The Dao: I'm Announcing I Am A Professional Wrestler Again

Giancarlo Aulino
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, July 15, 2019

Mississauga, ON--- The Dao returned to the ring and was victorious on his ongoing mission to slay the entitled millennial ideology. In an exclusive interview with BarnBurner after the show, The Dao announced that he is officially a professional wrestler again.  


Battle Art Pro Wrestling’s first television taping was a success and featured the in-ring return of Aron Stevens, who is now known as The Dao, as he took on Battle Arts rising star Timmy O'Connor in the co-main event. It was a hot crowd all night as they witnessed the up-and-coming stars on the Canadian independent wrestling scene as well as some notable names from Impact Wrestling.



The Dao’s familiar entrance theme ‘Hallelujah’ played as he appeared in his robe to boos from the audience, mostly in response for his actions the previous week when he attacked O’Connor with a chair and announced his return on his social media accounts; @thearonfiles on Instagram and @AronsThoughts on Twitter.


The boos didn’t bother The Dao at all, in fact, he proceeded to take the microphone and cut an excellent promo that made the fans boo him even more. The Dao mentioned his experience at a Canadian grocery store and voiced his displeasure for the millennials that are constantly on their cell phones and refered to those individuals as the one who feel entitled.


Timmy O’Connor then made his way to the ring to a loud ovation from the crowd at the Don Kolov Arena. After The Dao’s action the previous week and promo, it was clear that he'd be the heel in the matchup and O’Connor the babyface.


Even though this was The Dao’s first match in two-and-a-half years, he looked just as good as he did the last time he wrestled and hasn’t lost a step. In all aspects of the match whether it was feeding off the crowd reception, pacing of the match, and even adjusting when he was busted open, The Dao put on an excellent performance and showed why all wrestling companies should be contacting him to appear on their television shows.


Tonight, be sure to search ‘Fired Up’ wherever you get your podcasts for a special edition of BarnBurner’s  ‘Ask Me Anything’ with Aron Stevens, where I speak with The Dao about his return to the ring following the Battle Arts Pro Wrestling event.


It'll be interesting to see which promotion signs The Dao, but one thing that is for certain, he won't find any trouble looking for a job in pro wrestling as BIlly Corgan has already posted that the NWA will be calling. 






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Photo Credit: BarnBurner (@TheBarnBurns) and Giancarlo Aulino (@gian_411)