RAW Rewind 12/21/20

Mark Freitas
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, December 21, 2020

RAW Opening


Following last night’s TLC pay-per-view our show begins and we are told that the main event tonight will be a Holiday Street Fight with Drew McIntyre, Sheamus and Keith Lee facing The Miz, John Morrison and AJ Styles. 


Our show officially kicks off with the returning Charlotte Flair. Flair gets on the mic; she starts by saying she is in the Thunderdome and what would it be without the queen. Charlotte then introduces her partner Asuka to the ring. Asuka comes out and says that she is the double champion of today. 


Asuka says that Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler weren’t ready for them. Charlotte was about to talk about Asuka’s Women’s Championship, but she gets interrupted by Jax and Baszler. Jax gets on the mic tells a holiday story. Jax says, “six months might have healed up that broken arm, but it didn’t do anything for that robotic voice”. Flair responds saying “she kicked her a** last night”. Jax says “Santa Claus isn’t the only one with a list, they have one too, and they hand out season’s beatings to those who deserve it”.


Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke come out and say that “Shayna looks like Rudolph with a nose job and the only thing Nia is missing is antlers”. They continue to go on and say that Jax and Baszler are not the tag champs anymore. Charlotte addresses all four of them and calls for a referee and we head to our first commercial break.



Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose


Our first match of the night starts with Mandy Rose working Baszler early, Rose tagged in Dana Brooke, she and Rose hit a double suplex on Shayna. Baszler would tag in Nia Jax and she dominated Brooke once she came into the match. Brooke then got the offence going and she tagged in Mandy.


Both ladies were looking strong bringing the fight to both Jax and Baszler. They both hit double crossbodies on the outside. Rose threw Nia back in the ring, but Nia knocked Rose back to the outside and Jax threw her into the barricade as we head into the commercial.


We come back from the break with Jax working on Rose, she tags in Baszler and she begins to work on the right knee of Mandy Rose. Baszler tagged Jax back in and the pace continued to slow down as Jax worked on the other leg. Rose began to fight back but got stopped by a clothesline. Jax was able to tag in Baszler, but Rose got the attack on Baszler delivering punches and a big knee strike. Dana Brooke tagged herself in and struck with a big senton as she went for the pin Nia pulled Brooke out of the ring. 


Mandy Rose took Jax down with knees to the face. As we return to the action in the ring, Baszler went for the stomp on Brooke, but Brooke countered and rolled Baszler into the corner and she hit her head on the bottom turn buckle. 


Brooke went for a pin, but Baszler countered into the kirifuda clutch and picked up the win for her and Jax. After the match, Baszler and Jax had a stare down with Asuka and Charlotte. While they had their backs turned Brooke and Rose threw both women out of the ring.


The Hurt Business celebration


We get a recap of The Hurt Business winning the Tag Titles last night. We then return to the show with The Hurt Business walking backstage when they run into someone in a New Day shirt. They tell him that they got an early Christmas present for him and Bobby Lashley tears the shirt off before giving the guy a Hurt Business t-shirt.


Our new Tag Team Champions come out to the ring, heading into MVP’s VIP Lounge. MVP introduces his men with a big intro. Shelton Benjamin gets on the mic next and says that they are better than any team. Cedric Alexander gets the mic next and says that the Tag Titles have prestige again and that people can now forget about pancakes and unicorns, it’s all about champagne and custom-made suits now. 


Bobby Lashley is up next and speaks and states that they are the most dominant force in WWE and you can get used to it. MVP says he’s invited a photographer to take a picture of this special moment, and they pose for photos. R-Truth photobombs them with his 24/7 Championship and superstars come running after him. R-Truth would get away.


Jeff Hardy and Riddle would then come out. MVP says they weren’t invited as we see the 24/7 chase in the background. Riddle says “The Hurt Business is great, but you should be chilling out and relaxing with the homies instead of going to the club and spending all that money, maybe get a little toasted and listen to a Joe Rogan podcast or watch a Dave Chapelle comedy special”


MVP disagrees with Riddle. Jeff Hardy gets on the mic to say, “there are more important things in life than status and money, and a man’s character is the only criterion of wealth”. Hardy adds that they’ll fight for their faith tonight.


