Toronto Looked Like Matadors The Way They Had These Bulls Running Around

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Raptors Took The Bull(s) By The Horns

Happy Air Max day to all fans watching basketball today. Toronto is coming off a two game losing streak and pretty bitter tasting ones at that. You remember Sunday when Jeremy Lamb of Charlotte hit the game winning shot over Pascal Siakam , right? I do and I think most Canadians do as well but have no fear Kyle Lowry made his return tonight after being out due to a hurt ankle. Also out, is Zach Lavine of the Chicago Bulls. Let’s not forget Toronto acquired a new player today and his name is Jodie Meeks. Meeks was signed to a 10-day contract back in February and he must’ve of impressed Nick Nurse because he is back for the rest of the season baby!

(Jump Ball)

It started off quick and it started off fun to watch. Kawhi gets the crowd cheering with a steal that leads to Lowry draining a three the very first possession he is back. Lowry played twenty one minutes putting up 14 pts.

Lauri Markkanen heads to the line after going up against three Toronto bigs and getting the foul. Markkanen hits both from the line hoping to keep these Bulls in the game for as long as possible.

Kawhi picks up his third steal of the game just five minutes after the jump and although he may not put up thirty points, he is definitely contributing! He put up 14 pts, 5 ast, 4 reb and 6 steals.

In the first quarter alone, Nick Nurse made 4 substitutions with four different players. This man loves to experiment and I am here for it because he may as well do sure in the regular season and see what works and what doesn’t. Toronto were only up 6 pts ,so it’s nice to see how much Nurse trusts his team. He has seven more games to find the perfect lineup!

Come the second quarter absolutely no starters were on the floor for Toronto. It seemed as if fouls were the new sneaker that just came out that everybody wanted because everyone were picking up fouls in the second quarter. One by one. No one got fouled out but they were definitely stacking up.

Kawhi picks his 6th steal and dishes the ball out to Kyle Lowry to drains a corner three ball forcing the Bulls to call a timeout. Toronto is up 65-48.

Robin Lopez was looking good for Chicago. He had a couple fade-away jumpers over Marc Gasol and was playing really good defence. Lopez had 10 pts, 3 ast and 4 reb. He wasn’t the lead scorer for Chicago though. They have a gentleman that goes by the name of Wayne Seldon Jr. who put up a game high 20 pts. The Bulls’ weren’t the only team with a player having a good game. Norman Powell also put up 20 pts. I had a feeling he would come to life towards the end of the season. I predict he will be a key player for Toronto this postseason.

Patrick McCaw drives through traffic to get the bucket extending the Raps lead to thirteen in the fourth.  Just as Jodie Meeks checks in, there were a collision between Anunoby & Chicago player who both go down hard but seemed that OG got the worst of it as it took him a couple moments to get up.

Toronto will take this one and then head to the concrete jungle where they will face the New York Knicks for the second time in two weeks. Toronto won in their last meeting by more than thirty points. Do you think they can do it again and turn this into a two game win streak?  Let’s see.

Toronto 112-103 Chicago