Mark Freitas
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Coming off of last week's NXT: Halloween Havoc show. I was entertained with everything that went on down on the card. I was excited to see what kind of action we would be getting tonight.

Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai

We kick off the show with a returning Ember Moon, who is sporting a new theme and haircut. She really cool and the new look, looks good on her.

We return from a recap of Halloween Havoc to see Dakota Kai has entered the ring.

The match begins with Moon taking Dakota to the mat, but Kai reverses. Both women went back and forth with reversals.

It basically stayed that way for the early part of this match.

Moon, then started to generate her offence. She looked good in this match for someone who was off for months.

Kai went after Ember's shoulder and went to work on it. Using the posts and the turnbuckles. She then began to use submissions.

Moon finally got out of Kai's submission grip by slamming her to the mat.

During the match Moon connected with some suicide dives, but she went to the well one too many times as Dakota moved out of the way as we headed to commercial.

We return from the break with both women going back and forth again. Moon hit a Code Breaker, but only got a two count.

Both ladies swung punches at each other. Moon blocked Kai's punch getting her into a cross face.

Kai went back to working on Moon's shoulder with another submission, but Moon got her foot on the ropes.

This match was a great start to this show off. Moon looked great she still has some ring rust, but she looked really good she just needs to keep going.

Raquel Gonzalez climbed on to the apron and distracted Moon, Kai capitalized and hit her with a volley kick. Kai then got the victory getting a big win over a returning Moon.

Cameron Grimes promo

A spooked-out Grimes says that he's over last week and it wasn't a match. Grimes says that he is going to cave in Kushida. The promo ends with the referee that turned in a zombie last week telling Grimes his match is next Grimes gets scared and yells "ZOMBIE!!".

Shotzi Blackheart promo

 Shotzi Blacheart handed picked Toni Storm as her opponent tonight she says it is a huge test for her. She ends her promo by telling Storm "Welcome to the Ball Pit, Toni".

 Kushida vs. Cameron Grimes

The bell rings and early on Grimes is still showing the mental effects he went through last week.

Kushida gets the advantage early on working Grimes to the mat. He works Grimes's left arm.

Kushida had most of the offence so far. Grimes tried to get going, but he was obviously off of his game tonight. 

Grimes finally got his offence in punching Kushida's lower back. Grimes went for a pin after getting more attacks in but only got a two count.

As the show went to commercial both men went back and forth. Then Grimes got the upper hand a bit he looked like he shook off some the effects from last week.

We return from commercial and Kushida got back to his offence. Kushida looked fantastic I think the more he can keep putting on good matches like this he will be getting a shot at the NXT Championship in no time.

Grimes hit Kushida with a great sit-down powerbomb once again only to get a two count.

Both men went to the top rope and Kushida hit a hoverboard lock from the top. Grimes went to roll up Kushida, but he ran Kushida into the ref and then Kushida kicked Grimes knocking the referee out of the ring.

Grimes hit Kushida with a Spanish fly; he went for the count but there was no ref. A new ref came down, but it was the one who was transformed into a zombie last week and Grimes got freaked out Kushida took advantage and got Grimes in the hoverboard lock. Kushida got the win after Grimes tapped out.

 Toni Storm promo

Toni says that she was flattered that Blackheart choose her. She then says tonight she will be using Blackheart to show off the new Toni Storm.

 Drake Maverick and Killian Dain vs. Ever Rise/ Pat McAfee calls out Undisputed Era

Our next match is a tag match between Drake Maverick and Killan Dain taking on Ever Rise.

Chase Parker and Matt Martel, got in the early advantage in this match as both men were going to work on Drake Maverick.

 As the match was going on we cut to the parking lot of a car pulling up and coming out of the car is Pat McAfee, Pete Dunn, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. They come down to the ring and beat up both teams. The match ends in DQ. 

We come back from commercial with McAfee cutting a promo on Undisputed Era.

McAfee says Undisputed Era will never reach the level of "Oney and Danny". 

McAfee and his boys throw the Undisputed Era banner into the trash can and light it on fire. McAfee congrats Undisputed Era on officially being dead.

 Killian Dain tries to attack McAfee and his boys on the way back to their car, but the number games is too much to handle for Dain.

