SMACKDOWN Update 10/30/20

Mark Freitas
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Saturday, October 31, 2020

This week has been a wild one in the landscape of the WWE. From Sunday’s shocking Hell in a Cell pay per view, to a very good Monday Night Raw, to a great show in NXT: Halloween Havoc. It was now time to close out the week with Friday Night Smackdown following Sunday’s Hell in a Cell show.


Roman Reigns/Jey Uso Promo

We kick off the show with The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. As, they make their way to the ring, Jey Uso who has a dejected look on his face is already in there waiting for them so Reigns can make him his "indentured servant" that was their spatulation from their match on Sunday.

Before the segment starts, we got a recap of their I Quit/Hell in a Cell match. We cut back to the ring. Paul Heyman was about to start talking, but Jey pulled the microphone from his hands.

Jey started the segment by saying "you did not beat me". Reigns replies with "you can make all the excuses you want" he then tells Jey to "get in line for his membership." Roman tells Jey that he doesn't know the burden of carrying the company. after that Jey tells Roman that he hates him while letting out a lot of emotion. The segment ends with Roman saying Jey will fall in line by the end of tonight. 

We are then told that Jey Uso would face Daniel Brian later tonight in a Survivor Series qualifying match.

For a short segment I enjoyed the heck out of this, because Jey really made you feel sorry for him. As you can tell he was trying to keep his pride. 

This was a good way to start the show.


Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler Survivor Series qualifying match

We return from commercial with Kevin Owens making his way to the ring. Dolph Ziggler made his entrance quickly right after being accompanied by Robert Roode. In the early going of the match Ziggler get his offence in. But that doesn't last as Owens hits an elbow on him. Following that both men went back and forth for quick second.

Ziggler hit Owens out of the ring. While Owens was outside Dolph distracted the referee and Roode hit Owens from behind. But the ref caught it and removed Roode from ringside.

After they returned from commercial the match picked up in pace with both men. Owens began to get on a roll, but he was favouring his knee as Dolph hit him there prior in the match.

Owens went for a senton, but Ziggler got his knees up. Dolph went for a super kick right after and Owens reversed with his own connecting with Dolph. KO went for the pump up powerbomb it Ziggler hit an amazing counter with the Famouser. Dolph for the pin only to get a close two count.

Ziggler tried to hit another superkick, but Owens countered it again into a stunner getting the three count and the victory begin the first person to be on Team SmackDown.

This was a good first match on the show. I find both of these guys work great together, whenever they have a match against each other. Plus, I love that reversed Pump Up Powerbomb into a Famouser that was a good spot. Owens winning was the right choice to get him back on track.


Natalya, Billie Kay and Bianca Belair segment

Returning from commercial, Natalya was backstage talking to WWE official Adam Pierce telling him why she should captain of Team SmackDown for the Women's Survivor Series match. Billie Kay shows up trying to do the same thing and convince him. Bianca Belair walks in and says, "It should me". Adam Pierce tells them they will have a triple threat match to declare who gets on the team.


Lars Sullivan segment

Earlier in the day Corey Graves sat down with one of SmackDown's newest superstars Lars Sullivan. Graves asks Sullivan about calling him The Freak. 

Sullivan then begins to tell Graves a story about when he was kid saying "I cried and everyone, even the teachers would laugh. But their laughs stopped and when it did the screaming continued for hours". After that, Sullivan said he wasn't allowed back at school. Graves asked Sullivan what he wanted out of the WWE, Lars responded by saying "He is going to make the WWE his playground and personal hell on earth". Ending this promo.

This promo was also short, but it was right to the point in what they wanted to get out of Lars and that is slowly building him into a monster. This sit-down interview reminded me of the Kane and JR interview back in 2003 with some similarities as to why Lars is the way he is. I hope in the future Lars will be a monster champion.


Aalyah and Murphy backstage segment

We got a recap of the Seth Rollins vs. Murphy match from last week. After that, we returned live to Aalyah with Murphy telling him that she to spoke to her mom about their relationship. Aalyah says her mom wants her to be happy, but Rey and Dominik won't speak to her about it. Murphy tells Aalyah he will make an apology to her dad and brother in the ring later tonight.


Bianca Belair vs. Natalya vs. Bille Kay Women's Survivor Series qualifying match

Billie Kay brushed both Natalya and Belair to begin the match. Natalya went to slap Kay, but Billie ducked, and Natalya caught Bianca with the slap. Kay rolled out of the ring. The start to this match was good, as three women got moves in. Natalya locked Belair in the sharpshooter while Kay also put Bianca in a cross face.

Billie Kay got offence in on both ladies going back and forth on pinning Natalya and Belair but kept kicking out.

Natalya got up and went to get the sharpshooter in on Kay. Belair who rolled out of the ring prior tossed Natalya into the ringpost. Kay tried to put a fast pin and Bianaca kicked. Belair then hit the Kiss of Death on Kay getting the win becoming the first member of Team SmackDown for the Women's Survivor Series match.

