Without Four Key Players, Toronto Fights To Win Last Game Of Roadtrip

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, December 17, 2018

Toronto Gets Tricked By The Joker & The Nuggets

So I’m not in the warmest of moods right now. I went out for a friends birthday last night and ended getting my phone stolen. With over 10,000 photos and 4 years worth of memories gone, it was an uneasy day for me. I understand, some of you reading this may think “oh be quiet,it’s just a phone”. But to me, it was more than a phone and the material things linked to it. Mind you I do understand that it’s something that sucks but also continues to teach me that life will go on and there are others in this world, my country, and my city that are going through much worse times. So by the time I write the next Raptors post game article I will have come to terms of someone stealing my phone and move on. A way to help me be positive  is realizing how much joy watching basketball brings me and how much i love writing these articles!

Toronto visited Denver in hope to escape a two game losing streak. No Lowry(thigh), no Siakam(back), no JV(thumb) and no Van Vleet(back). Which means you get your regular starting three with Leonard, Green and Ibaka plus Miles and Delon Wright.

(Jump Ball)

Denver went on a 5-0 run to start to game not allowing Toronto to get on the board until two and a half minutes into the game but within two possessions and themselves going on a 8-0 run, they were in charge.

Watching this game you were thinking how it would go without some key players in the Raptors lineup but the Raptors held their ground. This is the lowest scoring game for the Raptors but part of that were the bigs in the paint for Denver. Mason Plumlee and Nikola Jokic absolutely dominated the paint on both ends of the court. Plumes finished with 10 pts and 7 reb while “The Joker” had a team high 24 pts 9 reb. Jokic had what looked like a (calculated on purpose) backhanded circus shot against Ibaka in the 3rd quarter to bring the Nuggets within 9 pts of Toronto.

It was looking like it were going Toronto’s way but then Denver would always come back and inch near to asking he lead. Denver’s biggest lead of the game was 13 pts. Raps were strong and went on another run, this time it was 12-0. What I like about this game is the refs letting the players play. In the first 17:00 minutes there were only a total of 7 fouls given. For the top two teams in the league, they must have been thinking let’s let them duke it out. It wasn’t out of hand but they let them play-which is my style of play.

Ibaka and Leonard did a good job of defending the Nuggets but simply weren’t big enough. Leonard ended the game with a game high 29 pts and 14 reb. These two teamed up and had a good connection in this game. Leonard would attract the double team continuing to leave Ibaka open.

Danny Green received a technical in the 3rd quarter sending 86% shooter and Canadian Jamal Murray to the line. As well as Toronto played without a full roster , they didn’t get the win.

Toronto is now 2-2 on this road trip and head home to host Indiana Wednesday night at 7:30pm. Toronto will not leave the East for the rest of the season and hope home court advantage works in their favour. I mean Toronto does have the best fans after all.

Denver 95-86 Toronto