RAW Rewind 12/28/20

Mark Freitas
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, December 28, 2020

Tonight, Monday Night Raw is live from the Thunderdome in Tampa Florida, at Tropicana Field, it is the final Raw in 2020. We have a big match tonight and that is Sheamus vs. Keith Lee and the winner will face Drew McIntyre next week for the WWE Championship.


RAW Opening


Before the show starts, we get a graphic in memory of Jon Huber known to WWE fans as Luke Harper who unfortunately passed away this weekend at the age of 41.


Drew Mcintyre starts the show with a promo in the ring, he pays tribute to Luke Harper by saying “It’s Monday you know that means”. Drew thanks the fans for this year in 2020 by standing by his side.


He then turns focus to next week where he will defend his WWE Championship, but before he can add to that he gets interrupted by his best friend Sheamus. Sheamus apologizes for interrupting McIntyre. Drew says he knows Sheamus isn’t sorry and that he knows what Sheamus will be saying. Sheamus says he kept his word last week about not pulling a BS during their match. But after was fair game. Sheamus then talks about coming up together and dreaming of being WWE Champion together and McIntyre says he wants the match to happen between them and he knows that they are going to make everybody in the back uncomfortable beating the hell out of each other.


Keith Lee comes out and says he is going to force an apology from Sheamus after he beats him tonight. Lee tells Drew that he needs to reconsider who he is friends with. Sheamus says he kicked him because Lee runs his mouth and, he is sick of Lee telling people that Sheamus is going to turn on his best friend.


Drew gets in between Lee and Sheamus he says that he wants to start Raw off right, and he understands where both men are coming from. McIntyre says he wants to start the match right now and no matter who wins, the result will be the same when they step in the ring with McIntyre. A referee comes down and Sheamus hits a Brogue kick on Lee as we go to commercial.


Keith Lee vs. Sheamus


This main event calibre match kicks off our first match of the night. The bell rings and Sheamus gets the upper hand hitting windmilling punches on a stunted Lee, but Lee pushes Sheamus off. Keith hits knee lifts and hard punches, hitting body shots in the corner knocking Sheamus down and Lee then tried to get Sheamus up for a suplex. But Sheamus reversed it with knees, and punches, Lee would get down to one knee as Sheamus worked on his shoulder with hard strikes that set up Sheamus to lock in an armbar with a fishhook to the nose.


Lee pushes Sheamus off and starts kicking him, Sheamus starts backing up into the corner. Lee delivers chops and body shots. Lee then kicks the shoulder of Sheamus getting some separation, Sheamus comes back with punches, but Lee locks in an armbar. He then delivers a leg trip, but Sheamus fights Keith off. 


Sheamus kicks him in the face and puts stomps to Keith before stepping on his shoulder. 


Lee gets to his feet and fights out with body shots. Sheamus hits an elbow, he charges at Keith, but Lee shows off his power and tosses Sheamus over the ropes and to the floor. Lee goes after him, throwing him into the apron and then the ring post, back inside the ring. Sheamus would hit a running knee that sends Lee to the floor Sheamus goes to the top and hits a diving lariat, Sheamus would throw Lee over the announce table as we head too commercial.


Back from the commercial, Sheamus has a wristlock locked in but Lee struggles to his feet and fires off body shots to break out of it. Lee tried to hit military press but Sheamus went over the ropes. Lee hit a Back elbow and this left Sheamus staggered on the apron. Lee went for a headlock but gets hung over the top rope got him over the ropes and gave Lee ten Beats of the Bodhran.


This match was a war and both men went at it during this match as it was a hard-hitting affair. In the end, Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick, but Lee ducked and hit a crossbody. Sheamus delivered slaps to Lee and this wasn’t enough as Lee was able to hit the spirit bomb and pick up the win, to become the No. 1 contender and will face Drew McIntyre next week on Raw for the WWE Championship on the first Raw of 2021.


Elias backstage promo


Elias is backstage in his locker room, playing guitar for Jaxson Ryker when someone knocks on the door. Ryker goes to answer it. but Elias tells him not to pay attention to the knocking and keeps playing guitar.


The Miz vs. Gran Metalik 


Both men make their entrance, and the match begins Metalik tries to pull two quick pins on Miz, but he kicks out. Metalik would then hit a beautiful moonsault on The Miz outside of the ring. Miz hit a big boot on Metalik back in the ring and he then capitalizes slowing the pace down and delivers a big knee to the back of the head of Metalik.


Metalik gets back on the attack and hits a nice dropkick on Miz. Metalik then hits a sunset flip into a pin and this was enough to keep Miz down surprisingly and Gran Metalik picks up a big win over a shocked Miz.


Elias and AJ Styles segment


We go backstage again to Elias playing guitar for Jaxson Ryker as someone keeps knocking on the door. 


