Mark Freitas
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

NXT Opening 


Our show kicks off with Dexter Lumis in the tech area and he pulls a lever that turns the lights on in the capital wrestling center with the crowd going wild and Lumis wearing a black and red tux.


Damian Priest vs. Karrion Kross


Our first match of the night kicks off with one of the first of many big matches tonight.


Kross and Priest make their awesome entrances.


The bell rings and both men tie each other up and they end up outside the ring. They finally break the hold. Both men start trading kicks and Priest caught Kross with a nice shot to the head. 


Kross would respond and slam Priest to the mat. Kross got in control and hit clothesline’s on Priest and Kross would once again slam Priest to the mat.


Kross would knock Priest to the outside and throw him into the steel stairs. Kross would deliver a hard knee to the midsections of Damian and throw him back in the ring and target his ribs. 


Priest told Kross that he is still standing, and this angered Kross as he delivered more shots, but Priest didn’t go down. Priest would respond with a hard shot to Kross and he would hit him with a flat liner.


Priest began to roll as he hit a broken arrow. Priest kept the offence going hitting knees and a takedown to Kross, Priest started focusing on the left arm of Karrion Kross.


Kross would then deliver hard elbow shots to the ribs of Priest. Both men then traded shots, Priest would hit a springboard but Karrion would respond with another big clothesline. 


Kross laid Priest upside down on the turnbuckle and hit kicks to the ribs of Priest. 


Priest would deliver more kicks to Kross and he was able to land a Razor’s edge on Kross, but Karrion would kick out. 


Kross rolled to the apron, he and Priest traded more shots. Priest caught Kross with a roundhouse kick and hit an amazing summersault to the outside. Back in the ring, Priest was able to hit south of heaven, but Kross kicked out once again.


Kross hit a massive powerbomb on Priest, and that wasn’t enough as Priest kicked out. The fight when to the outside and Damian kept hitting more kicks, Kross eventually countered and power slammed Priest on the steel stairs.


Back in the ring Kross and Priest stared each other down and Priest told Kross he was still standing. Kross would lay more damage, he’d hit a Saito suplex, and he told Priest his time was up and hit a European to the back of the head and picked up the victory.


This match was solid to kick off the show and it was enjoyable and heavy-hitting.


Undisputed Era Promo


We go backstage to Roderick Strong and Adam Cole being interviewed. Strong and Cole will take on Breezango next week in the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Strong says they respect them but next week they will be them. Cole then adds that the prophecy will be refuelled when Kyle O’Reilly wins the title tonight


Gran Metalik vs. Santos Escobar for the Cruiserweight Championship


 Our match begins and Metalik gets the upper hand early and hits a chop in the chest of Escobar followed by a hurricanrana. Metalik then hit an amazing moonsault on the outside. Metalik kept the pressure on, not holding up. 


The momentum would slow down as Metalik went for another hurricanrana on the apron, but Escobar countered and slammed Metalik in the barricade as we head to a picture and picture break.


Escobar kept the attack on, he placed Metalik on the top rope and slammed Metalik ribs on the turnbuckle. Escobar stayed in the driver’s seat and focused on the lower back of Metalik, Metalik would reverse the attack and hit a superkick followed by a sling blade. Escobar rolled out of the ring and Metalik hit summersault on the outside.


Escobar got back on the attack and would hit a hard drive to the outside. Back In the ring, Escobar hit a jumping forearm and delivered hard chops to the chest of Metalik. On the outside, Lince Dorado took out Mendoza and Wilde. But back in the ring, Escobar would hit the legado followed by a phantom driver, Escobar would pick up the win and retain his championship.


Mercedes Martinez video promo


Martinez says, that Io Shirai didn’t look like the Overall Competitor of the Year when she kicked her butt. Mercedes says she wants the Women’s Championship.


Xia Li and Boa’s return/Xia Li vs. Katrina Cortez


Xia Li makes her return with a new entrance and theme. There was a mysterious figure sitting on a throne during the entrance and watching the match. Xia was accompanied to the ring by Boa. Xia Li is taking on Katrina Cortez and Li is dominating this match, when Katrina hit Xia, she would block out the pain. Xia would pick up the win, by hitting a hard spinning kick to the face of Katrina and picked up the win.


William Regal Interview


William Regal provides an update on Timothy Thatcher and says that he is unable to compete tonight due to his injury and that he and Ciampa’s fight pit match will be scheduled for another time in the future.


Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez – Last Women Standing Match


The bell rings and right off the bat, Ripley is flying she hits a dropkick on Gonzalez. Shortly after both ladies brawled and Gonzalez hit a hard clothesline followed by three power slams. Ripley got back on the attack. Ripley pulled out a kendo stick and hit Raquel in the back with it. Ripley then went for a running dropkick, but Gonzalez hit Rhea with a chair and threw her into the barricade. Gonzalez then used the kendo stick on Ripley. 


