Ask Me Anything Ep.5: Aron Stevens Talks Going Vegan and Relationships

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Aron Stevens was back on Fired Up with the fifth episode of his show Ask Me Anything, which is available on 108 platforms including: iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Tune In, SoundCloud, and of course The show is also available on the OSG Sports Network and the OSG Sports app.

In this special episode, BarnBurner’s newest additions Julie Hinton-Green and Jenna Greenspoon conducted an in-depth interview with Aron. Aron always says that no topic is really off limits and if you listened to Ep.5, he truly meant it. Julie and Jenna asked a great combination of questions dealing with his wrestling career, diet, vegan lifestyle, new goals and aspirations, and relationships.

Here are some highlights from Julie Hinton-Green and Jenna Greenspoon’s conversation with Aron Stevens.

Jenna: In terms of things that you eat and don’t eat, why you decided to adopt that vegan lifestyle, tell us a little more about that…did it stem from when you were wrestling? Is that something newer that you’ve brought into your life?

Aron: No, it actually was probably about a year after I had walked away from the wrestling industry entirely. I had watched a documentary called: What The Hell, and that documentary got me really thinking 'ohh, I wonder if the human body was not designed to be eating cheeseburgers you every day.' And again, when I was with WWE just because of the nature of the job and everything, it was not the healthiest lifestyle or the nature of that schedule does not lend itself  to make healthy choices 100% of the time…that goes in terms of diet, your sleeping habits, and everything.

Julie: I also watched that documentary and it’s scary to think of the stuff that we put into our body without questions, right? You see advertisements that your body needs milk and dairy and you know we drink it…we ingest it and then when you really stop to think about the effects that it has on guts and on the belly, and how it makes you feel, it doesn’t always seem like it is the right choice.

Aron: 100% and this actually is funny because how it also ties into my career out here. So, I watched this documentary and I’m like okay, I’m going to try going vegan for two weeks. Remember cause when the lady in the documentary said she went vegan for two weeks and then she was off all her medications which was insane. And I approached that with a degree of scientism because I’m like this can’t work and I’m not really on any medications, but I wanted to see how I felt and I said ‘I got nothing better to do, let’s try it.’ So, I got my calendar out and said ‘okay I’m going to start on Monday.’ Well the Sunday before that…and I was living in North Hollywood at the time… I was asked to show up to a commercial to help promote things on social media and do a quick interview, this was for the Screen Actors Guild elections, so I said ‘okay, fine.’ It was being shot in Malibu, I’ve never been to Malibu before, so I go there. I don’t know anyone. I’m sitting there by myself and this lady walks in and she has a shirt that something with vegans and I asked her about it. I said ‘I’m going vegan tomorrow for two weeks. Do you have any advice?’ Well three hours later, we were still talking and this lady does so much for animal rescue. Her name is Sherman, she has a dog room in Malibu that has been a staple in town, but when it comes to animal rescue I’ve never seen anyone more dedicated that has done more for people than her. Her family has been in the entertainment industry forever, they used to own a movie studio and her mother is this legendary screenwriter and acting coach that everyone to this day will say how wonderful she was. Long story short, she’s asking me what I’m doing out here and kind of like where my career is going and she goes ‘alright look, I’m in charge of your career from now on. I’m not going to take any money from you, just don’t do anything unless I know about it.’

Midnight, Texas

As we kind of got rolling, the phone rang and that was NBC for the Midnight, Texas show. I got to do several other projects with some awesome awesome actors and it was all because of her and to this day, we have this weird thing where she does not accept money because well she’s technically I guess you would call her a manager but she doesn’t take money from me, so I have to go to her. She has vet bills obviously because she takes care of all these animals and we actually have some donkeys coming in next week which is insane, so if you know anyone that needs a donkey, let me know.  I will go and pay her vet bills down and that is like how I pay her so it’s a weird, completely un-hollywood story but that is another benefit of going vegan I guess.

Julie: I’m kind of curious, just talking about your perfect woman and social media and stuff. How to weed out when women are contacting you whether it is on Twitter or Instagram and you know they’re privately messaging you and asking you stuff, how do you determine if this woman is a fan or if she actually could be a cool chick to give a chance to go on a date with?

Aron: I really am very careful if someone reaches out to me on social media. If I know them or if I’ve met them, I could better assess what the next move is, but I also don’t really kind of acknowledge that a lot. If someone can DM you or message you and they can say something that is…I don’t want to say inappropriate, but a little forward to say the least, again right now that is not really someone I’m looking to kind of bring into my life. It was always about finding stability and kind of finding your grounding, so you can become stable because when you’re stable, you can enter into a stable relationship…you can enter into a stable career. You can have that sense of stability and that will translate into every aspect of your life, but you have to do you first.

If you want to have your questions answered by Aron, follow his Instagram account @thearonfiles and post your question to his post for the next episode. Also, Julie Hinton-Green will be debuting a new show on BarnBurner’s Fired Up network in the new year called: Julie Hinton-Green Living in the Now and follow her on Twitter @jhintongreen and Instagram @juliehinton_green.



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