Fans Not Happy with WWE Hell in a Cell Main Event

Giancarlo Aulino
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, October 7, 2019

WWE fans weren’t too pleased with the outcome to Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event. The main event was a Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Universal Championship between champion Seth Rollins and challenger “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.


The Fiend making his incredible entrance to the ring was the best moment of this entire matchup. This is a shame because the company had been devoting a lot of their programming time to building up the character and this matchup and at the end of the day, it ended being counterproductive and may lead to fans turning on Rollins after the company got the majority of fans back on his side following his win over Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.


First of all, the lighting for the main event was a dark red, so although it may’ve been good for the wrestler introductions before the match, it became a distraction during the actual match because some fans couldn’t really follow along as they couldn’t clearly see what was going on in the ring.


Throughout the match, The Fiend would have the upper hand however, Rollins eventually used various weapons at his disposal to attack The Fiend and gain any advantage possible. Whether it be a chair, kendo stick, or ladder, the champion was swinging for the fences in hopes of putting The Fiend down or damaging him enough to the point where he could finish him off with his finishing maneuver; The Curb Stomp.


Oddly enough, the match ended because the referee felt that The Fiend had received too much punishment which really doesn’t make sense since it was a Hell in a Cell match and that had been the main reason why those types of matches had been booked in the first place.


Fans in the arena voiced their displeasure by chanting “AEW” which isn’t a good sign because the company had a great week of season premieres and tonight’s show should’ve continued to gain momentum for WWE as they gear up for their draft on SmackDown and the following RAW.


It’ll be interesting to see what is made of this whole situation or if WWE decide to put an end to this feud entirely.




Photo Credit: WWE (@wwe)