RAW Rewind 1/4/21

Mark Freitas
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, January 4, 2021

RAW Opening


Tonight, is the first RAW of 2021 and it is RAW Legend’s Night, but that isn’t the only big thing the main event is Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.


Our show begins with Hulk Hogan promoting the H phone which is the iPhone. Hogan says his catchphrase but instead of Hogan running wild on you Hogan says whatcha gonna do when the RAW legends run wild on you.


We head to the ring, with John Morrison and The Miz officially kicking off the show with Miz TV. Miz and Morrison then promote what will happen on tonight’s show. They then go on to say that 2021 will be the year of Miz and Morrison.


Miz and Morrison introduce their guests and it is The New Day. New Day promotes their new “show” called New Day Talks.


New Day gets on the mic and they talk about what they would feature on their show, but they are making fun of MIZ TV. While they keep making their jokes The Miz is getting heated and he gets upset at John Morrison for playing along with their game. Miz says he is sick of New Day making them look like a joke and he was hoping he’d be taken seriously.


Teddy Long makes his appearance and says Miz and Morrison will face the Undertaker. Adam Pearce comes and whispers in Teddy’s ear. Teddy changes his mind and books a tag team match between New Day vs. Miz and Morrison.


The New Day vs. The & John Morrison


John Morrison and Xavier Woods kick off our first match on RAW of 2021. They go back and forth. Both teams make quick tags and New Day gets the advantage as Kofi Kingston was rolling. 


The New Day would continue to roll as they hit monkey flips on the outside taking out both men as we head too commercial. We come back from the break with New Day still in control, Kofi was clobbering Morrison with strikes.


Miz tried to provide interference, but Kingston cuts him, but Morrison was able to get a shot in and make the tag to Miz. The Miz was rolling for a bit, but in the end, the comeback by Miz and Morrison wasn’t enough as Xavier Woods and John Morrison were now the legal men in the ring and Woods would hit a sliding knee to pick up a win for his team over Miz and Morrison.


Randy Orton backstage promo


We get a recap of last week’s segment between Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton. We then go to Randy Orton being interviewed. Orton says the voices in his head wanted him to drop the match and watch Alexa burn, but he couldn’t do it. Randy says that he couldn’t do It because “as everyone else has said, when you face the Fiend, something in you changes, and he thinks that’s the source of his restraint, compassion, and mercy, and for that I hate himself”. Orton ends the segment by saying he is going for a walk.


Angel Garza backstage segment


Angel Garza is backstage talking with Alicia Fox. Nothing comes out of this and he moves on, he comes across Sgt. Slaughter, Tatanka, and Mickie James. He gives her his rose, and Sarge takes the rose and smells it before calling him a maggot and scaring him off.


AJ Styles vs. Elias


Our next match is a rematch from last week between Elias and AJ Styles. Elias hit a power slam early, but AJ held on and locked in a headlock. Elias would get the advantage as he would hit chops and follow up with a clothesline.


AJ began delivering big elbow shots, but Elias got back into control as he tossed Styles to the outside as we go to break. Back from the break with Elias still in the driver’s seat. AJ would counter with a forearm, he and Elias began to trade blows, but Elias would hit a chokeslam on AJ and get a close two count. AJ would catch Elias with a kick, he then went for the phenomenal forearm, but Elias caught him with a knee in midair. 


AJ got it going with a big brainbuster, AJ would then set Elias up for a Styles clash and hit it. AJ got the win over Elias for the second straight week. After the match, Jaxson Ryker went to hit AJ with the guitar but Omas saved AJ but kicking the guitar mid-swing.


Randy Orton & Big Show backstage segment


Randy Orton rolls up to Big Show after he was talking to Riddle. Randy tries to get the big man going, Orton tells Show that his career is over because he punted him in the head. Randy grabs Show by the collarbone, but Show doesn’t bite and sits back down and says he’s proud to be on Legend’s night.


