Djokovic beats Federer in a Jaw Dropping Finals Match at Wimbledon

Noora Popal
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, July 15, 2019

The Wimbledon Men’s Final took place this Sunday, July 14 between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. 

Djokovic beat Federer in a stunning five-set match, three of which went to tiebreaks (7-6(5), 1-6, 7-6(4), 6-4, 13-12(3)). The match lasted four hours and 57 minutes during which Djokovic had to fight tooth and nail to win. 

At what was the longest finals in Wimbledon history, the two men who have dominated the tennis world, battled for the Grand Slam title where only one emerged victoriously. 

The crowd seemed to be on Roger’s side, as they chanted his name and cheered whenever he took the lead. The 37-year-old was the crowd favorite as this could've potentially been his last time playing at Wimbledon finals. 

Right from the start of the match, it was obvious that this was going to be a very interesting one, as it always is whenever the two superstars face each other. 

Djokovic fought hard to win the first set that went to a tiebreak. 

The Swiss dominated the second set breaking Djokovic three times, 6-1, leaving him stunned. 

In the third set, the Serbian got his groove back, however, this set was not an easy one for him to win as it also went into a tiebreak. 

Federer won the fourth set, and this led to the mandatory fifth set to determine the winner. 

The fifth set lasted about an hour and a half and kept the fans at the edge of their seats. 

Djokovic had the first serve during this set and won the first game. Federer won the second game. This back and forth went on until they were tied 7-7, where Federer won a breakpoint and a huge opportunity to win the match. Djokovic didn’t cave under pressure when he was down two match points and was able to tie the set again 8-8. 

The match went on until they were tied at 12-12 in the fifth set, at which point a tiebreak game had to be played. 

Djokovic had the Championship point when Federer made a huge error by hitting the ball very wide resulting in the Serbian winning the final set 13-12(3), giving him the title. 

Djokovic was very composed and calm after winning the Championship. He walked on to the court and picked some of the grass, putting it in his mouth to literally “taste” the victory. 

Federer, who will be turning 38 next month, was understandably disappointed at the loss and he jokingly said that he will try to forget this very memorable match. 

Djokovic won his 5th Wimbledon title, he continues to make history and to be a role model to young tennis players around the world.