Gonzalez tried to handcuff Rhea, but Ripley countered her attack. Rhea then handcuffed Gonzalez to the cage on the barricade, but it didn’t last long as Gonzalez kicked Rhea and broke the handcuffs off the barricade. Both ladies traded offence in this match. Gonzalez took apart the announce table and delivered a backdrop on the table and Ripley landed hard.


The battle continued up to the stage, and Gonzalez hit Ripley with the steel stairs, she then laid a big boot on Rhea. Rhea rolled off the stage and the battle went to the back. Ripley speared Gonzalez into a door and the glass from the door shattered. Ripley was now in control. Ripley would hit a senton on Gonzalez from a locker through a table. Dakota Kai, appeared and beatdown Ripley with a kendo stick. Ripley got up and brutally beat-up Kai and shoved her into a locker and she barricaded it with a trolly. Back on the stage both ladies battled, and Ripley locked in a cloverleaf, but Gonzalez broke the hold after a few minutes.


Gonzalez charged at Rhea, and Ripley countered with a backdrop into the LED screen. Ripley used the steel stairs to get up, and Gonzalez picked up Ripley and power bombed her from on top of the stairs through the stage. This kept Ripley down as she could not get up before the count of 10, Gonzalez made it to her feet and was the last women standing as she was the winner of this match.


This match, another good one as both ladies put their bodies on the line in this hard-hitting match, and it looks like this feud has come to an end.


Johnny Gargano celebration


The Way is in the ring and they are celebrating that Johnny broke his title defence streak last week Candice LeRae gets him a gift and it is a plaque to commemorate that the streak has ended. Austin Theory and Indi Hartwell give Johnny another gift. Since Johnny is like a real-life superhero to them, they got him a drawing of their group looking like the Fantastic Four. Johnny announces that he and Theory will be in the Dusty Classic, but Shotzi Blackheart comes. Theory charges up the ramp, and Shotzi shots her cannon at his marbles She drives to the ring and she & LeRae start fighting. Kushida comes out to help even the odds as The Way was about to attack, Dexter Lumis calls for the bell, and we get a mixed tag match,


Shotzi Blackheart & Kushida vs. Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae


Candice and Shotzi start the match, and Shotzi gets the upper hand early this causes LeRae to roll out of the ring as we head to the picture and picture break. LeRae and Blackheart fight outside the ring and LeRae tosses Blackheart into the ring post and beats her down. Shotzi gets back on the attack throwing right hands, but LeRae takes down Blackheart. Shotzi fought back and tagged in Kushida. Johnny Gargano had to enter the match, he and Kushida went back and forth trading submissions with each other.


Kushida began working on the arm of Johnny, they once again traded blows. Kushida hit a big right hand on Johnny as Shotzi took out LeRae and they worked together. Shotzi hit a dive on LeRae to the outside. As LeRae and Johnny got thrown back in the ring the referee’s back was turned and Austin Theory pushed Kushida off the top rope. Kushida pulled Theory into the ring and Kushida hit a drop-toll hold on Johnny as he charged at him and Gargano landed on Theory's injured marbles. Kushida rolled Johnny up, he and Shotzi got the win.


William Regal Announcement 


Regals says that we will be getting a Women’s Tag Team Dusty Rhodes Classic.


Finn Balor vs. Kyle O’Reilly – NXT Championship


Our highly anticipated main event begins, and O’Reilly hits a shoulder tackle on Balor. O’Reilly stays in control for a bit on Balor working on his joints, but Balor counters only for a second before O’Reilly gets Balor in an armbar.


Balor gets back in control locking in a headlock on Kyle. Kyle would counter with a strong kick and taking Balor to the mat. O’Reilly would hit Balor in the back with a knee. O’Reilly began working on the left arm of Balor. O’Reilly let his guard down and in the blink of an eye, Finn Balor was in control. Earlier in the match, Balor hit O’Reilly in the jaw with a kick to the ropes and Balor went back to work on the jaw applying another headlock on Kyle. 


Balor rubbed his forearm across the face of O’Reilly. Shortly after O’Reilly regrouped and caught Finn with a knee to the midsection. O’Reilly then took Finn to the mat and worked on the arm of Balor, before Finn kicked his way out of it. Balor and O’Reilly traded shots. Balor knocked Kyle to the outside and O’Reilly got back into the ring at the nine counts. O’Reilly locked in a triangle choke, but every time Finn tried to break out of its O’Reilly got in another submission. Balor caught Kyle with hard shots again to the jaw. Balor locked in a cross face, but the hold would be broken.


This match then turned into a slugfest. Balor dropkicked O’Reilly into the corner. Finn went for the coup de grace, but O’Reilly countered and hit a suplex from the top rope. Kyle locked in the armbar again, but Balor made it to the rope. Balor kicked O’Reilly and this stunned Kyle. Finn was also busted open during the match. Balor would lock in another cross face and this was the final straw for O’Reilly as the pain was just too much and he tapped out as Balor retained the NXT Championship.


I thought this was a good show to kick off the year. All the matches were up to par and it was a solid show from start to finish. It will be interesting to see who will challenge Balor next for the belt.