RAW Rewind 11/9/20

Mark Freitas
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, November 9, 2020

Miz TV segment


Tonight, Monday Night RAW kicked off being awesome as The Miz and John Morrison hosted an episode of Miz TV. We are told the guests will be The New Day. As well as that the main event will be a six-man tag-team match with The Miz. John Morrison and Randy Orton will take on Drew McIntyre and The New Day. The Miz says tonight there is a bonus episode of "Miz & Mrs." airing later on after RAW, and then the new season premiere will be airing on Thursday.

  Before the Miz introduces his guests, Randy Orton comes down to the ring and tells Miz to take his title as he also mentions he can’t wait to get his hands-on McIntyre. Orton says “Miz has the nerve to come out here and say some reality TV show is bigger than any match he's in”. Miz tells Orton tonight is about them.


 The New Day finally comes down to the ring they mock Miz and Morrison. As they enter the ring to sit down for Miz TV. Kofi Kingston receives an RKO and Miz/Morrison beat up Xavier Woods. As that happens Drew McIntyre comes down to the ring to even the odds. But it is not enough Drew gets an RKO.


This was a good start to the show. I’m not a big fan of long talking segments so it was nice to see these guys cut too the chase. That got me invested to see how the main event would go down later tonight.


Jeff Hardy vs. Riddle vs. Elias Survivor Series Qualifying match


Our first match of the night is to declare who will be the fifth and final member of Team Raw for the Men’s Survivor Series team in a second chance triple threat match.


Elias is the first man in the ring, I noticed that he had a new guitar. Elias says he “needs this” because things haven’t gone his way lately. He says tonight’s win will be for his fans. It looked like Elias wasn’t going to be interrupted as he began his song, but he got interrupted by Jeff Hardy once again.


The original bro Riddle was the last person to come to the ring. I was happy that Riddle got a second chance to qualify as he has a lot of potential.


Elias brought the pain early, as he dominated Riddle and Jeff on the outside of the ring. Throwing Hardy into the ring post and laying a big clothesline and tossing Riddle into the barricade before going to commercial.


We return from commercial, with Elias still in control. Hardy went to hit a Twist of Fate, but Elias hit a Drift away, Elias got a two count as Riddle broke up the count.


Elias’s momentum solid down as Riddle and Hardy worked together for Hardy to hit poetry in motion.


Elias hit a big knee on Hardy taking him out of the match. It was down to Elias and Riddle. Riddle won the match by reversing Elias in the corner and hitting the Bro Derek. Riddle is now the final member added to Team RAW.

This was a great booking decision, because this can help him in his career.


AJ Styles Promo


We cut backstage to AJ Styles being excited of having Riddle on the team. Sheamus isn’t happy about it saying he’d kick Riddle’s head off. Sheamus says Styles isn’t his captain. Braun Strowman appears and says the same thing AJ isn’t his captain.


Retribution Promo


We get a promo from Mustafa Ali cutting a promo on Ricochet for their match later tonight. After that Reckoning, takes a shot on Asuka. The promo ends will Ali introducing each member of the group and says, “they are Retribution, and they will not rest until they shut you down”.


Drew Gulak and Hurt Business Segment


We’re backstage again, with 24/7 Champion Drew Gulak trying to become a member of the Hurt Business. In an entertaining segment this was I must say. Lashley notices Gulak is wearing a clip-on tie. After that the Hurt Business beat him down and leave. R-Truth shows up and calls for a ref. He pins Gulak becoming the new 24/7 Champion once again.


Lana vs. Shayna Baszler


Lana tried getting an early jump on Baszler, but it didn’t last Baszler began her attack on Lana laying in some heavy strikes. This match was a fast one as Baszler got the Kirfuda Clutch on Lana winning by submission. Nia Jax was going to slam Lana again through the announce table, but Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose (who were on commentary during the match) put a stop to that saying everyone needs to be on the same page for Survivor Series.


AJ Styles Team Meeting


AJ welcomes everyone to his team meeting. He then introduces everyone on the team down to the ring.


In a very entertaining promo. AJ starting off by saying “things went wrong last week but we now have our missing piece in Riddle”. With bickering going on Riddle gives everyone code names. He calls Sheamus fire face, because his face gets red when he’s angry, Sheamus doesn’t take too kindly to that. AJ lays in a pep talk to the guys on what SmackDown can do. AJ says he spoke to Adam Pierce and it is announced that we will have a tag match next with Riddle and Lee vs. Strowman and Sheamus with AJ as the special guest referee.

Riddle and Keith Lee vs. Braun Strowman and Sheamus with AJ Styles as the special guest referee


This match started as your typical tag match. As Sheamus and Riddle were throwing shots. Sheamus ducked a punch from Riddle and it caught AJ as Sheamus went for a pin, AJ was still down Sheamus asked AJ “what are you doing?” Riddle went to kick Sheamus who once again ducked and caught AJ. Keith Lee and Braun Strowman got tagged in they went to charge at each other but sandwiched Styles instead. AJ’s associate climbed the apron and. stared down both men before going to commercial.


