With Thanks To Newest Member Of The Pack, Toronto Beat The Knicks

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Saturday, February 9, 2019

There Were No High Scorers But That Just Means That That Toronto Knew Sharing Is Caring

Ohhh this updated Knick’s roster is looking nice and like they (who are last in the Eastern Conference) can make a playoff run. No, I’m not delusional-it could happen! The season doesn’t start until after the All-Star weekend anyway.  Toronto is coming off a hot win in Atlanta on Thursday where Pascal Siakam AND Fred Van Vleet had career high games. Siakam with 33pts and Van Vleet with 30 pts. Toronto welcomes new trade Marc Gasol tonight.

(Jump Ball)

Tonight was a big game for starter and All-Star reserve Kyle Lowry as he had 22 pts & 5 ast . Who didn’t have a big game were Kawhi Leonard with 11 pts, 6 ast , 5 reb , going only 4/15 the field. If this is going to be how they play against the Knicks’ it may be stressful for everybody come postseason.

Off the inbound from Kevin Knox , Smith Jr. catches it over Siakams head and then proceed to drive the lane to euro step his way to the bucket. New York led until there were :26 seconds left in the 1st quarter and that was where they had their biggest lead of the game with 12 pts. Kevin Knox led the Knicks’ with 20 pts & 4 reb.

Keep in mind this is only a twelve man roster and although not everyone had high stats that just means that they shared the ball and gave every player an equal opportunity to get on the board. Toronto’s highest scorer were Lowry and second were Serge Ibaka with yet another double double, 15 pts & 13 reb.

Gasol gets fouled and heads to the line to try and extend the lead but only hit 1 of 2. Seeing as this is his first game with his new team, it’s expected he take a few games to warm up to the club but he did play fantastic defence on DeAndre Jordan. Marc puts up 7 pts and 6 reb. I’m not going to lie, there are a few times where I thought it were JV on the court. All and all it looks like he is a good fit and will mesh well with the guys of the North.

Raps up two 2pts with 8:00 to play but then Mitchell Robinson gets one to go and takes the lead 86-85. This isn’t bad for a last place team.

Raps go 12-4 run with 3:00 to go and it looks like they are going to take this one...and they did! Although the Knick’s tried to strategically catch up in the last few seconds,they couldn’t do so-there just wasn’t enough time!

That’s a wrap for Toronto who can now enjoy the rest of the weekend and then head home to welcome Brooklyn Monday night  and their newest teammate Greg “Moose” Monroe. I feel like that’s putting salt in a wound for Monroe but I think he will be okay.

Toronto 104-99 New York