Comics And Culture with Aaron Weiss Ep.1: MMA Legend Gary Goodridge

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

You may’ve noticed a new show pop up on your preferred podcast streaming service. Yesterday on BarnBurner’s Fired Up network, Comics And Culture with Aaron Weiss debuted with a notable guest for the first episode. MMA legend Gary ‘Big Daddy’ Goodridge spoke with host Aaron Weiss about his career, developing CTE as a result, comic books, superhero movies, growing up in Barrie, Ontario, and more.

Aaron Weiss offers a unique and fresh concept with Comics And Culture. Not only does he have a fun conversation with his guest, but he also features a segment titled: Hot Comic, where he talks about comics that would make for great investments as time goes by.

Gary ‘Big Daddy’ Goodridge’s resume is impeccable; he was a four-sport superstar in boxing, arm-wrestling, kickboxing, and of course MMA. During his career, Goodridge was a world arm-wrestling champion, super-heavyweight boxing champion of Canada, UFC 8 tournament runner-up, Vale Tudo champion, and 2005 K-1 World Grand Prix winner.


Here are some highlights from Aaron Weiss’ conversation with MMA Legend Gary Goodrige.


Aaron: Gary, you engaged in battle with some of the most respected and feared MMA icons of all-time such as: Fedor, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Overeem to name a few. Who rates as one of your toughest opponents?

Gary: One of my toughest opponents that I ever fought in absolutely all my sports was me. The fight you go over and the fight in your head three weeks before the fight, as soon as you know you have a fight, you go over the fight in your head over and over and over again. You try hard not to think of him beating you and you try hard to think of you beating him. It’s a struggle the whole time you’re training for this guy…you’re training for him, you want to eat him, you want to smoke him into minced meat… you want to do this, you want to do that. Therefore, when you get into the ring you’re beating yourself up so much about it, you just got to let yourself go. Let the chips fall when they may but get in there so rough…you beat yourself up just going to the ring. So that’s why I said its myself because that’s the most type of beat up there is you know if someone punches me in the face, it’s not as bad as what you just did to yourself for the last three weeks.

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Aaron: You suffered greatly as a result of your MMA career having been diagnosed with CTE. For people that may not be familiar, this is an opportunity to educate them. How has this impacted your life?

Gary: Early onset dementia. It’s impacted my life by a lot you know I forget quite a bit. I have to ask people to remember things for me, remind me of this or that. I used to use my iPhone for some new type of sound my memory but now I have my girlfriend, she remembers everything for me. That’s my new iPhone…that’s better than an iPhone: you can fast-forward it, rewind, it comes back as same message.

Aaron: People might be surprised as to who one of your favorite superheroes was as a kid. You told me about a movie featuring a certain former NBA superstar…I guess a Hall of Famer over 7-feet that really stood out for you. Do you remember those early superhero movies that you liked?

Gary: Yeah, I liked Shaq… he played Steel with a big ‘S’ on his chest as Superman but it was black and white, and I thought it was so cool because the thing is that it’s hard for black people or people of any color or race, it’s hard to see themselves as anything kind of that superhero because when you see superheroes they’re always Caucasian. You don’t see the diversity in where you are…the diversity in Toronto between all the races you have it’s pretty high and that’s the way it is in the world, but every superhero, everything you look at in the book, to me it’s always racist. The only diversity is Caucasian that’s it, it’s Caucasian. The only time you see anybody else like the dark Avenger…you know the people that do bad things... The whole world is guilty for it and I just wish there was something we could do. Mohammad Ali, he died a couple years ago at 72 and he spoke about this 50-years ago and 50-years later, we’re in the same spot. Nothing has changed.


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