

Sports Writer
Writes Toronto FC Match reports, MMA and Wrestling
Veronica Harris

Writes Toronto Raptors game reports
Jerred Bapty

Writes Toronto Argonauts Game Reports
Brittany Ramsay

Sports writer
Jonathan Chan

Sports Writer
Eric Cohen

Writes NFL preview & picks on Fridays during NFL Season, Sports Stories
Tom Stewart

Baseball and Buffalo Bills Writer
Jon Nelson

Sports Writer


Show Hosts & Contributors

Norm Rumack

Broadcasting Legend
Co-hosts BarnBurner Live!
Co-hosts 'We The Norm'
Hall Of Famer

Tracy Lynn

Show Host

Steve Carney

From 95.3 FM WDAE Radio, Tampa

Pre and Post Game Host of Ray's and Lightning
Appears regularly on Fired Upl
Also appears on "On The Mat" wrestling show
Co-hosts MMA Ground & Pound, Hall Of Famer

Julie Hinton Green

Hosts Julie Hinton Green Living in The Now

Jon Nelson

From OSG Sports, Atlanta

Co-hosts the "MLS Kickin It" show
also co-hosts EPL Back Of The Net show
Co-hosts "Outside The Box"
Soccer Down Here & Outside The Box Lacrosse Show
OSG Sports, Hall Of Famer

Veronica Harris

Co-hosts Fadeaway and Ballin Basketball Shows. Appears on 'The Blaze, The All Ladies Show'
Appears on the Blaze on Hoops
Also does BarnBurner Facebook Live

Rod Mawhood

Appears on Outside The Box
& The Breakaway

Nabeela Damji

Appears on 'The Blaze, The All Ladies Show'
Appears on 'The Blaze on Ice'
Also does BarnBurner Facebook Live

Drew Ebanks

Co-hosts the 'BALLIN' Basketball Show
Appears regularly on 'Fired Up about Basketball'
Also does BarnBurner Live on Facebook
Hall Of Famer

Brittany Ramsay

Appears on The Blaze & The Blaze on Ice,
The Breakaway and NFL Blitz

Giancarlo Aulino

Co-Hosts 'MMA Ground & Pound' Show
Co-Hosts 'No Holds Barred' wrestling show

Heather Toole

Sports Writer & Show Contributer

Jerred Bapty

Co-Hosts CFL No Yards show
and Over-The-Glass CWHL show

Noora Popal

Sports Writer &
Show contributer

Eduardo Hariri

Sports Writer &
Show contributer

Rene'e C. Polka

Appears on NFL Blitz focussing on Buffalo

Eric Cohen

Baseball Basketball Wrestling
Appears regularly on 'Fired Up about Hockey', Football
Hall Of Famer

Mark Zwolinski

Toronto Star
Appears regularly on 'Fired Up about Hockey', Baseball
Hall Of Famer

Robyn Iwaskiw

Photographer and show contributor

Jonathan Chan

Hosts The Fantasy Grill Show

Athlete Co-Hosts

Nathan Perrott

Former NHL Player with The Toronto Maple Leafs, among other teams
Co Hosts 'The Breakaway'

Tracy Murray

Co-Host on 'Fadeaway' Basketball Show

Jerome "JYD" Williams

Former NBA player With The Toronto Raptors, NY Knicks among other teams
Co Hosts 'Ballin'

Jesse Litsch

Former MLB player with the Toronto Blue Jays
Co Hosts 'Stolen Bases'

James Wilder Jr.

Running Back with the Toronto Argonauts
CFL No Yards Co-Host

Carmine Isacco

Assistant Coach of York 9 FC
Appears on CPL Back of the Net Show

Dan Ladouceur

Co-Host on 'Outside the box'

Chad Culp

Co-Host on 'Outside the box'

Aron Stevens

Co-Host on 'On The Mat' wrestling show

Ernest "The Cat" Miller

Co-Hosts 'it's Miller Time' Show

Daniel Spencer

Current OVW Referee and Show Host

Dillon Carman

Professional Boxer
WBA-NABA Heavyweight Champion
WBC Francophone Heavyweight Champion
Professional Actor

Samuel Vargas

Current NABA Welterweight Champion

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