Ask Me Anything Ep.6: Aron on Christmas Decorations and Funniest In Ring Moment

Giancarlo Aulino
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, January 10, 2019

Aron Stevens was back on Fired Up with the sixth episode of his show Ask Me Anything, which is available on 108 platforms including: iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Tune In, SoundCloud, and of course The show is also available on the OSG Sports Network and the OSG Sports app.

BarnBurner founder Joseph Peisich and I joined Aron for this edition of Ask Me Anything, where Aron discussed Christmas lights being up during the holiday season, AEW, and much more.

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Aron Stevens' thoughts on Christmas lights:

I’m proposing this question and I’m going to try and not to cuss, why in the name of all that is sacred would you take down your holiday decorations before New Years? To me it makes absolutely no sense. It is ridiculous. I think people that do that should be evaluated…Thanksgiving night is the earliest you can put your Christmas lights on right? You go to a family house…you have a big meal…as you’re driving home, people have their Christmas lights on and you’re getting ready to kick into the holiday season, that’s my opinion. When December 25th comes, there is no need to take the lights down. In my opinion, they should be up till at least January 2nd and the very latest mid-January…January 14th the absolute latest. I for one find it awful that before New Years you see houses with these beautiful decorations and people work hard at this and spent a fair amount of money. Why would you want to take them down right away? Enjoy the holiday season. Its not just about the buildup, it’s about that week between Christmas and New Years that people can just relax…have fun. Everyone is in a good mood and I don’t think people need to be taking their lights down and I have a problem with anybody that does that and I just feel a need to take up the first part of this program and put that out to anyone and if you guys have any thoughts on that, I would be more than interested in hearing them.


What was the funniest that happened during a match?

Aron: This is a PG story and a PG funny moment. It was when I was doing the stunt-double thing… I was with Miz.  I think we were in some kind of six-man tag. I remember I was standing next to Kane, this was on Raw, and Ryback gave Miz that suplex where he holds him up and like the delayed suplex, and I remember Kane through his mask goes “well, what are you going to do now?” and I just went “I don’t know.” And then for some reason I just dropped down on the ring apron and did a handstand against the ring apron and the ropes as Miz was upside-down and when he fell down, I fell down. I was just the most ridiculous…like funny. And I’m pretty good at not cracking myself up but I do remember that’s one time when I did, I actually like made myself laugh which I know sounds very self-absorbed, but it was pretty funny.


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