RAW Rewind 11/16/20

Mark Freitas
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, November 16, 2020

Drew McIntyre Promo


We kick off the final RAW before Survivor Series with Drew McIntyre. We get a recap of what happened last Friday night with Drew appearing on SmackDown. Drew welcomes the “crowd” to Monday Night Raw. Drew says Survivor Series is a Thanksgiving tradition. He said he is thankfully for his fans, family and the WWE Thunderdome saying it has brought him closer to connecting with the WWE Universe. He also thanks his doubters.


Drew turns his focus to Roman Reigns saying Reigns has his head shoved up his own butt. As Drew continues to talk, Randy Orton interrupts Drew McIntyre via backstage on the titantron. Randy says he is still the best because he is the greatest wrestler ever. He tells Drew he is going to prove to him later tonight when they do battle for the WWE Championship.


Drew let’s Randy know everything will end and that he will be leaving with the WWE Championship.


As Drew is about to leave the ring The Miz and John Morison make their way down to the ring. Miz and Morrison remind the people at home that another episode of Miz and Mrs. will be on after Raw. Miz tells Drew that whoever has the WWE champion at the end of the night will be his. Miz lets Drew know that change will be coming tonight. Miz says whoever wins or loses in tonight’s main event he will be the one laughing all the way to the bank. Ending this start to Raw.


It was your typical start to Raw with a promo, but it was bad. It is just getting repetitive so hopefully next week maybe different.


Nia Jax, Shanya Baszler and Lana vs. Asuka, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke


Before the match we have a promo from Lana, but that gets interrupted by Nia Jax and Shanya Baszler. Lana tells them both that she will prove her worth in this match.


Our first match of the night is a six-women tag team match. As the bell rings it looks like Lana would be starting the match against Dana Brooke, but Basler tags herself in. Shanya takes down Brooke then cheap shots Asuka. Brooke gets tossed to the outside of the ring and Baszler tagged in Nia Jax. The match goes to the outside as it looks liked Nia was going to slam Brooke and Mandy Rose stepped in, but Jax set up Mandy’s injured arm on the steps and Baszler stomped on it.


That stomp took Mandy out of the match and it became basically a 3 on 2 handicap match. Baszler got Asuka in the Kirifuda Clutch and Lana tagged herself in. As Lana looked to continue where Baszler left off. Asuka countered and got Lana in the Asuka Lock. Asuka and Brooke won as Lana tapped out. After the match Nia Jax was setting up the announce table to slam Lana through it, but Nia told Lana she gained her respected and welcomed her to Team Raw.


Nia said “sike” to Lana and put her through the table once again for the ninth time.


 Team Raw Men’s team backstage segment


We head backstage to the guys from Team Raw bickering back and forth at one another. AJ Styles shows up says they can’t be like this for Survivor Series or SmackDown will win. AJ tells his team that they will be having a tune up match against Retribution later tonight.


Dana Brooke Promo


We come back from commercial with Dana Brooke getting asked what Mandy Rose’s condition is she says that Mandy is in rough shape, she then gets attacked by Reckoning of Retribution.


Firefly Fun House segment


Bray welcomes his Fireflys to the show saying how nice it is to see everyone. Bray then says The Miz is not nice and that he needs to learn manners. Alexa Bliss says later tonight Miz will be taking on Bray. Bray mentions that he knows the match is on short notice. But Bray says with the help of his friends they can help him. We then get a short montage of Bray beating up on his puppets by doing karate. After that we get a spelling bee and then poor Rambling Rabbit gets darts thrown at him. We end the segment with Bray and Alexa saying they will see The Miz later on tonight.


The New Day vs. The Hurt Business for the RAW Tag-Team Titles


Our next match is for the tag team championships, we get a promo from both teams before the match. We finally get into the match it had your typical start to a tag team match with both teams going back and forth with offence. In the ring is Shelton Benjamin and Xavier Woods, Benjamin hit a massive spinebuster on Woods. Benjamin tags in Cedric Alexander he goes for quick pin, but Woods kicks out. Alexander continues his attack then tags Shelton back in.


Shelton gets a little more offence in, but not for long as Woods tagged in Kofi Kingston and Kofi came out flying. As Kofi went for the boom drop Benjamin reversed it into a buckle bomb. Benjamin tagged back in Alexander and they hit a powerbomb/doomsday device on Kofi, they got a close call on the pin, but Kingston kicked out and we head to a commercial break.


We come back from the break with Hurt Business still in control. Benjamin then slowed the pace of the match down. As he set up Kofi to the top rope Kofi countered and hit a DDT. Both men then tagged in their partners Xavier Woods was on a roll bringing the fight to both Alexander and Benjamin. Bodies began to fly everywhere. The two legal men in the ring were Shelton and Kofi, Shelton hit an Angle Slam on Kofi, but it wasn’t enough to keep him down. Shelton tagged Alexander in who a brain buster on Kofi. Xavier Woods broke up the count.

New Day then took advantage tossing Benjamin out of the ring, Woods and Kofi took advantage a hit a Day Break on Alexander getting the win and retaining their tag titles.


This match was exciting from start to finish, it went back and forth. Both teams put on a great match.


Breaking News


During the tag match we got breaking news that Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke would be unable to compete for in the Women’s Survivor Series match due to their injuries from Shanya Baszler Nia Jax and Reckoning. Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans will replace both women.


