Toronto Wins Last Home Game Of The Season

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Sunday, April 7, 2019

It went into overtime but with thanks to Danny Green the Raptors came out on top in Dwayne Wades last game in Canada.

This is Toronto’s last regular home game of the season and second last game of the regular season. Talk about exciting! Your Raptors are second in the Eastern Conference and the Miami Heat are currently in ninth place but that could change by the seasons ending Wednesday.


(Jump Ball)


Gasol gets the start over Ibaka and immediately gets fouled by Canadian Kelly Olynyk. Gasol drains both give Toronto the head start. That didn’t last long as Miami were up for the early part of the first quarter. Lowry commits a foul and then Leonard, both of whom took a seat. Before doing that Leonard fouled Dwayne Wade and sent him to the line to shoot two.


Fun fact: Nick Nurse coached Hassan Whiteside (Miami Heat)  when they were in the D-league (G-league now) at Grand Rio Valley together.


It was a slow opening quarter for Toronto but come the second, when Serge Ibaka checks in, it seems they picked up the pace. Kawhi checks back in and looks like a new player. Maybe it were the fact that he picked up two fouls in the first and it were getting to his head.


Danny Green may have one of the most beautiful transitional three point shots in the league right now. Green pulls up with four minutes to play in the first half.


Wade checks back in and the crowd goes wild! It’s nice to see how respected he is even in another teams city. It got a little confusing, you put your head down for a moment just to look up thinking Toronto had scored because if the cheering but it’s actually Wade. “ The Flash” finished with 21 pts, 5 ast and 3 reb including back to back three balls in the fourth quarter.


Kawhi Leonard was having an off game going  7/19 from the field and only putting up 6 pts with seven minutes to play in the third quarter. He hits a three bringing Toronto within one point. Norman Powell ties the game with a corner three in front of the Miami bench and then gets fouled by Wade and goes to the line to shoot two. Norman had a tied game high of 23 pts with Pascal Siakam.


Fast forward to the final seconds of the fourth quarter the game was tied and Miami had possession. They weren't able to get the shot up in time so overtime it is.


Danny Green comes out strong with a three ball and then a layup giving Toronto their first five points in extra time and being the reason for a 5-0 run. Pascal Siakam hit another corner ball in front of the Heat bench to put Toronto up by seven points. Toronto took this one and the city is electric. Four Raptors had 20+ points in this game.


The Raptors will take a trip down to Minnesota to play the Timberwolves for their last regular season game. Playoffs start Saturday and as of now it looks like Toronto will play Orlando in the first round.


Toronto 117-109 Miami