Bianca Andreescu on Life After Winning the US Open

Noora Popal
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bianca Andreescu, the young Canadian who won the US Open last Saturday, returned to Canada and met with members of the media to answer some of their questions. 

For someone who is only 19 years of age, Bianca showed a lot of calmness and composure while being surrounded by a room full of reporters. She took her time to answer all of the questions with a lot of thought and diligence.

She talked about how it felt to return to Canada after her victory and the difference she noticed since then. “I actually went to Yorkdale yesterday. That was my first stop, and I’ve been getting more recognized than usual,” she stated. Andreescu pointed out that she only saw the hype on social media but is now excited to get to see it in person. 

Bianca showed a lot of gratitude to the Canadians who reached out to congratulate her like Justin Trudeau, Shania Twain, the Raptors, the Leafs, Steve Nash, and many others. A few Canadian tennis players have reached out to Bianca as well to congratulate her on the win. They let her know how she has inspired them to continue their pursuit of winning a Grand Slam Title. 

The first-ever Canadian Grand Slam winner also touched a little on her interaction with Serena Williams after the match. “We had a really nice moment in the locker room…she said some really nice things. She said that I’m going to be a very good tennis player”. But Andreescu didn’t go into any further details about the conversation. She chose to keep the discussion between her and her idol.  

One of the things that is upon the list for Andreescu is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She has been thinking about it for a few years now and hopes to represent her country at this special event. She is focused on training for this event in hopes of becoming a gold medalist at the Olympics. 

Bianca was asked about how it felt to be a role model to young tennis players in Canada and she responded that it was one of her goals to inspire young people and that now it is coming true. Humbled by the idea of being a role model to others, she accepts this responsibility with open arms. “One of my goals was to be an inspiration to many people and I think I’m starting to do that, which means a lot to me.” People have reached out to her saying things like, “because of you I watch tennis now” and “because of you I picked up a racket”, which inspires her to continue the work she does. 

Bianca talked about the importance of staying healthy after suffering through some injuries in her short career. “If I’m healthy then I think I can do even bigger things in this sport.”

Andreescu discussed the displeasure of sitting at home and watching others play while you’re injured. “I have a physio team with me now, full time… Recovery is one of the most important things” she stated, reminding everyone how injuries are an athlete’s worst enemy. 

It is difficult to deal with all this attention at such a young age, but Andreescu seemed to do it effortlessly. She managed to stay composed for the most part, but the little glimpses of excitement within her were still visible when she expressed interest in things like flying in a private jet or being on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. 

“It was so fun”, she noted, “Jimmy is such a great guy and I’m really glad I got that experience”. 

For such a young player, who is still growing as a person and trying to figure herself out, Bianca states the importance of keeping a balance in her life between tennis and everything else. Being with friends and having parents who still treat her like normal is important and that keeps her grounded. 

Besides getting her very own hashtag, #SheTheNorth, there were discussions of having a parade for Bianca similar to the one the Raptors had. Both Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, and the Mayor of Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie, said they would be willing to have a parade for her. “If that happens, that would be so crazy”, “that would be really cool” she continued, enthusiasm clear in her voice. 

Right before exiting the press conference, Bianca abruptly mentioned: “Oh, Drake messaged me by the way”. She was referring to when she called Drake out on the “Jimmy Fallon” show when Jimmy asked if there was anyone who hasn’t reached out to congratulate her. The young Canadian has been so busy that she didn’t realize “Drizzy” was liking her pictures on social media. Drake has been left on "read" while Bianca figures out what to reply to him.

Bianca’s focus now is on getting stronger physically and to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She claimed, “there’s always room for improvement in anything, so I’m just going to keep improving my game.” By doing that and following her mom’s advice, “don’t forget who you are and dream big to get big”, we can expect great things from Bianca Andreescu in the upcoming years.