York 9 FC Shut Out by Calvary at Home

Giancarlo Aulino
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

York Region--- Calvary got back to their winning ways tonight as they defeated York 9 FC 2-0 at York Lions Stadium to improve their record to 8-1, to remain at the top of the CPL standings and clinch the Spring season.



York 9 FC coach Jimmy Brennan went with a diamond 4-4-2 formation with Nathan Ingham in goal, Diyaeddine Abzi, Morey Doner, Luca Gasparotto, Daniel Gogarty on the back line, Joseph Di Chiara, Wataru Murofushi, Manuel Aparicio, and Ryan Telfer at midfield, and Rodrigo Gattas and Cyrus Rollocks the strikers.



Cavalry coach went with more of an attacking 3-4-3 with Marco Carducci in goal, Mason Trafford, Jonathan Wheeldon, and Dominick Zator on the back line, Jose Escalante, Elijah Adekugbe, Julian Buscher, and Nico Pasquotti in the midfield, and Dominique Malonga, Sergio Camargo, and Jordan Brown as the three attackers up top.


On the latest CPL ‘Back of the Net’, York 9 FC assistant coach Carmine Isacco mentioned that Calvary are a well-coached and well-structured team and that York 9 will have to address their goal scoring to going forward. York 9 were coming into this game following two great performances that saw them get four points out of a possible six.



York 9 got off to a great start; the midfielders were able to create plays off the wings and crosses for scoring opportunities and it looked like they carried the momentum from Saturday’s game, that saw them dominate possession against Halifax.



Calvary had a chance to get on the scoresheet in the 16th minute, when a York 9 defender turned the ball over and allowed Calvary’s (#9) to get a one on one opportunity against Nathan Ingham, but he chipped the ball wide of the net.



Fortunately for Calvary, they would score in the 24th minute, when Dominique Malonga scored struck a powerful shot past York 9 goalkeeper Nathan Ingham, to give his team the 1-0 lead.



Calvary would add on to their lead off Julian Buscher’s perfectly placed free-kick in the 34th minute, after York 9 FC captain Manuel Aparicio committed a foul a few yards outside York 9’s 18-yard box. Ingham was able to get a touch on the ball but was unable to keep it from going into the net.


Aparicio had received a yellow card earlier on in the half for disputing what he felt was a missed call. The York 9 captain would have to be hesitant for the remainder of the game because a second yellow card would lead to a red card and a suspension.


Ryan Telfer has York 9’s best scoring opportunity in the 39th minute when he used his pace to get past Calvary’s defenders, which left him alone with a one on one opportunity, but he was unable he was unable to score as his shot went wide of the net.


York 9 would get another opportunity shortly after, when Rodrigo Gattas struck a powerful shot with his left foot, but Calvary goalkeeper Marco Carducci was able to make the big save. This was another great opportunity for York 9, who had done everything right, but are still struggling to score goals.


It would get worse on the goal scoring end for York 9 as Ryal Telfer maneuvered his way around two Calvary defenders and sent Cyrus Rollocks with a nice pass that provided him with plenty of time to score, but he would strike the ball wide of the goal. This was unfortunate for York 9 because they could’ve put themselves within one goal early in the half and build off that momentum.  


Calvary’s coach adjusted his lineup accordingly in the second half; the team had the 2-0 lead, so he made substitutions and changed his formation to more of a defensive style as a way to run the clock down and at the same time, ensure that York 9 would have a difficult time finding success in their attack.


Even with Jim Brennan’s changes, York 9 were unable to score and would see their points streak come to an end. York 9 are back in action on Monday, when they travel to Winnipeg to take on Valour FC in a Canada Day showdown.



Photo Credit: York 9 FC and Canadian Premier League