Angel Garza vs. Drew Gulak


This match was fast-paced to start us off as both men laid heavy shots on each other. Garza had the control early, but Gulak fought back it wasn’t enough, and for this short match Garza dominated he hit a big kick on Drew and then followed that up with the wing clipper on Gulak picking up a big win.


AJ Styles backstage segment


AJ wasn’t happy about Miz cashing in last night and says he was furious. He said he’s going on MIZ TV to get some answers.


MIZ TV with AJ Styles


Miz kicks off MIZ TV by saying he had the chance to become a two-time WWE Champion and that he failed his family. He then introduces his guest AJ Styles to the ring.


Miz says that he wants AJ to listen and says he wanted to take advantage of an opportunity. AJ cuts him off and calls Miz an idiot.


Miz freaks out and says that people would’ve respected him if he became WWE Champion and says that he is sorry about what he did last night. 


Miz offers AJ a co-starring role in the next Marine movie, but Styles takes offence at him being too small on his poster. Omos grabs the mic to remind everyone that Miz cashing in was what caused all this, and all four men jaw at each other.


Drew McIntyre comes out and says he has a sequel to The Miz’s “The Nightmare Before TLC”. Drew reads off-notes as Keith Lee and Sheamus join in. All three men can’t remember the end of the poem and Lee suggests they make a new ending in tonight’s match. Drew wants to write that ending now and a Brawl breaks out. Sheamus was setting up for a Brogue Kick, but Styles kicked Keith Lee into him. Sheamus and Lee bickered, and we head to the break.


We come back with Sheamus and Lee still arguing backstage, Drew McIntyre breaks it up and yells at them to stop before he knocks them both on their butts. He tells Sheamus it was an accident, and he needs to go and cool down. Sheamus leaves and McIntyre looks at Lee, saying he knows it was an accident and he knows Sheamus is a bit of a prick but they’re friends and he would want Lee to have Sheamus on his team.


T-Bar vs. Ricochet 


Unfortunately, we get another match of Ricochet taking on another member of Retribution this time it is T-Bar. Ricochet comes out flying, but T-Bar ragdolls him and then follows up with a big clothesline, Ricochet would kick out. 


Ricochet took T-Bar out of the ring, it looked like he was going for a dive, but Slapjack tried to interfere but got dropkicked, Ricochet then took out Mace, but T-Bar attacked Ricochet from behind. Mustafa Ali began yelling in the face of Ricochet and Ricochet grabbed him by the hair and began punching him. T-Bar took advantage and hit a knee to the jaw of Ricochet picking up the victory.


After the match, T-Bar tells Ricochet that they aren’t his enemy but his allies.



The Hardy Bro’s (Jeff Hardy & Riddle) vs. The Hurt Business (MVP & Bobby Lashley)


Our match starts and Lashley and MVP dominate early. Riddle eventually tagged in Hardy who was on fire. Hardy and Riddle worked together taking out Lashley and MVP as we go to the commercial.


We come back from a commercial with Lashley and Hardy now the legal men. Jeff went for a whisper in the wind and Lashley shoved him off the top rope brutally landing on the steel stairs. It looked like Hardy hurt his left arm and Lashley began to work on it. MVP was tagged in and followed up with working on the arm as well. Hardy fought back for a quick second, but MVP was able to reverse and hit the balling elbow.


Hardy got back on track as he was able to hit a whisper in the wind. This led to Hardy tagging in Riddle. Riddle hit multiple flying forearms and hit the broton. Riddle hit a fishermen's suplex, but Lashley broke the pin and tagged himself in. Bobby looked to attack Riddle, but not for long. Riddle and Jeff worked together to take out Alexander and Benjamin on the outside. Jeff Hardy was now the legal man with Bobby. Hardy would miss a Swanton bomb, but countered Lashley’s spear, as heard tried to hit the twist of fate Lashley reversed it with the hurt lock and got the win.


Jaxson Ryker vs. Gran Metalik


Before the match, Elias does his usual promo and gets interrupted by Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik.


Ryker dominates Gran Metalik early, as Elias plays his guitar. Ryker went to spear Metalik but he moved out of the way Ryker ran shoulder first in the ring post. Metalik then took out Elias. An angry Ryker then takes out Metalik and hits a powerbomb getting the win.


