Roman Reigns Retains Universal Championship after Jimmy Uso Throws in the Towel

Giancarlo Aulino
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, September 28, 2020

Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso in the main event of WWE Clash of Champions tonight, to retain his WWE Universal Championship and maintaining his status as the “Tribal Chief” of the Anoi wrestling family.

Reigns sported a bit of a new look: he wrestled without his vest, which he had not done since his days wrestling in FCW and NXT Reigns changing up his ring attire is what was needed for his career especially since he still uses The Shield theme song for his entrance and same attire.

Jimmy Uso, Jey’s twin brother and other half of the Usos, came to the ring and pleaded with Reigns to stop the unnecessary beatdown of Jey, before throwing in the towel resulting in Reigns retaining. Following the match, Reigns wanted to prove a point, so he forced Jimmy to acknowledge him as the “Tribal Chief” and the head of the family.

Heading into the match, many felt that it could be a quick title defense for Reigns and a match that does not see Uso get much offence in. That was not the case as Uso had his moments of offense throughout the match however, it was not enough, and Reigns was able to turn things around and gain back the momentum.

The storytelling during the match was excellent in that it highlighted how much of a menacing heel Reigns has become in that he was talking throughout and even took offense to referee Charles Robinson trying to step in and restore order late into the match. Reigns then threatened the Robinson before attacking Jey Uso more until Jimmy Uso threw in the towel.

Based on how the match ended, Jimmy Uso could be next to challenge Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship to get revenge for what “The Big Dog” did to his brother.

WWE has done a great job with Reigns’ character since returning at SummerSlam and aligning himself with Paul Heyman: his promos have improved, he is a more aggressive in-ring performer, and his actions have led to more fans getting behind the face that challenges him for the title.

A possible future opponent for Reigns could be none other than The Rock. Both The Rock and Reigns have hinted at a potential match in the future and Reigns, now being a heel, Reigns making examples of The Usos  makes sense and could be what bring The Rock back to the WWE for a match.



Photo Credit: WWE