"Send it to the Internet!" - Aron Stevens Wants to Join Cast of Cobra Kai for Season 4

Giancarlo Aulino
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Friday, October 9, 2020

NWA wrestler Aron Stevens has had an eventful 15-months; he returned to pro wrestling last July at the first Battle Arts Pro Wrestling show in Mississauga, Ontario, then debuted on NWA's new weekly show: Powerrr, where he would demand nobody have any eye contact with him and then reinvented himself once again; this time as a decorated Mongrovian karate practitioner. 

In addition, Stevens continued acting and made appearances on shows like Midnight, Texas and Magnum P.I. 

Although Stevens has been involved in many projects in both pro wrestling and acting, one project he has expressed plenty of interest in has been joining the cast of Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai, which brings the story and characters of The Karate Kid franchise to a new generation, will be moving to Netflix this coming January for season 3 and it has already been announced that season 4 is in the preliminary stages.

Season 4 will be the first season produced by Netflix, so what better way to kick things off than by introducing the former WWE superstar and third-degree NWA National Champion to the cast.  

Last year on an episode of BarnBurner’s ‘Ask Me Anything’, the third degree black-belt in Mongrovian Karate joined Joe Peisich and myself, where he voiced his support for lead character Sensei John Kreese and made the argument that he was not the villain in the series and the students in the Cobra Kai dojo were misunderstood. “I will tell you this, Sensei John Kreese never once said ‘go beat the crap out of everybody’ said Stevens, before adding that "he (Kreese) never once said ‘use karate to promote whatever agenda you may have."

“All Kreese was doing was trying to prepare the next generation to not take any crap and stand up for yourself. He never said ‘go use karate to go promote your agenda and go bully people.’ If a man confronts you, he is the enemy, the enemy deserves no mercy okay. That’s all, that’s all he was doing alright, and he is not a bad guy. It needed to be said and you know something, I am glad I had the wrestling career I had just so I could have the platform to say what should have been said twenty-years ago.”


While making his argument, Stevens mentioned that he would love to be cast in an upcoming season.

Fast forward one year later and Stevens is still very much interested in joining the cast and even laid out his vision for his potential character:

“Hopefully a bad guy. I would publicly align myself with John Kreese. That’s all I’m saying.”


Use #CobraKai and let’s get the conversation going, so we could see the former Third-Degree NWA National Champion Aron Stevens enter the Cobra Kai dojo.