Randy Orton promo


We get a recap of last night’s Firefly Fun House Inferno Match before Orton makes his way to the ring.


The Legend Killer makes his way to the ring. Orton gets on the mic and says he has been called many things over the years and he was every one of those things after he set The Fiend on fire. Randy goes to the spot where he burned The Fiend in the ring, he says he can smell it and see it when he closes his eyes. Randy says he doesn’t hear the voices in his head, but he hears The Fiend gasping for his breathe and says that The Fiend is gone and no more. Orton goes onto say he is the one that took him out.


After that, the lights go out and they come back on with Alexa Bliss in the ring on a swing. Bliss tells Randy to come to play. Randy enters the ring and Alexa lists places where The Fiend could be. Alexa then says The Fiend is actually at home, but if he ever comes back, it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The lights go out again and this ends the segment.


Asuka & Charlotte vs. Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce 


The tag champs make their entrances. We then go to gorilla position where Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans get interviewed, both Evans and Royce requested for this match to happen tonight.


Asuka was on a quick roll getting the Asuka lock on Royce early, but Evans broke it up. Lacey was the legal woman for a second before Royce got tagged back in. Royce went on the offence before we went to commercial. 


We return from the break with Lacey Evans now in control of Asuka, Royce would tag herself in stomping on Asuka. Royce and Evans kept tagging each other in and that turned into bickering. Asuka took advantage and got the offence in and was able to tag in Charlotte Flair. Charlotte was flying. Royce would manage to get Charlotte in a half Boston crab. That was broken up by Asuka. Charlotte took down Royce and locked her in the figure-eight and made Peyton tap out. The new Women’s Champions had a strong showing, their first title defence will be this Friday on SmackDown.


Drew McIntyre, Sheamus & Keith Lee vs. The Miz, John Morrison & AJ Styles in a Holiday Street Fight


We got backstage to Miz talking on the phone trying to get his Money in the Bank briefcase back, AJ shows up and says they got a match. AJ grabs the phone and hangs up the call.


All the guys make their entrance, and our match begins with Sheamus and John Morrison, Morrison gets the upper hand and tags in Miz. Miz picks up where Morrison left off and Miz tags in AJ who gets beatdown by Sheamus but not for long and Miz, Morrison and Styles were working together early.


Sheamus got it going and was able to tag in McIntyre, McIntyre didn’t do much and Morrison began to attack the bad knee of Morrison. McIntyre was able to hit a headbutt and tag In Keith Lee. Both men tossed Morrison onto the mat. Lee tagged in Sheamus, he and Lee hit a double shoulder block.


Sheamus is in control, he and McIntyre give Morrison and Miz ten beats of the bell. Keith Lee then slams Miz and Morrison into the ring post and tosses them around the ring. Lee then throws Styles in the ring as he is the legal man for his team.


Sheamus works on AJ but gets distracted as a present is thrown in the ring. AJ attacks Sheamus and tags in John Morrison, who quickly gets dominated by Sheamus. Sheamus went to the top rope and got distracted by AJ Styles, Morrison took advantage and tossed Sheamus off the top rope onto the tables on the outside.


Miz would be tagged in and worked on Sheamus slowing the pace down. Miz hit a beautiful DDT. AJ Styles was back in the match, he and Sheamus traded blows. AJ knocked Keith Lee off the apron and was hit with white noise. Sheamus was able to tag in McIntyre and Styles tagged in Miz. McIntyre was on fire. Chaos began as bodies were going everywhere it was hard to keep up. AJ Styles got a candy came kendo stick and attacked Drew’s knee. Madness occurred on the outside and McIntyre powerbomb AJ threw a table. In the ring, John Morrison went on to the apron and Omos looked like he saved him, but Omos put Morrison through the table. Lee and Miz were the legal men. Keith Lee would hit the spirit bomb on Miz and got the victory. After the match, Sheamus hit Lee with a Brogue Kick and McIntyre asked him why he would do that, and the show ended.


This was an average episode of RAW hopefully now with WrestleMania season around the corner things will start to pick up.