Uncle Drew Laces Up But Didn't Eat His Bowl Of Lucky Charms Before The Game Tonight In Toronto

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Boston Loses This One And The Earth Is Still Not Flat

With Toronto losing to a team whose record is 28-33 and 19 games behind them it weren’t the happiest of days following that game. This makes people think that Toronto is no good without Kawhi Leonard. Which isn’t good because if the league sees your weakness, they will attack that. Whether it be double team your start player or something else. No, I don’t mean poison him, we are not in a Disney movie!

Kawhi is in tonight’s lineup and is looking for some revenge. These two Eastern teams have played each other three times already this year. Toronto winning the first in October, then losing the second meeting in November in overtime and  then Boston taking it once again back in January. If they don’t tie the series up it could mean trouble in the postseason, as I’ve said before that Toronto plays a mental game.

Still no Fred Van Vleet.  Let’s get to it.

(Jump Ball)

Kyrie Irving knocks down the first bucket of the game and everyone on the Celtics team put up a bucket within the first few minutes of the game. All except, Marcus Smart.  Marc “Gasoline” Gasol who looks like he is getting more and more comfortable with his new squad checks in and the crowd loves him! Gasol put up 5 pts, 5 reb & 8 ast.

Patrick McCaw picks up his 2nd foul of the game with seconds to go in the 1st quarter. That’s a shame because I really like McCaw and think they should give him the opportunity to play. Because let’s be honest, there were no foul there. That being said- McCaw had a good game.

Norman Powell did not come to waste time! With some beautiful ball movement landing in his hands for a three ball and then Marc Gasol with a three opposite of where Norm shot- Toronto picked up energy in the 2nd and had their biggest lead in the game with a difference of 11 pts… My apologies fast forward and now Kawhi has extended the lead to 20 with 1:06 to play in the 1st half. Tatum picks up his 3rd foul of the game ,also receiving a tech for some ‘colorful language’. Toronto kept Boston to just 45 pts in the first half.

Raptors not getting off to a very good start in the second half but eventually got their groove back. I’d say right about when Siakam then Ibaka put up back to back three balls.

Most improved player of the year was on the court tonight. That’s right I am done saying “he should be” or “ I have a feeling”, he WILL will that award and how sweet it will be to see someone who has worked so hard get noticed.  Everybody thought Kawhi would be the all-star this year..you’re not wrong but Siakam is very close. The way in which Kawhi plays is so smooth you don’t even realize he puts up game highs (most of the time). Leonard put up 21 pts tonight. He didn’t have a game high but who did? Another Raptor, Pascal Siakam with 25 pts, 8 reb & 2 ast.

Lowry checks back in at the top of the 4th quarter. Lowry’s numbers were quite low  in this game which isn’t totally a bad thing. That just shows this isn’t a one (or two) man squad. Lowry finished with 7 pts, 6 reb & 11 ast. Speaking of players who were quiet in this match up, Kyrie Irving. Uncle Drew only put up 7 pts, 4 reb, 5 ast and didn’t play at all in the 4th.

Going back to McCaw who checks back in. I’m okay with him getting four, five fouls in this game. I love his defence and how hard he plays. I think although he is a young player that a lot of men in this league can learn from him. McCaw finished with 6 pts and a +3 rating. Chris Boucher, Jodie Meeks & Malcolm Miller all walk on with 4:37 to play in the game. Coach Nick Nurse feels comfortable doing so because they are up 109-86 at this point.

I thought this may be more of a playoff like game- maybe next time? This is not the same Boston team we are used to seeing. They kept up with the pace up until about the 2nd quarter. But, there you have it! Toronto ties the series at two a piece. I don’t think this is the end for these two teams though, I have a feeling they will meet one another in the postseason. Right now Boston sits at 5th in the East. Kyrie has said he doesn’t think there is a team that could beat them in 7 games. What do you think? Is Boston taking it this year? The last time Boston won was 2008 vs the Lakers.

Toronto will face the kings of Nike Land aka Portland when the Trailblazers come to town. Tip off will be at 8:00pm. Don't miss it as its bound to be a good one!

Toronto 118-95 Boston