Elias asks Ryker to open the door and it is Omos and AJ Styles who were knocking, they come in and Styles says Omos is trying to listen to Mozart and he’s on the phone with WWE management. 


Styles says he can’t hear over anything. He calls Elias Johnny Trash and Jaxson gets in his face. 


Elias mocks AJ for not getting the job done. 


Styles challenges him to a match tonight and threatens to break his fingers and end his career.


Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke


Our next match is a Women’s Division match. In this match, Baszler attacked the left arm of Brooke a few minutes after the bell rang to start the match. Baszler was in control early getting Brooke in a hammerlock.


Brooke began to fight back and take Shayna down, but Brooke went for a baseball slide and Baszler caught Brooke in the kirifuda clutch. After this Baszler attacked Mandy Rose, but nothing came out of this and Brooke was able to take advantage and throw Baszler back in the ring.


Brooke fought back for a little bit, but in the end, Baszler was able to lock in the kirifuda clutch and get the win. After the match, Mandy Rose was checking on Dana. Baszler came back in the ring and took out Rose by locking her in the kirifuda clutch, leaving a statement to the tag team.


Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton segment


This week on the Firefly Fun House, Randy Orton enters Alexa Bliss’s playground again. Bliss talks about where Bray Wyatt could be and hopes that he is coming back next week for legend’s night. Bliss says that maybe The Fiend will meet his hero Hulk Hogan or he could be for Orton to come back to Bliss’s playground. She introduces Randy to the ring, and he doesn’t come down.


Randy then appears on the screen entering the Fun House and he kicks Huskus the Pig. Randy says that if The Fiend comes back, he’ll have nothing left to come back to besides Alexa. Randy then breaks the Rambling Rabbit and throws Mercy the Buzzard into Abby the Witch. 

Alexa Bliss challenges Randy to a match later tonight and that this was a way for The Fiend to come back Randy says, and he accepts her challenge and this ends the segment.


Charlotte Promo


Charlotte says the last six months have been hard and says she’s ready to beat Nia Jax tonight. Asuka shows up and says that Nia isn’t ready for Charlotte.



AJ Styles vs. Elias


Both men make their entrance, and the match gets underway. Both men tie each other up. Styles tries to get a quick pin, but Elias kicks out. Elias hits and knee to the midsection of Styles and starts to deliver hard shots in the corner. 


Elias hit a big back body drop and Styles landed hard on the mat. Elias slowed the pace down for a bit as he worked on the shoulder of AJ. Styles got back on offence hitting a sunset flip and tossed Elias around the ring. AJ hit a dropkick, and this would cause Elias to roll out of the ring and he would capitalize by tossing AJ into the ring post and this left AJ in pain as it was the shoulder Elias worked on earlier that hit the post. This would send us to break.


We come back from the break with Elias hitting a big knee strike on Styles. Elias would hit an old school on Styles but instead of hitting AJ with his arm, he used both knees. Elias then locked in a sleeper hold, but AJ tried fighting out of it, but Elias hit a big right hand and Elias threw Styles outside the ring. It looked like Jaxson Ryker was going to put his hands-on Styles, but AJ’s bodyguard Omas stared Ryker down.


With the match, now back in the ring AJ got a second wind taking down Elias, Styles went for a Styles Clash, but Elias countered. Both men went back and forth, Elias was able to hit a drift away, but AJ kicked out. Elias then went to the top rope, but AJ hit a Pale kick, and this knocked Elias off the top rope. Elias hit a TKO as both men got to their feet and AJ kicked out. Elias went for another drift away, but Styles countered with kicks. AJ was able to capitalize with a Phenomenal forearm and this would be the end of Elias as AJ picked up the victory.


Ricochet vs. Mustafa Ali


Ricochet goes right at Ali by taking him down and laying in hard shots as he delivers chops and a power slam. Ali tried fighting back, but Ali got hit with a dropkick and a back body drop. Ali then hit Ricochet with chops and followed that with a neck breaker.


Ricochet caught Ali with a back elbow, but Ali slammed Ricochet in the ring post. As both men went on the top rope the referee got distracted by Reckoning, T-Bar and Mace then slammed Ricochet in the barricaded as Ali hit a splash from the top rope to the floor.


Ali stayed in control for a bit, Ali delivered more punishment to Ricochet as he hit an elbow and then locked in a sleeper hold. Ali would tell Ricochet to join him. Ali went for a suplex, but Ricochet countered and got control back as he hit a backflip into a German suplex.


Ricochet hit hard blows and connected with a big clothesline. Ricochet was able to hit a kickback on Ali, but as he went for the pin, Mace pulled Ali out of the ring. Shortly after Mace, T-Bar and Slapjack circled the ring and Ricochet took them all out. Ricochet turned his focus back to Ali and as he went for the shooting star Ali was able to get his knees up and lock Ricochet in the Koji clutch. Ali would win via submission.


