Baltimore Ravens clinch AFC playoff berth

James Kurtzman
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, December 9, 2019

Baltimore Ravens (24) – Buffalo Bills (17)

It was a defensive battle between the Baltimore Ravens and Buffalo Bills as the Ravens sacked Josh Allen four times and forcing a fumble while the Bills recorded 3 tackles for loss yardage and one pick. Baltimore won their ninth straight game, 24-17 and the Buffalo Bills had their three game winning streak snapped.

The game really started to pick up in the second half.

With only 7:04 left on the clock Allen threw to Cole Beasley for their only touchdown of the game. The Bills decided to go for the two point conversion and once again it was Beasley and now Buffalo was only down by seven. Buffalo’s defence really came through on the next drive, closing two running plays and Lorenzo Alexander got a piece of Lamar Jackson’s pass as he forced a three and out. Just like that the Bills’ offence had one more chance to tie up the game with five and a half minutes to play.

Marcus Peters of the Ravens stepped up by knocking down the 4th and 8 pass to John Brown. Buffalo could have had their first 15 point fourth quarter comeback since 1967.

Allen completed 17 of 29 passes for 146 yards and after the game he commented on his performance.

“I have to find more completions early on. Take what they give us,” Allen told reporters during his post-game press conference. “Maybe felt like I was pressing a little bit when they were bringing some good pressures that we maybe hadn’t seen ... at the end of the day, we didn’t make enough plays. Like I said, I have to be better in that aspect.”

Up Next:

Ravens: Host New York Jets on Thursday Night Football.

Bills: Play Pittsburgh in Buffalo’s first Sunday Night appearance in 12 years.