 McAfee is such a great heel on the mic, him being the mouthpiece is great. I really enjoy this feud going on with these teams and I hope this will lead to a match at War Games in the future.

 Johnny Gargano promo

We cut to Johnny Gargano playing a board game with Ghostface. Johnny tells Ghostface he looks to end his title defense curse by putting the belt on the line next week.

 Toni Storm vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Blackheart charges to the ring after Toni Storm's entrance. This match started off faced paced and hard hitting.  

 Storm and Blackheart weren't holding anything back. Storm had most of the control in this match early.

 Storm continued the offence as we headed to break. After we came back Blackheart looked to get back into the match and she was looking good. The match then started to go back and forth as both ladies got their offences in.

 This was the first time; these ladies have faced each other, and they put on a really good match.

 Both ladies battled on each sides of the ropes, and Blackheart jumped over and hit a DDT to Storm on the Apron. Both ladies landed outside of the ring. Blackheart got back in the ring and when she got back in the ring, Candice LaRae appeared on the tron with Shotzi's tank saying she would stay with the tank. As this distraction went on Strom rolled up Blackheart getting the win.

 This was a good match, but I did not like the ending. I thought the match good right until that distraction I think they could have waited for that until after the match. 

 After the match, LaRae runs over Shotzi tank by telling her "this is what happens when you get in other people's business". An emotional Shotzi has a breakdown in the ring with Storm checking up on her.

 Thatch as Thatch Can session

I wasn't too invested in this. I thought this did not need to be on the show, but Timothy Thatcher was sessions with Akeem teaching him reversals. Again, I wasn't interested in this and I think they could have added a filler match.

 AJ Gray showed up again disrupting another session. He attacks Thatcher sending him over the barricade.

 Xai Li Promo

Xai says the letters she has been getting are from her family, but she won't reveal what is said in them. NXT General Manager William Regal shows up handing Xai another letter. She reads it and tells Regal she needs a match against Raquel Gonzalez next week and Regal says he will make it happen.

 Earlier recap

Before I go on to the main event, earlier in the show we got a vidoe package of Io Shirai issuing a challenge to Rhea Ripley for the NXT Women's Championship. Rhea responded saying she wants to end 2020 the same way as 2019 as Women's champ. 

 Legado Fantasma arrives to the building and an unknown interviewer says Santos Escobar did not beat Jake Atlas clean last week. Escobar responds by saying he doesn't care. Jake Atlas rolls up in a car and attacks Raul Mendoza with a bat. He gets away leaving Santos Escobar with a smile on his face. 

 We are told next week Johnny Gargano will face an unknown opponent and Breezango will take on Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

 Velveteen Dream vs. Tommaso Ciampa 

It is now time for our main event. The Velveteen Dream makes his entrance first, followed by Ciampa. The Dream tried to get an advantage, but Tommaso ducked out of the way. Ciampa worked on the wrist of Velveteen, because it was in a cast.

Ciampa slams The Dream ribs first on the barricade followed by a knee. Ciampa works on the wrist of Velveteen. Ciampa was really dominating in the beginning of this match.

 I find Velveteen Dream to be an amazing heel there is something about him that he does so well. He has a bright future in the WWE and the world of wrestling where he can be one of the greatest heels of this generation of wrestling.

 As the show goes to commercial Ciampa doesn't hold off on Velveteen he continues to attack his injured wrist.

 Every time, The Dream would try to get back in the match, Ciampa would attack. 

 Velveteen finally got something going as he hit a big spinebuster. The Dream drilled his cast in the eye of Ciampa that was busted up in the beginning of the match.

 Ciampa began a comeback really bringing the heavy hits on Velveteen. Ciampa hit a superplex, but The Dream kicked out. The left wrist was the priority for Tommaso as he kept going back on the attack to that wrist.

 This match was good, it was main event worthy I'd say. The Velveteen Dream is such a great heel and he has so much potential and the same can be said for Ciampa. 

 Near the end of the match, Velveteen tried to hit Ciampa with the chair from the top rope only to catch a knee and Velveteen sold it perfectly.

 Tommaso picked up Dream and hit him with the Fairy tale Ending. Getting the win over Velveteen causing his dream to be over.

 This show was a good follow up to last week's Halloween Havoc. NXT is definitely on a roll and they need to keep it up, because everything right now has me very intrigued in what is to come.