Toronto sets a franchise record vs the Jazz and Nick Nurse wins his 100th career game as a head coach

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, December 2, 2019

And, it doesn’t look like it is going to stop. These Raptors are here to prove everybody wrong. Even though they are world champs, there are still a lot of haters.

First off, I would like to welcome back the one and only ‘MaFuzzy’ back to the game. Serge Ibaka laced up for the first time since that ankle injury back when he played the Pelicans on November 8th. 


It was the Jazz who led the game and although Toronto was still very much so in it, you couldn’t help but think Utah, who was listed as top 10 best in the league, would take this game. Toronto, who was listed way down the list eventually took charge. In the second quarter Toronto held the Jazz to only 17 pts! 


Toronto set a new franchise record, being up 40 pts at the half, the biggest halftime lead ever! At that point Pascal Siakam already had 26 pts and would end with a game high 35 pts. He on also on track to set a new record for himself. Fred VanVleet, his ”Peanut Butter to his Jelly” (Jiffy reference) trailed closely with 21 pts and 11 ast.


Fun Fact: Last year with Kawhi Leonard leading the pack, the Raps started off the season 15-4. Now, they are 15-4. Kawhi was good but not the only good player on this roster. 


Donovan Mitchell and recently traded , Mike Conely stepped up the second they got back from halftime. Starting the second half, going 6/6 and cut the lead to 16pts, with just under two minutes to play in the third quarter. This would have been a fun and exhilarating game to be at. After the break, it seemed Toronto lost their wind. They allowed the Jazz to catch up and add 49 pts in the third quarter alone! It was a good thing the Raptors put up 77 in the first half because if they were to put up any less, the Jazz may have took over this game. Conley put up 20 pts in twenty-five minutes and  Mr.Franchise himself had 16 pts.


Ex raptor Ed Davis picks up an offensive foul and turns the ball over to Toronto with just ten minutes to play in the last frame.


Toronto will walk away from this one with their heads held high and continue on pace to set yet another franchise record. Toronto will stay home in this white blanketed city and welcome the Heat. The Heat are also having a great season sitting at 14-5. Tip off is at 7:30pm.


Toronto 130-110 Utah