Tanya Mullings


With over 3 decades making waves in the music industry, Tanya Mullings is a Multi-Award Winning Singer, Walk Of Fame Inductee, and is also the proud CEO of the H.E.R. Network.

Tanya is also the host of "The Tanya Mullings Show" airing every Sunday from 8-9pm via the BarnBurner TV Network. On the show, Tanya brings you up-close and personal interviews with some of the biggest artist in the music industry, while highlighting some of industry’s up-and-coming artists to look out for. 

Theresa Kirkland


A graduate of Ryerson, Theresa is the main producer for the H.E.R.NETWORK shows.

Nicole Monique


Demetra Maragos


Host of the BarnBurner TV Network’s “The Spike” show, Demetra Maragos is a USPORT and OUA Volleyball Champion. She began her career at Ryerson University in 2015 and had a decorated four-year career. Appearing in 4 OUA Final Fours and in 3 National Championships, Demetra has a strong understanding of what it means to win and compete at the next level.

While at Ryerson, she perused a degree in Creative Industries where she gained a clear understanding of the media landscape.

Samantha Walters


Samantha Walters is a television personality best known for co-hosting on the BarnBurner TV Network’s “LAVISH” show - airing every Monday-Wednesday at 6pm. Lavish covers all the juicy scandal and gossip, as well as politics, and all things pop culture.

Samantha is also a recent Communications graduate from Carleton University with a background in Media. A woman who never ceases to shine and showcase her fun and outgoing personality in every conversation, Samatha works with great enthusiasm.

Jenn Connor


Jenn Connor brings a depth of talent and experience that encompasses both the sports and entertainment world. A graduate of the College of Sports Media, Jenn has been a BarnBurner contributor over the past year covering all major sports.

Jenn has a passion for music and is a recording artist herself, having worked with accomplished Toronto producer Rob Wells and L.A.-based Tomas Costanza. Jenn brings an enthusiastic, fresh approach to her work that truly reflects her love of life.

Jessica Singh


A graduate from Royal Roads University with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communications, Jessica Singh is a Canadian media personality with a background in Marketing. Her weekly show “Sit Down with Jess” is a Canadian sports, entertainment, lifestyle- themed variety talk show that will be airing on the H.E.R Network (the BarnBurner TV Network’s channel 251) every Wednesday at 7:30pm EST.

When Jessica is not at work, you can find her at the gym, watching sports or tuning in to her favourite reality show.

Leah Zullo


Host of the “Beyond Wellness” show, Leah Zullo puts a focus on mind, body and beauty through exploring popular, innovative and creative approaches to achieving optimal wellness on the road to feeling and looking your best. From unique topics such as pregnancy to senior’s health and much, much more, Leah will take you on a weekly journey exploring some of the newest and most interesting health betterment options available.

Join Leah every Monday at 8:30pm for a fun and informative show that will leave you feeling motivated to achieve your personal wellness goals.

Julie Hinton-Green


Julie Hinton-Green is a certified Reiki Master and Energy Healer, who is also certified in yoga and pilates.

Lindsay Eastwood


Co-host of Tea It Up, Lindsay Eastwood is gearing up for her first season of Professional hockey for the Toronto Six in the NWHL. After five years at Syracuse University, Lindsay left as the program's all-time highest scoring defenseman and longest standing captain, with a quick stint on the rowing team. Now, she is pursuing a career in Sports Media.

Lindsay learned to skate before she could walk but it wasn’t long before she traded in figure skates for hockey skates as hockey was in her genes...and at 6 feet tall, it was probably a wise decision

Brooke Avery


Co-host of Tea It Up, Brooke Avery joins the show during her second season in the NWHL, both with the Metropolitan Riveters. Brooke currently works in New York City following her graduation from Syracuse University in 2019, and transfer from the University of New Hampshire. Her passion for sports stems from embracing the role of a lifelong, die-hard Boston/New England fan. She’s always down to grab a beer and have a good time.

Jennifer Chefero


Proficient in all things hockey, Jennifer Chefero is a 20-year coach and trainer currently working one-on-one with amateur to professional players as an advisor and development coach. Jennifer is also a lover of music, film and literature - and can admit to spending more time at the rink than she does sleeping.

Elisabeth Rositsan


Elisabeth is Olympic Gymnist, and the host of the first weekly Gymnastics show on TV.

Veronica Harris


Julianna Durzo


Cas Wiseman


Cassie Wiseman is the founder of the BarnBurner TV Network’s FIRST WMMA show, “The Wiseman Report”. She is also a registered massage therapist that loves to talk all things anatomy when she’s not delving into the world of WMMA.

Be sure to tune in every Friday at 10pm EST to catch the latest and greatest on upcoming fights, fighter interviews, post-fight analysis and much, much more. Let’s take the future female star out from the shadows.

Diana Mussina


Diana Mussina is a writer, story teller, and host of the “Single Pringle” show - the first exclusive online dating show to debut on the H.E.R. Network, airing at 3pm via The BarnBurner Network’s Zingo TV Channel 251. Diana tells fans to get ready for a ton of terribly ridiculous stories surrounding modern relationship issues that are sure to entertain - as well as dating facts, statistics and tips to help those “Single Pringles” out there make the most of their dating life.

Suzette Hamilton


Suzette Hamilton has been working in the mental health field as a practical nurse, tending to patients of all ages - from infancy all the way up to age 89. Suzette has also been through it all - single, married, divorced - and it’s given her life experience that she’s ready to talk about on the H.E.R. Network, and looks forward to listening to the stories of others, too.



A proud black woman embracing a flirty and thriving life her 30’s, Telecia lives by her two favourite philosophies: “YOLO (You Only Live Once)” and “There is no pride in love”. Telecia’s girl crushes include Jane Austen and Angela Davis, and says that she should have a trademark for putting her foot in her mouth - as she unapologetically calls it as she sees it, because “It is what it is”, after all.

Tianna Rose


A cool suburban mom whose interests range from sports to hip-hop and the cultures surrounding them, Tianna Rose is the host of “Tee Talk". Tianna welcomes you to venture into her show for deep dives on basketball, the scoop on the latest hip-hop albums and tracks, and even “mom truths” that every mom can relate to.

Perren Colaso


Tracy Lynn


The host of Tracy Unleashed