Charlotte & Asuka vs. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce


Charlotte makes her entrance is accompanied by her dad Ric Flair. Asuka would make her entrance next, followed by Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce.


Charlotte and Peyton Royce start the match tying each other up and Charlotte slammed Royce to the mat where she quickly tagged in Evans. Charlotte continued her roll. Evans ran out of the ring as Flair chased her, but Evans made a tag to Royce. 


Both ladies went back and forth, and Royce hit a knee on Charlotte. Evans and Royce double team Charlotte for a second, but Charlotte tagged in Asuka. Asuka was on fire as she brought her A-game tonight. Asuka went to the top rope, but Royce knocked her off. We then go to Charlotte and Evans talking smack to each other on the outside and Charlotte slapped Evans in the face both ladies brawled, and we went to break.


We come back with Lacey Evans in control of Asuka. Evans tags in Royce and she is all over Asuka, but Asuka fights back and tags in Charlotte and she is laying in chops as Lacey Evans was tagged in, but then Charlotte took down Royce as Evans made a tag. Charlotte hit a moonsault on both ladies. Asuka went for a hip attack on Evans, but she moved out of the way. Evans went to kiss Ric Flair, but Charlotte drop kicked her. Ric screws up and trips Charlotte by accident. Royce rolls up Charlotte with a crucifix pin and gets the win, for her team.


Riddle vs Bobby Lashley


This match was heavy-hitting Lashley was dominating most of the match. Riddle tried fighting back, but Lashley kept coming back with attacks. Riddle would catch Lashley with a knee. He climbed the top rope to hit the floating bro, but Lashley would pick him up and hit the dominator. As Lashley locked Riddle in the hurt lock Riddle tapped but the ref didn’t see it. Riddle took advantage as Lashley had his back turned complaining to the ref. Riddle then rolled Bobby up and picked up the win.


Drew McIntyre backstage segment


We go backstage to Drew McIntyre tapping his wrists as Sheamus shows. Drew says he’s ready and Sheamus asks Drew to lay in an extra kick to Keith Lee’s head. Drew tells Sheamus he’ll do whatever to retain the title.


Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart show up. Hogan wishes Drew luck and says he carried that title with pride. Drew and Hulk ends the segment by doing the “whatcha gonna do” catchphrase.


Randy Orton & Mark Henry backstage


Mark Henry is on rolling on a scooter because of a knee injury and Randy Orton pulls up. He tells Henry that he’ll be in the Royal Rumble match. He points out that Henry will never compete again. Before Henry leaves Orton puts a hand on his shoulder and stops him, saying he wants to “reminisce about all the receipts he owes him from the Hall of Pain days”. Randy says was thinking maybe he’d give him a pass, but only if he pedals his a** on out of here.


The Hurt Business Promo


MVP says that there was no controversy, but Riddle quit and Lashley was robbed. Lashley says he will punish Riddle next time he gets his hands on him.


Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke


This match was supposed to be Mandy Rose vs. Shayna Baszler. But Baszler attacked Rose before the match. Dana Brooke saved Rose and challenged Baszler to a match. Brooke would get the win real quick in this match as she counters Baszler kirifuda clutch into a pin. After the match, Baszler kept the submission on and Mandy Rose makes the save. Rose and Brooke took out Baszler.


Randy Orton & Ric Flair segment


Backstage, Ric Flair is hanging out with IRS and Molly Holly, Randy Orton appears and says he was thinking maybe Ric could walk him down the aisle tonight, for old time’s sake, as long as he doesn’t screw up as he did with Charlotte earlier tonight. Flair says he’ll never walk Randy down the aisle again. Randy says he sees a man that looks like and talks like Ric Flair but is not the man that taught him everything he knows. He calls Ric pathetic and walks off.


Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton


Our match begins and both men tie each other up in the corner and Randy lays a thumb to Jeff’s eye. Orton then lays a hard stomp to Jeff. The fight goes to the outside and Randy repeatedly slams Jeff’s face on the announce table then slams him on top of it.


