Welcome home young Prince!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, November 28, 2019

Toronto welcomes one of their own on the first night of the "Welcome Toronto" games.

RJ walks in  and the stands start to fill up. This was the rookie’s first time playing in Canada as a professional player.  Before the game, you saw him shaking hands and hugging almost everyone there including Superfan Nav Bhatia. New York is last in the Eastern Conference and it’s not because everyone else is tied for the top eight in position so before tip off even happened you already knew how this game was going down. But, nonetheless it was more to see these “exciting” and totally not creative “City Edition” jerseys and RJ play on home soil.


With this Raptors win, it would mark their eighth win in a row at home and add to their five game win streak. Talk about power houses, and let me remind you Lowry and Ibaka are still out due to injury.


Siakam would start his night off by draining a three ball beside Nick Nurse giving the Raps a five point lead. He would tie his own record of 5 three balls in a game. Not only was he scoring, he was dishing out assists as well. Including, a swift one to Norm Powell at the top of the arc who would then “swish” it. Siakam put up a game high 31 pts and 8 reb. 


The rest of the Toronto squad would put up great supporting numbers. There were seven players with double digit points in this game for Toronto. Including (obviously) Fred VanVleet with 15 pts, OG with 13 pts. But, then you have Marc Gasol who had a +/- rating of 2.  It’s not like Gasol had big numbers in assists or rebounds (3 ast, 3 reb). I mean, is this why players don’t play in the summer? Yes, he helped Spain win, but at what cost? Maybe Chris Boucher should lock down that starter position. Boucher is looking more and more comfortable with that ball and actually led both teams in rebounds (12).


I have a question. Is it better to be the best player on a losing team or the worst player on a winning team? If we are talking about rings, I think it is better to be the worst on a winning squad. But, what about RJ Barrett's position? He is no doubt the best all around player on that Knick's roster..and he's a rookie! It seems he will turn into a franchise player which will be great when the Knick's win the chip in 10 years. That's right! I said it! RJ and Julius Randle had a good game. Randle, the vet with 19 pts and 8 reb while the "Maple Mamba" 16 pts, 5 reb and 3 stls.


Toronto would easily take this game and move on to the next. Lucky for them, they are heading down to the sunshine state and play Orlando for the second time this season. They will meet once more (in the regular season). By the end of the regular season, Toronto and Orlando will have played one another four times.


Toronto 126-98 New York