After the match, Ali got on the mic and asked Ricochet if he was ever going to learn and that he would give him a new chance if he joined Retribution. Ricochet grabbed the mic and says he made his decision saying he will not join Retribution and he would hit a recoil on Ali, and he got out of the ring before the other members of Retribution got to him


Charlotte vs. Nia Jax


Before the match we get a Nia Jax promo she says Charlotte Flair is smart to be afraid of her, Jax says her New Year Resolutions to end Charlotte’s climb back to the top, win the tag titles back, and officially enter the women’s Royal Rumble and win it.


Our match begins and both ladies lock each other up. They start talking a little bit of trash to each other. Jax tested the left arm of Flair that she injured six months ago. Nia would use her size to her advantage and back Charlotte into the corner. 


After this Jax worked on Flair’s arm for a second, but The Queen got on offence hitting and boot the face of Jax. Flair went right at Jax delivering big punches, Charlotte would send Jax to the outside and Flair would hit a baseball slide. Asuka would take Shayna Baszler down to the floor.


As Charlotte and Jax went back in the ring, Jax hit a splash in the corner as she was in command as we got to the commercial break. 


We come back from commercial with Jax in control still, but Flair fights back and begins to hit chops to the chest of Jax. Flair was able to tale down Jax, as Flair went to the top rope to hit a moonsault Jax pulled Flair down. Shortly after Jax hit a sit-down powerbomb and Charlotte kicked out. Flair got back in the match again, but Shayna Baszler tried to distract Flair. Asuka tried to attacked Baszler again, but Baszler side stepped Asuka. Flair was able to lock in the figure four leg lock, but Baszler entered the ring and locked Flair in the kirafuda clutch causing Flair to win by DQ. Baszler broke the hold as Asuka came into the ring.


Riddle, Jeff Hardy & New Day vs. The Hurt Business


The good guys make their entrances. As Hurt Business make their Bobby Lashley gets on the mic and says he is entering the men’s Royal Rumble match.


Our match begins with Cedric Alexander and Riddle starting the match, Riddle gets the early advantage and Alexander tags in Lashley who goes to work on Riddle. Lashley tags in MVP as he does the same, then Shelton Benjamin gets tagged in and delivers shoulder strikes to Riddle.


Riddle lands a kick and tags in Jeff Hardy who hits a dropkick and then Hardy tags in Xavier Woods and all four men tag each other in taking turns stomping Benjamin. A little bit of chaos ensues as the New Day, Hardy and Riddle are in control as we go to commercial.


We come back from the break with The Hurt Business in control and MVP stomping on the feet of Riddle. MVP tags in Lashley and the big man spears Riddle into the corner and hits a flat liner. Benjamin gets tagged in and picks up where Bobby left off. Shelton gave stomps to the hamstrings of Riddle, Benjamin then tossed Riddle to the outside. Riddle got back in, but the punishment continued as Cedric Alexander would tag himself in. The Hurt Business kept tagging one another in as they took turns beat down Riddle. Riddle hit a high kick on Alexander and was able to tag in Kofi Kingston who was flying.


Kofi hit the boom drop, shortly after Kofi tagged in Woods as Kofi hit dive to the outside. Woods was rolling. Bodies were flying everywhere. Woods tagged in Hardy who hit a Swanton Bomb, but the pin was broken up by Lashley. More bodies began flying everywhere as it was chaos. Hardy and Bobby Lashley were now the legal men. The Hurt Business got the win as Lashley locked Hardy in the hurt lock again winning via submission. After the match, Hurt Business went to continue their attack, but New Day fought off Hurt Business and Riddle landed a hit and run on Lashley.


Miz and Morrison segment


We see The Miz and John Morrison sitting on the stairs. Adam Pearce arrives with the Money in the Bank briefcase and tells Miz that he is right, Miz shouldn't have lost the briefcase because John Morrison cashed it in and that's not the rules. Pearce hands Miz the briefcase back, they celebrate and start dancing.


Alexa Bliss’s challenge to Randy Orton


Bliss and Orton come out to the ring, Orton asks Bliss where The Fiend is, Alexa responds by saying this isn’t about him but it is about her. Bliss grabs a present from ringside and inside of it is gasoline and matches. Bliss challenges Orton to do to her what he did to The Fiend.


Bliss pours the gas on the mat and lays in it. She tells Randy she’s doing the job for him and she tells Randy to do it. She continues to pour more gas in the ring, but Randy doesn’t budge, Alexa says Randy doesn’t have the guts to do it and she calls Randy a “b****” and then pours the gas over her. Randy tells Alexa that she thinks he won’t do it. Randy asks Alexa if he wants to see The Fiend and maybe he will set her on fire, but the lights go out and we see Orton with the match on fire. The commentators tell Randy not to do it and the show fades to black and it ends there leaving us guessing if Randy set Bliss on fire or not.



This show was average again, next week has me excited for Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre, but for the last Raw of 2020, I think it ended on an average note.