CBC Battle of the Blades Week 6: A Romantic Finish For Colton Orr

Jerred Bapty
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Friday, October 25, 2019

OSHAWA, ON – The Final Three are set for the Finale of Battle of the Blades on Halloween night but, unfortunately, won’t include the former Toronto Maple Leaf and his partner Amanda Evora.


Colton Orr and Evora skated a deeply emotional and moving routine to Tom Walker’s ‘Leave A Light On’ for their second appearance of the season in the bottom two. The routine had some shaky moments, with an overhead rotating throw that fell apart when Orr almost missed catching Evora and a couple other miscues throughout that would be their end. Don’t froget that Orr’s elbow has been irritated since Week 1. 


When their program ended, they nodded to each other likely in acknowledgement of their mistakes and that this might be it for them and it was. 


Natalie Spooner and Andrew Poje were also a tough act to follow. 


Skating for the first time in the Skate-Off, Spooner and Poje brought the crowd to their feet with another electrifying performance to WALK ON THE MOON’s ‘Shut Up and Dance’. Singing the whole time, Spooner brought her usual contagious spunk while Poje let her shine once again with more creative angles in their lifts and holds.


Spooner even landed her first throw ever (she landed on two feet but, let’s give her a pass) and lifted Poje upside down! She finished the program in Colby Armstrong’s lap, just for added affect. It was an energizing performance that kicked off the show perfectly. 


Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were back to guest judge and were blown away by how far the remaining pairs had come since seeing them in Week 1. Each comment they gave was about how each duo had learned to trust each other and experiment with their limits with new lifts, holds, and throws. 


The Scores


Natalie Spooner & Andrew Poje


Armstrong: 5.8

Tessa & Scott: 5.8

Browning: 5.8


Total: 17.4


Colton Orr & Amanda Evora


Armstrong: 5.8

Tessa & Scott: 5.7

Browning: 5.8


Total: 17.3


The guest judges with the hammer once again. 


This all happened in the first half of the show Thursday night, so, once the Skate-Off was over, Sheldon Kennedy and Kaitlyn Weaver came out and really pulled on the heartstrings with their performance. 


When Ron McLean announced they’d be skating to a cover of Elton John’s ‘Still Standing’, everyone knew they were going for the feels. Their routine was a journey. The first half was slow, emotive, and powerful, and the second half was triumphant and energetic. They even finished with another headbanger that brought on another standing ovation. 


That left Bruno Gervais and Ekaterina Gordeeva to finish off the program of new routines for Week 6. Gervais injured his bicep during practice this week, so their rehearsal time was limited to only this routine. Gervais was trying hard not to grimace but, you could see the pain on his face during a couple lifts. 


Their dance was still practically flawless as they combined Gervais’ sensual style with a bit more energy and footwork that allowed him to show off how smooth of a skater he’s become throughout this competition. And they weren’t in the bottom two for the first time in four weeks!


Following the new routines, the three finalists got to reprise their favourite dances from the series, which was kicked off by Spooner and Poje bringing back their Week 1 performance of ‘Canadian Girls’ by Dean Brody. Then, Kennedy and Weaver returned with their best routine of the series, the one that got them their perfect score in Week 4, ‘Smile’ by Nat King Cole. Finally, Gervais and Gordeeva reprised their Week 5 routine, one of their strongest as well, ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Shawn James. 


Just one show left and it’s all up to the fans! The champion of Season 5 of the Battle of the Blades will be crowned on Halloween night and all will be decided solely by audience votes. So go to https://www.cbc.ca/battlevote/ to cast you ballot for your favourite skaters every day until October 29th at 12p.m. ET. 


No standings this time as no scores were given out after the Skate-Off.


Exit Interview with Colton Orr and Amanda Evora to come. 


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