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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Johnny Gargano vs. Leon Ruff for the North American Championship


 This week’s NXT kicks off with Johnny Gargano in the ring for his Spin the Wheel challenge. He says he is cursed since he loses every first title defense he has. Gargano spins the wheel and it lands on Leon Ruff.


Ruff comes down to the ring already for his match. The bell rings and Johnny tells Ruff to fix his knee pad but takes advantage of it by kicking wheel in the face. Gargano takes the upper hand and lays an early beatdown on Ruff.


He tosses him out of the ring and tosses Ruff in the barricade after he tossed Ruff. Damion Priest was in the crowd starring down Johnny.


 As the fight got back in the ring Gargano got more offence in. As Ruff was down Gargano was taunting in the ring at Priest as he had his mind off of Ruff, Ruff took advantage and rolled up Gargano and Ruff got the victory. The curse lives on with Johnny Gargano.


 I guess you can say things got a little Ruff for Johnny Gargano tonight.


This was a good start to the show it was a short match and honestly, I thought Gargano was going win, but it is great that a new up and comer in Leon Ruff got the win. Always expect the unexpected.


Leon Ruff Interview


As we return from commercial, we have the locker room congratulating Ruff, Priest comes up to Ruff and congratulates him. He tells Ruff Johnny is coming through the curtain to kick his butt. Priest gives Ruff his car keys to his car. A pissed off Gargano attacks Priest but they get separated by WWE officials. Gargano tells Priest that it’s his fault he lost and that he hates wheels.


 Jake Atlas vs. Santos Escobar for the Cruiserweight Championship


 In our second title match out of three tonight it’s time for the Cruiserweight Championship match with Santos Escobar and Jake Atlas.


Escobar got ahead in the match at the start with laying in the offence on Atlas with hard chops and kicks. Atlas began to turn the tide on Escobar laying in his offence. Atlas hit a beautifully laid Springboard Blockbuster.


During commercial Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde got banned from ringside by the referee as they tried distracting Jake Atlas.


 After that Escobar, got back into the driver seat by taking the fight again to Atlas. Atlas then tried back into the fight and both men went back and forth for a quick second.


Atlas hit a nice kick on Escobar followed by a beautiful standing moonsault but only got a two count.


Atlas tried a move off the top rope only for Escobar to counter and hit the Legado on Atlas and got the victory to retain his Cruiserweight Championship. This match was good I was glad that Mendoza and Wilde got banned from ringside as it kept the match fair.


 Raquel Gonzalez vs. Xia Li


Raquel Gonzalez makes her entrance to the ring. As she is expecting Xia Li to come to ring once her music hit Li doesn’t come out. But Boa does and tells Gonzalez that Li isn’t in the building tonight. Boa apologizes to Gonzalez about it and as Boa is about to leave the ring Gonzalez lays a brutal beat down on him. After Boa is left in the ring the lights turn red a older Asian man comes down the ring giving Boa an envelope as he accepts and the man draws a symbol on Boa. After the man leaves Boa holds his hand like it is in pain



Candice Lerae vs. Toni Storm


We go on to our next match with Toni Storm taking on Candice Larae. Storm got in control but not too long as Larae turned the tables for a bit to get in offence. But that did not flow too long as Storm got in a nice kick on Larae. The fight went to the outside as Storm was going to hit Larae with a knee she missed and caught the steel steps instead.


During the picture and picture commercial Lerae got in the driver seat and she began to slow the pace of the match down for a bit.


Whenever Storm tried to get back in it, Lerae would reverse it. We comeback from the break and Candice hits a backstabber, but Storm got up quickly and laid a headbutt. Both ladies began to punch back and forth Strom followed that up with a German Suplex and more offence.


 Storm climbed to the top rope to hit a leg drop and missed Lerae laid in a kick and went for a cover but got a two.


Larae then rolled up Storm and Lerae put her feet on the ropes. Candice Lerae got the victory with a classic heel tactic. After the match Storm attacked Lerae, but not for long as the mystery figure in the Scream costume came to the aid of Lerae and Ghostface beat down Storm.


 Shotzi Blackheart came down to even the odds, but that wasn’t enough as LeRae and Ghostface beat her down. LeRae told Ghostface to unmask and it was revealed to be Indi Heartwell.


 Dexter Lumis vs. Timothy Thatcher


 We get Timothy Thatcher vs. Dexter Lumis this match came to be as Timothy Thatcher and Alex Grey had a brawl in the back and Thatcher tossed Grey into Lumis’s art. A not happy Dexter Lumis shows up and William Regal gets between them.


 This match was brawl basically as Thatcher was in control for a good chunk of this match, Lumis got a little break as he grabs Thatcher’s ear and hits him with knees to the mid-section, belly-to-belly sends Lumis flying but he slithers right back at Thatcher.


Thatcher takes control after the commercial break working the arm that Lumis hurt during the match. Thatcher hit a Double underhook suplex he went for the pin and got a two. He tries for a couple more covers then returns to the arm.


 This match was ok too me it was basically a filler. Lumis tried to get back into the match but it wasn’t enough as Dexter tried to climb up to the top, but Thatcher caught him there. They trade strikes there. Lumis fights off a superplex. Swanton off the top, but Cameron Grimes is here. Dexter knocks him off the apron, but the confusion gives Thatcher a chance to get three off a crucifix.


 After the match Grimes put a sack over the head of Lumis, Lumis tries to hit Grimes with chair but he can’t see, and Grimes took advantage hitting Dexter with the Cave In.


Earlier Recap


Breezango got a backstage promo, with Tyler Breeze saying that him and Fandango have worked five years to get the belts. Breeze ends the promo saying they won’t be getting goofy Breezango tonight.


 We then get Johnny Gargano asking Regal to through the match. Regal tells Johnny that the match was his idea, so the decision will stand. Johnny tells Regal he “rigged the wheel and the whole thing was a joke!” Johnny has a fit and leaves as Regal Smiles.


We got backstage promo from Ciampa saying that he is going to change the 2020 locker room culture.


 We then get a video package of Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley after the video we are told that both ladies will go at it next week.


 Finn Balor will be live next week


Breezango vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch for the Tag Team Championship


 Pat McAfee is on commentary for this match. Breezango wasn’t having a fun tonight as they were all business bringing the fight to Lorcan and Burch.


During the break, Lorcan and Burch got right back on the offence as they slowed Breezango down. Breezango got back in the match. Breeze hit a superkick on Burch. As the official was distracted Drake Mavrick kicked Lorcan in the head. But Pete Dunne took out Maverick.


While the ref deals with him, Pete blasts Breeze off the apron. The champs hit their tandem finisher on Fandango to retain the championship.


After the match Maverick climbs behind the Kings of NXT’s celebration and splashes on them. A chaotic three vs. four melee follows. The show ends with McAfee punting Fandango and McAfee looks to the camera and says “We do this however much We want. We’re the best, you suck. Cheers”.


This was another pretty good show and next week looks like it will be even better.