Toronto Goes Down To The City Of Brotherly Love To Play An Impressive 76ers Team

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Sunday, December 23, 2018

The 76ers Were Just Too Hot For Toronto

If you could pick one ex Raptor and one ex 76er to play in Saturday’s game- who would it be? For Philly I’d have to say The Answer himself, Allen Iverson. Why? Because, even though the 76ers won vs the top seeded Dinosaurs, I would love to see his ball handling skills and quick speed. For the Raptors, I’d love to see Antonio Davis use his big body and match up vs Joel Embiid. If you look at the lineup for this game, there were no Ibaka and no JV which leaves Pascal Siakam and Greg Monroe. Siakam, who is a great player but doesn’t have the physicality to challenge what Embiid has and Monroe who does have the agility or shooting ability that Embiid has.


Kawhi also sat but who returned to the court was Kyle Lowry and Danny Green.

(Jump Ball)

Embiid wins the jump but Danny Green gets a hold of it and immediately gets fouled mid air jumper by Muscala sending him to the line draining both. Raptors go on a 9-0 run until J.J Reddick takes a step back jumper to end it.

Siakam put up 5 of the 11 pts for Toronto and you knew this was going to be a good game for him. He was just so smooth. Sikam had team high 26 pts and 6 reb. Simmons who also put 26 pts, 12 reb and 8 ast gets a technical in the 3rd quarter for what I see, nothing but the officials will say it because it was an defensive foul. Simmons thinks it was because he took a seat in the crow( insert I don’t know emoji).

Ohh excellent ball movement, with six crisp passes in the 2nd quarter allowing OG Anunoby to drain a three pointer getting the Toronto bench up out of their seats. OG is coming off a career high 21 pts and 8 reb vs Cleveland last night.

Joel Embiid comes through and splits the defence followed by one of many monstrous slams putting the 76ers up 2pts. Embiid had a game high 27 pts and 11 reb. We could predict he would have a good game with the two Toronto bigs taking a rest.

Chris Boucher checks in and I love to see Nick Nurse utilizing his whole roster. Giving Chris this exposure will get him ready for June. Lowry runs up the court hoping to hit the buzzer beater before half a day does but officials wave it off as he didn’t get it up in time, 65-59 76ers.

Philadelphia out scored Toronto 61-44 in the second half giving them that advantage and win by 25pts. I guess Kendall Jenner isn’t the bad luck charm that Philly fans are thinking..mhmm.

Toronto has a three day break until they head down to South Beach Wednesday to play The Heat. I am still furious that the Toronto Raptors are not playing a Christmas Day game! I mean I’m confused what they have to do in order to show the league they belong in it! Toronto vs Golden State last week was the most watched game this season with 2 million viewers.

Philadelphia 126 -101 Toronto