NXT TakeOver WarGames: Is it Time for The Undisputed Era to Move On?

Giancarlo Aulino
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Sunday, December 6, 2020

NXT hope to deliver another entertaining pay-per-view event tonight, when they host NXT TakeOver: WarGames live on the WWE Network from the Capitol Wrestling Center located inside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

One of the main feuds on NXT for quite some time has been between Adam Cole and Pat McAfee. Both men looked to have settled their differences following their match at NXT TakeOver XXX however, that was not the case as McAfee, along with former NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne and NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, set their sights on The Undisputed Era and a new rivalry has since ensued.

McAfee and Cole have had some memorable exchanges while on WWE panels and watch alongs and as well as McAfee’s podcast: The Pat McAfee Show, which saw the former NFL punter turned sport analyst and podcaster cracking jokes at the expense of the former NXT Champion by referring to his allegiance to The Undisputed Era as a smart move because he is  “kinda small”, causing Cole to storm off the set.

When the match was announced to be taking place in a WarGames match, many fans began to speculate on if this could be a final sendoff for The Undisputed Era in NXT. It would make sense to have a faction like The Undisputed Era move to either Raw or SmackDown at this stage of their careers. The Undisputed Era has been a mainstay on NXT for the past three and a half years and have accomplished everything there is to accomplish and WWE could see WarGames as the perfect opportunity to get McAfee’s faction to take The Undisputed Era’s place as the brand’s dominant faction.

The Undisputed Era members have all been wrestling for well over a decade and have helped establish NXT as a third brand since they moved to two-hours on Wednesday nights. Taking their ages into account; Cole – 31, O’Reilly – 33, Strong – 37, and Fish – 44, it raises the question of how much longer should they be on WWE’s third brand? and if they continue to be fixtures on NXT for the foreseeable future, will they still have the same impact when they eventually move to Raw or SmackDown?

With Raw’s viewership declining since the pandemic, now may be the perfect time to bring in The Undisputed Era  to freshen up their current programming and provide some interesting matchups that could attract fans to want to watch for example Adam Cole feuding with an established main event star like Randy Orton or former Bullet Club leader AJ Styles, Fish and O’Reilly competing with teams like The New Day and The Miz and John Morrison in Raw’s tag division, or even have Roderick Strong vs Andrade to rekindle their NXT rivalry.

There is a lot more for The Undisputed Era to do on either Raw or SmackDown than there is in NXT at the moment, which should be an indicator that an immediate debut or weeks of vignettes in the new year would be an appropriate next step.



Photo Credit: WWE (wwe.com)