Orton slows the pace down and works on Hardy’s arm, Orton then stomped on it. Jeff tried to fight back, but Orton threw him into the turnbuckle, Hardy hit a clothesline, but Orton got back on the attack delivering more stomps. Orton then locked Hardy in a headlock. 


Jeff would fight back and hit a neck breaker, but it was a reverse twist of fate. Hardy would hit a crossbody to Orton on the outside as we go to commercial.


Orton is back in control returning from and Orton pulls Hardy’s holes in his ear. Orton was showing no mercy in this match. Orton was ruthless on his attacks during this match. Jeff would hit a jawbreaker to try and get back into the match. After that Jeff got it going taking Orton down. Hardy got a second wind and hit a splash and a whisper in the wind.


Jeff set Hardy up for the twist of fate, but Orton countered. Jeff responded with a dropkick to the outside. Orton would hit the DDT on Hardy, Randy then set up Jeff for the RKO. Hardy would counter and try to reverse it into the twist of fate, but Randy countered into the RKO and got the win.



Lucha House Party vs. The Hurt Business


Shelton Benjamin gets the advantage early on Gran Metalik, but Metalik tries to fight back only to get power bombed. Benjamin tags in Cedric Alexander, who works on Metalik for a bit before Lince Dirado tags himself in both men's trade moves on one another. Benjamin and Alexander tag each other in as they work on Dirado, Dirado fights back as Benjamin and Alexander can’t seem to get on the same page. Dirado rolls Benjamin up and picks up the win. After the match MVP tells both men they need to get on the same page.


Angel Garza segment


Backstage, Angel Garza approaches Torrie Willson and offers her a rose, but she’s busy talking to Nikki Cross and says she invited a bunch of celebrities to Raw and he should go give the rose to one of them in the room down the hall. Garza heads to a door marked lounge, going inside into the darkness.


The lights come on red and the Boogeyman shows up Garza runs screaming, R-Truth appears and rolls him up. R-Truth wins by pinfall to regain the WWE 24/7 Championship. Truth runs off with Wilson Cross. Ron Simmons shows up and shouts “DAMN.”


Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship


Both men make their entrances for this big main event. All the legends were sitting on the stage watching the match. The bell rings and both men tie each other up. Drew tries to control Lee’s head and manages to do so before Lee counters. Lee showed off his speed and hit a shoulder block taking the champ down.


Drew backed Lee in the corner delivering chops and punches. Lee hit Drew with a big forearm shot and this stunned Drew. Drew hit a big kick and took Lee down with a stomp. McIntyre hit more chops. Lee would knock Drew over the top rope. Lee would send McIntyre flying over the barricade as we go to break.


Back from the break, Keith Lee stayed in control, working on Drew’s ribs. Lee would hit a scoop slam, but Drew would kick out of the pin after. Lee was having his way, but McIntyre fired back with more chops. McIntyre lifted the big man, by hitting a German suplex. McIntyre hit a neck breaker and set Lee up for a claymore, but Lee moved out of the way and hit a big slam and McIntyre kicked out. McIntyre rolled out of the ring and as Lee was arguing with the referee McIntyre hit a powerbomb on Lee sending him through the announce table.


Back from the commercial, this battle is continuing strong as Keith Lee was now in control. McIntyre tried a backslide, but Keith reversed it, only to fall into the future shock DDT by McIntyre. McIntyre climbed to the top rope only for Lee to hit a headbutt. Lee and Drew fought back and forth on the top. Keith Lee would hit an amazing Spanish fly and Drew would kick out at a near fall. McIntyre hit a big spine buster and Lee kicked out. McIntyre tried for a claymore only to get caught by Lee, Drew reversed Lee’s spirit bomb and got hit by a claymore. This kept Lee down and Drew would retain his championship. After the match, both men showed respect to each other. Drew McIntyre was about to say something on the mic only to get interrupted by Goldberg.