Ask Me Anything Ep.8: Aron on Impact Wrestling and Which Movies Inspired him to Pursue Acting

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Aron Stevens was back on Fired Up with the eighth episode of his show Ask Me Anything, which is available on 108 platforms including: iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Tune In, SoundCloud, and of course The show is also available on the OSG Sports Network and the OSG Sports app.

BarnBurner founder Joseph Peisich, Steve Carney of WDAE radio in Tampa, Florida, and myself joined Aron for this edition of Ask Me Anything. In this episode, Aron answered many questions including: which movie inspired him to pursue an acting career, whether he’d consider selling new merchandise,

WWE superstar ECIII and former WWE superstar Tyrus/Brodus Clay also sent in their questions for Aron to answer in this episode.

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What movie inspired you to get into acting?

Great question. So there was really no one movie that inspired me to get in to acting. I was kind of just inspired to get into acting because of the theatrical nature of my wrestling career to where I always kind of leaned on the side of very strong characters, but the cool thing is since I’ve been out here….I’ve talked about her on here, the acting coach Sherman, who by the way her mother just passed away last Wednesday, was a legendary acting coach, a wonderful woman, and I posted something on Twitter about her and I was trying to post something on Instagram but it didn’t going through so it’ll be up. Really you should go to my Twitter…at least watch the documentary on her. Some of the things Sherman would have me do is watch movies like the old black and whites. I watched one called All Quiet on The Western Front, which was this black and white movie and then the original 12 Angry Men, and then that movie called Inherit The Wind. It’s amazing when you could go back and you some of these old actors and this is long before any kind of visual effects and the cool CGI and stunt-men, and all that stuff. This was just a story of big people or a big story about little people…one way or the other and you know there was just such a charm of old-school Hollywood and about how those actors and actresses were and how they conveyed the stories across. I don’t know if it’s necessary prevalent in today’s industry as it was back then but the cool thing is when I had the character Sandow, I took a lot of old-school traits so to speak and incorporated that into the new style of professional wrestling, it’s kind of the same thing I’m doing here. At the same time I’m being me but it’s also learning from people that I don’t know a lot of actors necessarily know today and it’s such a really really great thing. Sherman is such an invaluable resource because she’s third generation Hollywood royalty… her grandparents owned a movie studio and it’s amazing the amount of access I have to both people and materials, and knowledge. So that’s really kind of what’s gotten me able to make a living as an actor right now and I’m very fortunate so it’s a lot of the old stuff that I’m really partial to.


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What do you think of TNA? TNA was one of the more competitive companies with WWE at the time based on all the talent they had, so when you were a free agent in wrestling, what sold you on the idea of TNA?

I wanted to kind of like finish a career on a good note I guess you can call it. Mainly to go there and see if I could make Bradis’ life just that much more miserable, which I was successful, and again like hung out with my friends like ECIII and all that, got to work with Billy Corgan which was amazing…John Gaburik, who I really really liked working with…Bob Ryder, I don’t have enough good things to say about Bob Ryder and what he does for that company. I had a very very positive experience at Impact. I know John and Taya are the heavyweight champion and the women’s champion and I think that’s a great thing, husband and wife couple and they are just doing their thing and you know what, every company is going to have ups and downs and you never know. In the entertainment business in my opinion whether it’s wrestling or whether it’s acting, it’s one decision away from being no more and then one decision away from being huge. So you never know I would just keep eyes on it. I think both John and Taya are two of the most talented people in the sport…WWE, TNA, wherever. They’re extremely extremely talented wonderful people. Actually little known fact, I went to their house when I had to evacuate Malibu with the fires. I was staying with my buddy’s house but he was over their house for a function that I was invited to anyway and that was the first place I drove to during the fires and they said if I needed to stay with them. They’re just great people but again as great of a man and a woman as they are, they are just as great of performers, so keep watching.   




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