Toronto picks up their third straight win while in Motor City and do it in style.

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, December 19, 2019

As they cross the border to where once lived the best auto show in the world, Toronto needs to continue to stay strong in the East.

A long, long time ago Detroit was a heck of a city. The Red Wings were winning, the economy was booming and the Pistons had one of the scariest teams ( and no, not just because of Ben Wallace) in the league. But, since then (2002) Detroit has been rebuilding. Since the arrival of Blake Griffin back in 2018 and Derrick Rose in July 2019, things seem to slowly be looking up for this Detroit team. As it stands the Pistons sit 10th in the East but still have room to move on up before the post season begins.


Siakam drains a three ball to help the Raptors go on a 12-3 run in the first quarter. Although Norm Powell started this game he went 0-3 from the field and would only put up 9 pts after being on the court for thirty-three minutes. He wasn’t the only starter for Toronto who didn’t have an impactful night. 


Lowry would check out while Derrick Rose (DET) and Patrick McCaw (TOR) would trade spots.


Marc Gasol would put up 0 pts. Now, it was embarrassing for Embiid to put up 0 pts and it’s also embarrassing for Gasol. He would only play eight minutes and have 1 reb to show for it. Granted he did leave with a left hamstring strain in the second quarter. I’m not sure why Ibaka isn’t staring games. Ibaka contributed 25 pts, which were the most next to Siakam with 26 pts. 


FunFact: Famous Piston Isiaiah Thomas who played on the team for 13 year(1981-1994) was  actually a part owner and executive vice president of the Toronto Raptors for four years. He and the organization later then had a falling out and he left.


Bruce Brown Jr. put up two of his 12 pts after shooting over Siakam and getting the “and-one” tying the game at 48 with just over five minutes to play in the first half.  Siakam would pick up his third foul and had quite a few specials words for the refs which resulted in him getting a tech.


Now, I don’t know about you but I am getting so tired of these NBA refs. They are never consistent and keep changing the rules in regards to what is legal and illegal. Take tonight for example.  Terrence Davis went up for a breakaway dunk and Drummond clearly fouled him. He put his paws on him and everything and no call but earlier in the game the ball slipped out of Griffons hands and the refs called it a foul on Siakam who was near him. This league is crazy and  they need to start training these referees a little better or it is going to get ugly.


If you fast forward to the second half, Toronot would take the lead all twenty-four minutes and not look back gaining a point differential as big as 18 pts.  With under four minutes to play Norm Powell goes down holding his left shoulder screaming in agony. Blake Griffin went to set a block for Luke Kenard and without Powell seeing Griffin standing there, he ran right into him. So that means VanVleet is out, Gasol is out and now Powell is out. It’s a shame because Powell is coming off a hot streak putting up 20+ pt games in the last three.


Toronot will take this one but with those three players out, how will they fare against the Wizards Friday night . They will be back at home, so that’s a positive. Tip off is at 7:30 pm


Toronto 112-99 Pistons