For me, Belair was the right choice to win this match. It is good way to push her and get her main roster career started in such an important match. 


Carmella video promo

After the match was over, we cut to another Carmella video promo and she says next week the entire world will see why she is untouchable.


Murphy and the Mysterio family segment

Murphy and Aalyah made their way to the ring. Murphy starts off by saying he understands why Rey and Dominik despise him. But he says he's a changed man. Murphy begs for them to come to the ring, so he can apologies. Instead of Rey or Dominik coming out, Seth Rollins shows up and tells Murphy "Rey and Dominik are never going to forgive you". He then continues to say that they won't accept him. Rollins tells Murphy that he will accept him and as well as Aalyah. Seth tells Aalyah that her brother is a coward. 

Dominik then attacks Rollins from behind. Rollins rolls out of the ring then a little brawl ensues with Dominik and Murphy. Rey comes out to break it up, but Murphy shoves Rey, the father, son duo then sets up Murphy for a 619. Aalyah gets in the way to stop her father from preforming the move. Aalyah tells Rey she loves Murphy. 

Rey leaves the ring with a disgusted look on his face. The segment ends with Aalyah kissing Murphy in the middle of the ring.

Personally, I think this storyline has been dragged on for too long, but it has gotten intresting in the last little while.


Street Profits Promo

The Street Profits cut a promo on The New Day thanking them saying "imitation is the highest form of flattering".

Street Profits say that at Survivor Series they won't be serving booty o's or pancakes, but they'll be serving L's.

The promo ends with stating they want the smoke.


Street Profits vs. Shinskue Nakmura and Cesaro

After the promo, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro came down to the ring for their tag match.

This match began face paced as Street Profits were on fire Montez Ford hit both men with sunset flip to the outside. While they were outside Cesaro launched ford over the barricade with a perfect toss.

Returning from commercial Cesaro slowed the match down with his offence. Ford got the hot tag and Angelo Dawkins was running wild. After he ran out of steam Shinsuke and Cesaro teamed up on Dawkins for a while.

Street Profits of their offence back as Dawkins hit a superplex on Shinsuke, then tagged Ford in. Montez Ford hit the splash from the top rope and getting the victory.


Sami Zayn Promo

Sami Zayn cut a backstage promo on Bobby Lashley telling Lashley that he is a hero all around the world. Zayn ended the promo by stating that the Interconinental Championship is "greater" than the United States Championship.


Sasah Banks Promo 

The newly crowned WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring.

Banks starts off her promo with "Don't talk the talk, unless you can walk the walk". She said she did just that at Hell in a Cell when she took Bayley's SmackDown Women's Championship.

Banks thanks Bayley for stabbing her in the back. Banks says that she is The Boss of SmackDown.

Sasha then turns her focus to her opponent at Survivor Series Asuka. She tells Askua that she is "The best of the best".

Bayley interrupts Sasha saying she's in the ring with her championship. 

Bayley says she is not a sore loser and tells Sasha she can't beat Askua without her in her corner.

Bayley then tells Banks next week she will take her title back declaring her rematch clause.

The segment ends with Banks saying "backstabbing bleeps" never win.

Pretty enjoyable segment with Banks and Bayley you can feel the rivalry with them. Their rematch should be exciting next week.


Daniel Bryan vs. Jey Uso Survivor Series qualifying match

Starting off this main event match, Jey Uso was aggressive out of the gate. Hitting Bryan with hard blows to the body and head.

Bryan did not get much in early as you can tell Uso was a man on a mission in this match. Bryan caught Jey with a clothesline to the mouth. He began striking with hard kicks. Jey, then rolled out of the ring. 

When he rolled out Roman Reigns came to the ring to watch the match.

After coming back from commercial both guys went at it with kicks and punches.

Bryan went for a suicide dive only to get reversed into a kick. Jey went for a Uso Splash only for Bryan to get in the Lebell lock, but Jey got to the rope.

Bryan went for dropkick in the corner and Uso reversed it into a superkick and then he connected with the Uso Splash. Surprisingly this was enough to keep Bryan down and Jey got the one, two, three win. Jey is the second to be on Team SmackDown along with Kevin Owens.

After the match, Roman Reigns entered the ring and stared down Jey.

Jey tells Roman he's with him and that he is the head of the table. 

Jey, kicks Bryan again and gives him another Uso Splash. 

He says that he understands Roman and loves him too. Roman tells Jey to make Bryan understand.

He brutally beats down Bryan giving him Uso Splash through the announce table.

Jey, continued his beatdown and the show ended.

To me, SmackDown was the better show then RAW this week. It's great now that Jey has turned heel and joined his cousin. It will be exciting to see this fold out in the near future with his brother Jimmy and we can finally get all three men in a faction together and maybe, just maybe they can be called The Bloodline. 

Now, I can't wait to see what SmackDown has in store for next week.