Sheamus and Drew McIntyre segment


We go backstage to Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, Sheamus tells Drew he has a something for him. That something is a chest, Drew opens the chest and it in is stuff that he thought that was lost forever because it was things that he holds close to him. An emotional Drew turns around to Sheamus handing him a claymore, the sword this segment ends with Drew thanking Sheamus.


Riddle, Keith Lee, Braun Strowman and Sheamus vs. Retribution


AJ Styles is on commentary for this match. Riddle and Slapjack start it off. Riddle hits some good tosses on Slapjack, Slapjack then tags in T-Bar. Riddle continues his offence on T-Bar, As Riddle goes to tag in Sheamus, Braun swats Sheamus’s hand away. Sheamus pulls Strowman off the apron and they get into a shouting match. AJ goes to break it up but gets pushed by Strowman. AJ’s bodyguard goes in to intervene, but Styles tells him no and we go to a commercial.


We get back from commercial with Retribution in control and that ends quickly as Keith Lee gets tagged in and he takes out Mace, Slapjack and T-Bar. The legal men in the ring are Mustafa Ali and Keith Lee. Lee, hits slam on Ali as Lee sets up Ali for another move Sheamus tags himself in. After that Strowman tags himself in, Strowman tosses Sheamus out of the ring. Riddle then tags himself in, as Riddle and Strowman argue Ali takes advantage and rolls up Riddle and Retribution gets the win.


This match was decent, I was surprised Retribution went over.


Backstage segments


We go backstage to a worried Nikki Cross looking for Alexa Bliss saying she is still going to try and break through to her. Cross adds on that friends never give up on each other


After that we get an upset Jeff Hardy finding wanted flyers in the hallway on information from when Elias got ran over. Jeff says “I am going to give Elias the big break he is looking for”.


Jeff Hardy/Elias segment


Jeff confronts Elias about the flyers, Elias tells Jeff he is trying to find out who almost killed him. Jeff says he didn’t do it. Elias says to Jeff he is the only one who knows what happened that night because he did it. Hardy then slams Elias into the wall telling him he didn’t do. Before Jeff leaves, he tells Elias that he can be capable of a lot worse than hitting him with a car.


The Miz vs. Bray Wyatt


Before the match, The Miz got on the mic he pitches for Wyatt to help him cash in his Money in the Bank contract tonight. We get Alexa Bliss coming out and telling Miz Bray says “No” we then get Nikki Cross coming out telling Bliss that Bray is bad and she tries to get a back through her former friend, but instead of a breakthrough she gets a slap in the face from Bliss and they have a little brawl that gets broken up by officials. Bray Wyatt then makes his entrance as both ladies get pulled apart.


Bray got in most of the attacks early, after that Miz settled in and hit a DDT on Bray followed by his kicks to the chest. Miz looked to continue the offence but got hit by a big clothesline. Bray added on with more vicious attacks. Morrison then went on to grab Bray’s leg. As Bray was staring at Morrison, Alexa Bliss attacked him like a wild animal. Miz tried to capitalize, but he fell victim to a Sister Abagail. Bray got the victory. As he and Bliss were walking up the ramp the lights turned red and The Fiend was being teased.


This match was short, but it was more fuel added to the storyline that is going on.


Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship


It is now main event time; Drew McIntyre makes his entrance first; Drew was wearing the kilt that Sheamus found for him earlier in the night. You can tell how hyped Drew was for this match.


Randy Orton followed after with his entrance. Both men had an epic stare down, and I’ll be honest for the first time in a long time you can feel how important this match was going to be for these men.


Drew laid heavy strikes on Orton, Orton tried to take the title and run but Drew stopped that from happening.


A surprised Orton countered Drew’s attack he rolled out of the ring once again. Adam Pearce then appeared and told Orton the match will not be ending this way. Pearce then makes the match with a no DQ and count out stipulation and we then head to commercial.


Once this stipulation was made you knew things were going to go down with chaos.


We return from commercial with Orton in control, Randy takes a chair and jams it into Drews jaw. Orton then followed up with a chair shot to the back. Randy went for the pin and Drew obviously kicked out. Randy continued his beat down on McIntyre laying him out with the steel stairs to the head. Orton kept his attacking going with his vintage stomps. McIntyre then tried to come back with chops, Orton responded with the ultimate heel power move…. A finger poke to the eye. Orton put Drew on the announce table and beat him down some more.


McIntyre responded with offence by slamming Randy onto the announce table. He set Randy up for a claymore, but he missed again this was his second try.


Randy, set up table on the outside but the match was brought back into the ring. Randy then slowed the pace done a bit. It didn’t take long for Drew to get a second wind. Once again, Orton got back in the driver seat as he hit a massive superplex.


Drew then hit the future shock DDT but got a near fall. This match was really good. I must say this whole RAW was enjoyable from start to finish.


Back to the match now, the table Orton setup backfired on him as McIntyre dropped Randy through the table.


Drew went for another Claymore and Randy reversed it. I swear Randy was like a video game player from WWE 2K he kept hitting R2 and was reversing whatever Drew threw at him.


Randy went to hit Drew with an RKO, but McIntyre reversed and hit a Claymore out of nowhere. Drew went for the pin and it was enough to keep The Legend Killer done. Drew McIntyre becomes a two-time WWE Champion.



What a way to end RAW, this ending left me surprised and I love that it did. This is a great way to head into Survivor Series. I am looking forward to Sunday.