SMACKDOWN Update 11/6/20

Mark Freitas
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Friday, November 6, 2020

After a very shocking ending, to last week's Friday Night Smackdown. I was excited to see what we were in store for tonight.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley Women's Championship match

We kick off SmackDown, with a big start. As we begin with Sasha Banks defending her Women's Championship against Bayley. 

As Sasha makes her entrance, we get a promo to recap us on how these ladies got to where they are now.

After the promo we get a backstage interview with Bayley saying "she takes back what's mine" and says she that their rivalry will end the same way it started. "Crippled by her own failure".

This big match starts up and in the early going both ladies went back and forth with attacks. Sasha hit Bayley with the double knee drop on the apron. Sasha went back to do it again, but Bayley countered it and launched Banks in the air. It was a cool reversal because it was unexpected.

Bayley got in some offence and Sasha countered hitting more double knees. Bayley responded back with a big clothesline and Sasha kept coming back. Bayley rolled out of the ring and Sasha hit a beautiful crossbody on the outside.

In my opinion for most of the match I found that Sasha had more of the offence going and I was really hoping Bayley would get the amount of offence, but it did not seem that way.

Back to the match, speaking of Bayley's offence she finally got it in as she hit Banks with a backstabber, Bayley to Belly and an elbow all in a row, but Banks kicked out at two. Bayley counted her offence by even getting Sasha in the Bank Statement.

Bayley went to spear Banks and she missed instead she got a shoulder in the ring post. Banks then followed up by getting Bayley in the Bank Statement it was enough to keep Bayley down as she tapped out. Sasha Banks retained the Women's Championship. She will now go on to face RAW Women's Champion Asuka at Survivor Series.

A surprising Carmella made her return after the match attacking Sasha Banks on the stage.

This was a good kick off to the show. I found the match was well paced and both ladies brought everything they had. My takeaway was Bayley not getting much offence, but that is ok and not a big deal. Now that this feud is done both ladies can move on to other things maybe Bayley will join the SmackDown women's team for Survivor Series. As for Sasha it looks like her focus now will be Carmella.

Jey Uso Exclusive Interview

We then go backstage to Kayla Braxton asking Jey Uso about last week. We get a recap about. Jey says "I did what I had to do". He goes on to say that Bryan is still a friend, but he is not family. Paul Heyman shows up and tells Jey that Reigns needs to talk to Jey. Reigns tells Jey, that if he wants to get interviewed, he needs to run it by him or Heyman first. Prior to Jey's interview Kevin Owens appeared making a joke to Jey about him getting coffee saying he is getting it for Roman and Jey didn't take it to lightly. Roman asked Jey about it and Roman says "Owens disrespected their entire bloodline". Jey responds by saying he'll handle Owens later tonight. After Jey left Roman tells Heyman to find Adam Pierce so he can also handle Owens tonight.

Rey Mysterio vs. King Corbin Survivor Series Qualifying Match

Before the match, Rey is trying to call his daughter Aaliyah but gets no answer Dominick appears and ask's his farther why isn't he his gear because his match is next. Dominick goes to get Rey's attire and after he leaves Rey gets jumped by Corbin.

A banged-up Rey Mysterio comes down to the ring not in his ring gear but in a t-shirt and sweats instead. The bell rings and Corbin hits spinebuster on Rey, he goes for the count and gets a two count.

Rey, looked to get in on the attack and Corbin stopped it quick. The fight was taken to the outside as Corbin went for a tackle but hit the steel steps instead as Rey moved out of the way.

Both men head back in the ring, as Mysterio finally looked like he was getting into his groove. The Messiah Seth Rollins came out and watched the match from the stage.

Rey didn't let that through him off as he tried to keep his offence going. It didn't go on for too long as Corbin hit a painful back breaker. Corbin continued to attack Rey's back as he slowed down the pace. Corbin got Rey into a bear hug, Rey broke out of it biting Corbin. Rey got back on the attack doing everything in his power. As Rey was going for the 619 Corbin rolled out of the ring. He hit Dominick with a cheap shot.

As they got back into the ring Rollins slowly creeped down to the ring. Rey hit a 619 on Corbin as he hit him, Rollins beat down Dominick. Rey then saved Dominick. Aaliyah Mysterio and Murphy made their way down to the ring, but that was a distraction to Rey as he told Murphy and Aaliyah to get out of here. Corbin took advantage and hit Rey with the End of Days. Corbin is the third man now qualified for Team SmackDown.

This was decent, it went on a little longer than it should have had. But they had to add in the storyline elements.

Natalya vs. Ruby Riot vs. Zelina Vega Women's Survivor Series Qualifying Match

We get another triple threat match to qualify for the women's Survivor Series team.

This match was short, all three of these women got their offences in. Natalya was on the attack for most of the match. As she got Vega in the Sharpshooter Ruby Riot came back in the ring and got Vega in the armbar as she was in the sharpshooter. Natalya let go and Vega tapped out to the armbar. Ruby Rose is now the second lady to be on Team SmackDown for the women's match.

Seth Rollins vs. Ottis Survivor Series Qualifying Match

Ottis showed off his power early on Seth. Murphy made his way down to the ring to watch Seth's match. Just like what Seth did to Mysterio.

Seth, didn't let this throw him off as he got a little attack in on Ottis. The attacks weren't working on the big man. Ottis then got on a roll. Murphy got on the apron and stared at Ottis and Rollins. Ottis went to charge at Murphy but it did not work as Seth took advantage and hit The Curb Stomp on Ottis. Rollins got the three count and qualified for the men's Survivor Series team.

After the match Rollins stops Murphy backstage. Murphy tells Seth that he is a Disiple and Seth is the Messiah. Aaliyah confronts Murphy on what he did and tells her he knows what he is doing.

Like I said last week I think this storyline needs to be put to bed already because it has really gone on for too long.

Earlier Show Recap

The Street Profits tried to get a scouting report on The New Day by talking with Big E. Big E tells The Street Profits to "lay down" so they can avoid a beating.

We got another Lars Sullivan interview this week. It was like last week's interview with Corey Graves. He talked about how he was bullied, and the bullies made him stronger. He said he would make the bullies and the people who didn't help him eat weird things and scream at them.

Jey Uso vs. Kevin Owens

Our main event began and both men tried to get in the early offence. Owens won the early battlle by hitting a senton. KO had the advantage so far both men brought the fight to the outside and Owens hit a splash onto Jey on the ground.

We return from commercial with Uso now on the attack. It didn't go on for too long as KO got back on the attack. As Owens went to the top rope Paul Heyman came down to ringside and that distracted Owens, Jey then took advantage. 

This match was good it was short but for the time these superstars had they put on a good match. Roman Reign's music hit, and it distracted Owens. Jey Uso took advantage with low blow and then hit a super kick. As Owens was down Jey capitalized with a splash and got the victory. The show ends with Jey and Roman together on the stage.

This was a good show, following up from last week's episode. I really love where they are going with Roman and Jey. You can tell this stable will be unstoppable in the near future.