Yet Another Close Call This Week Thanks To Rookie Luka Doncic

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, January 28, 2019

A Win Is A Win Right? Toronto Needs To Correct Their Mistakes Especially Before Milwaukee Visits Thursday

Okay- again a little too close for comfort for Toronto fans. Toronto only won this one by 3 pts. Dallas has the 6th best winning percentage at home with (now) 19-6. Luka Doncic...a 6’ 7”, 218 lbs 19 year old Rookie guard from Slovenia is being compared to Lebron James and oh boy doe she have a reason to be! Doncic is averaging 19.5 points per game and if you include that most of those hae come as clutch points for Dallas-you’d be even more impressed. I think Dirk is proud to have Luka on this team and even take over where he left off. I bet the Toronto Raptors wished that Luka had stayed in Slovenia.

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Toronto led the first half gaining the largest lead of the game within those first two quarters of 13 pts. The game got very exciting come the 3rd quarter so let’s fast forward. My eyes were on this guy, Luka Doncic tonight. He ran the floor and is definitely the leader of this young team. Last year it were Dennis Smith Jr. and this year is Luka. Doncic put up 35 pts, 12 reb & 10 AST!

Fun Fact: Luka Doncic becomes first ever to record two triple doubles as a teenager!

I’m not going to lie, Toronto lost the game in the 3rd with Dallas only limiting them to 15 pts in the whole quarter! Six of those were from the do the math..that’s only 4/19 in 12:00 minutes.

Now somebody who has always been consistent for Toronto was the Klaw. Kawhi contributed 33 pts & 10 reb. Bringing his 20+ ppg to 22 consecutive games. Who cares if he bought a home in Southern California! He is here now and let’s hope the organization can keep him here and make that home a vacation one.

Come the 3rd quarter the Mav’s go in a 10-1 run with Toronto going 0-10 from the field. Yikes! Just as you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Toor to as Dallas comes within 4 pts, Danny Green picks up his 4th foul. Dallas picks up their first lead of the game since it were 5-3 and here comes the league questioning Toronto’s ability once again.

Dennis Smith Jr. looked like he were going to go for the breakaway dunk but couldn’t catch up to the ball. He did keep it in though dancing along the baseline to keep the ball in play and get the bucket. Dallas down by 2pts.  Smith Jr. finished with 13 Pts, 6 ast and 4 reb.

Fun Fact: Dirk Nowitzki checks in for 10 minutes putting up 7 pts. This will probably be Dirk’s last season in the NBA. He has spent 20 years in the league and has only been on one team- the Dallas Mavericks.

Toronto up 118-112 with 23.6 to play but then Doncic hits a contested circus like shot from beyond the arc over Kawhi and makes it a 3 pt game. He doesn’t stop there, he literally walks right through four Toronto players who are all in the key and gets the bucket!

Although he stayed in the shadows, Kyle Lowry helped pull this one off with 19 pts and 9 ast. He will need to continue this come playoffs!

Toronto takes this one but much like the past two games before this it was very stressful. Toronto welcomes the Bucks’ in Thursday and have 3 whole days to prepare and find a way to execute this because if they don’t, that may make them lose their confidence the remainder of the season. That’s the last thing you wanna see if a team who has done so well in the first half of the season do the total opposite in the second. As mentioned before I will be covering this game so if you see me- come say hello!  Tip off is at 8:00pm

Toronto 123-120 Mavericks