Coming back from the break Styles was back up and fine. This was pretty good match as Lee and Riddle worked together. Lee slammed Riddle on Sheamus to hit a spirit bomb, that was cool spot. Sheamus and Strowman didn’t get along near the end of the match as they kept tagging each other in. As Strowman wasn’t paying attention Sheamus hit him with a Brogue kick. With his back turned Riddle took advantage pinning Sheamus. Lee and Riddle got the win.


This build up to this match is great in my opinion, because we really don’t know how all five of these men will be on the same page. All five of these guys have carried this story and it gets better every week.


Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss Promo


Alexa Bliss is backstage when Nikki Cross comes up and wants to talk. Bliss tells Cross she promises to talk soon and have a play date. Cross tells Alexa she’s not playing anymore. Alexa responds with that’s too bad. Cross mentions that this is her fault and says Bray Wyatt is pure evil. She gives Alexa a choice it’s either her or The Fiend. Bliss blows petals in Cross’s face and chooses The Fiend.


Alexa is playing this character amazing I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again if WWE got Oscars she’d get one.


Bobby Lashley/MVP Promo


MVP starts off by saying at Survivor Series it won’t be The Street Profits vs. The New Day as it will be Hurt Business vs. Street Profits once they become the new Tag Team Champions next week.


Lashley says he didn’t hear Sami Zayn running his mouth last week. But before he adds on to that he gets interrupted by Titus O’Neil.


O’Neil tells Lashley what’s the point of being U.S Champion if you don’t defend the belt.


Lashley calls out for a referee.


 Titus O’Neil vs. Bobby Lasley


Before the match MVP reminds O’Neil that the ring is on top and not on the bottom. The bell rings and O’Neil got in the offence early, but it wasn’t enough as Lashley hit and spear and then got Titus in the Hurt Lock. Lashley retained the belt in quick fashion.


This was pretty fast match as it was a filler.


 Asuka vs Nia Jax


Asuka tried getting an early advantage on Nia Jax, but Jax used her strength to her advantage.


I’ll also add that Lana, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are at ringside watching the match. Asuka looked like she was starting to get in attacks, but Jax’s kept using her size to her advantage. Asuka got in hip attacks taking down Jax. Nia responded with a power bomb. Asuka countered Nia pin with an armbar. Lana tried to distract Lana but got caught in the Kirfuda clutch.


Asuka, got Nia in the Asuka Lock only for Baszler to break it up and end the match in a DQ.


Baszler and Jax took out Rose and Brooke. Once again Jax’s Samoan dropped Lana through the announce table.


In my opinion this match was pointless, and it is starting to get old with all of the attacks on Lana. They need to do something new.


Seven-way match for the 24/7 Championship


Surprisingly we got a seven-way match for the 24/7 Championship. Between R-Truth, Drew Gulak, Tazawa, Tucker, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorade and Erik.


This match was all over the place as the title kept switching hands as the title went back and forth. This was pretty entertaining. I could of wish we got more wrestling match, but that is okay as this was made for comedy purposes.


And too me I find the 24/7 Championship segments entertaining just like back in the day with the Hardcore Championship.


 Ricochet vs. Mustafa Ali


Ali and Retribution head to the ring first and then we head to commercial. Ricohet makes his entrance next.


Once best friends, now enemies. Ricochet got the offence in first, asking Ali what is wrong with him. Mustafa Ali slams Ricochet face first in the corner and begins his attacks.


These two-work good together in the future, I would love to see them go at it for a championship. This match was back and forth. Ricochet hit an amazing head scissors from the apron.


Ali got back in control hitting Ricochet with big attacks. Ali slowed the pace down for a bit. But it picked up quickly. Both guys once again delivered shots back and forth. Ricochet hit a brain buster and went for the count, but Ali kicked out at two.


Ricochet put Ali, onto the top rope Mustafa Ali racked Ricochet’s eyes and hit an amazing back stabber from the top and that wasn’t enough to keep Ricochet down. Ali slapped Ricochet telling him he’s trying to help him.


Ricochet climbed the ropes and took out retribution. Ricochet went for the Phoenix splash but missed. Ali got Ricochet in his Koji Clutch submission hold and Ali got the win via submission.


This match was really good these guys had lots of time and too me it was close for match of the night.


Randy Orton, Miz and John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre and New Day


Before the match we are told that next Monday Randy Orton will defend his WWE Championship vs. Drew McIntyre.


As the match began it looked like Orton dazed after finding out he would be defending his title next week.


This match had good pace to start as we had The New Day and McIntyre getting in the early attacks.


New Day and Drew kept dominating after returning from commercial. Miz and Morrison started to get rolling, but the main focus was that Randy Orton still hadn’t been tagged in the match. Even though Miz and Morrison would try Orton just wouldn’t tag in.


After Miz and Morrison hand control beating down Xavier Woods, Woods got the hot tag and tagged in McIntyre and after he did Drew took control of the match, he told Orton to come in the match. As it looked like he was going to tag in he walked to the stage.


Back in the ring McIntyre hit a big head butt on Morrison and then he drilled him with a Claymore kick. Drew McIntyre and The New Day got the win.


This Raw was a lot better this week. Next week’s main event should be a good one between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre, but the one question remains will The Fiend Bray Wyatt show up? We will just have to wait and see.