Argo Game Notes

Frank Stanisci
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, September 30, 2019

Argos Ship Sinking Fast


Week 16 had the Saskatchewan Roughriders coming into BMO to play the Toronto Argonauts. The Riders a team continuing the process of improving their game in preparation for their post season participation. The Argos just trying find their confidence in being able to compete in a season where they do not appear to be good enough to challenge for the Grey Cup Playoffs.

The pregame featured the recently inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame Terry Greer. Greer was saluted by and to the crowd wearing nothing resembling an Argo Jersey. In fact the Boat Logo was theme for the Argo double blue at Greer’s time. The rocking the Boat Logo opportunity was missed.

The Argos came into the game with the aim of not making mental errors on the field or on the sidelines, unfortunately both those came into view once again and were factors in another loss. Clock management meant only one play was made where two could have been played at the end of the first half.

An aggressive offensive plan throwing on first down failed with too many incompletions meaning Franklin had second very long too often. Penalties backing the Argos into the shadow of the goalposts made the challenge of moving down field too difficult.

With each possession the game slide further and further away from the Argos. While the Rider offense and defense made the right plays, the Argos errors and ineffectiveness led to a very lopsided score. The score became irrelevant when the separation in play did not need a view of the scoreboard.

Season long dependable Argos like Chris Rainey looked sluggish. The weight of a season like this can wear on proud men experiencing new ways to lose each frustrating week.

The Argo defense could not stop Fajardo’s fleet feet extended series of downs. Before the half was Cody ran for eighty yards.

Time of possession told the story of the game Riders’ 11’10” compared to the Argos 3’50” in the third quarter.

The usually vanilla offense of the Argos tried an Armanti Edwards “flea flicker” to Derel Walker. The pass was the first for the former Quarterback.

There was the good, S.J. Green juggling the ball in the end zone and coming down with the score. Wilder once again showing that the running back could break another run, but not enough times on this night

A defensive breakdown led to a 55 yard pass and run from Fajardo to Emmanuelle Arsenault in the fourth quarter put the game out of reach for the Argos.

Argo Coach Cory Chamblin was quoted as saying “we had a chance, we did not finish well”, “and Adversity reveals character”. The coach feels the team still has fight in them. Argo Frank Beltre reminded his teammates they can’t quit. Whether they did or not, do or not the score made a heavy statement in that regard.

The good ship Argonaut season is sinking fast. For the 12,406 in attendance it was a split in appreciation of the outcome of41 to 16 for the Riders. There were after all the large contingent the fans in Green who liked what they saw.

On Military night the battle comes down to math and it adds up to another sideline view of the post season battling for the Grey Cup is slipping out of view over the horizon for the Argos.

Up next for the Argos a trip to Vancouver to visit the ever improving Lions.