Toronto wins game 4 against the Magic which means…

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

They only need to win one more game to move onto the next round where they would most likely play the 76ers

Game four of the Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic series just went down in Orlando. It were a sunny day with a temperature of twenty one degrees down in the sunshine state. The series is now led by Toronto (3-1) and will have game five back in Toronto on Tuesday. If Toronto wins on Tuesday, they have a break until the second round.  Still no OG Anunoby, as he is recovering from surgery. There were much talk about how Kawhi Leonard were sick during game three but didn’t tell anyone because he said “ it doesn’t matter”. You have to love a player like this- he played 37 minutes,”no excuses” he said.


(Jump Ball)


The Raptors gain possession off the jump but the Magic led until seven minutes left in the first quarter, going on a 7-0 run until Leonard drives to the net for a dunk. Lowry then sends Siakam to the net to finish an alley-pop from beyond the arc to bring the Raps within one point.


Toronto held the Magic to only sixteen points in the second quarter which was very impressive seeing as they put up thirty points. Van Vleet shoots an air ball only to have Powell recover and drain he three ball. Aaron Gordon brings the ball up the court to drive to the net keep the Magic in the game but still 41-37 for Toronto.


Aaron Gordon his the fade-away jumper over Danny Green and finished the game with 25 pts, 7 reb going 10/17 from the field and being the highest scoring Orlando player. Close behind him was Evan Fournier with 19 pts. Kawhi Leonard would put up a game high 34 pts. All of the Raptors starters’ had great stats. Lowry finished with 9 pts, 9 ast and 4 reb.


In the fourth quarter Fournier would throw the ball away after being pressure by Serge Ibaka who would then get the ball to Lowry to have a lovely assist to Norm Powell’s reverse layup. Raptors up 94-75 with just under seven minutes to play in the game. Toronto’s biggest lead were in the fourth quarter with twenty-five points.


These two teams will head back to Toronto and play Tuesday at 7:00pm. Toronto fans are hoping that the Raptors can put an end to this series then so they can rest before the next round and work out the kinks that they have encountered since the 2019 Playoffs started.


Toronto 107-85 Orlando