Toronto Fought Hard But Loses To The Buzzing Hornets

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Saturday, April 6, 2019

It was a close one but Charlotte wasn't ready for their season to be over and with thanks to Jeremy Lamb, it won't be.

Do you like roller coasters? I like going to Canada’s Wonderland on a nice sunny war summers day. I like grabbing a cold popsicle while I’m waiting in line to go on a ride that I’ve asked my girlfriend (many, many times) to go on with me. I like the feeling of your stomach in your chest when you’re finally going down after spending a suspenseful two minutes getting to the top. What I don’t like is the ups and downs of a basketball season. Toronto visited the Charlotte Hornets Friday night in North Carolina and many were expecting them to win. Many were expecting them to tie their franchise record of fifty-nine wins. They did not. OG Anunoby made his comeback after being out due to a concussion back on March 26thagainst the Chicago Bulls. This were an important game (for Charlotte) as they are making a playoff push . The last time these two teams met, Jeremy Lamb hit a half court  buzzer beater over Siakam and won the game.

(Jump Ball) 

Gasol and ex Raptor Bismack Biyombo went to center court for the jump. Gasol tapped the ball back to Kawhi who then calmly walked it up the court. Danny Green were the first to put points on the board for either team with a three pointer. Danny Green is the not to secret, secret weapon for Toronto. Why? Well, even if eyes are on the team this season, they are focused in on Kawhi Leonard who is averaging 20+ pts every game and Pascal Siakam who is leading the votes for ‘Most Improved Player’ and that leaves the sharp shooter Danny Green to be in the background. Green only put up 8 pts and 3 reb but went 3/6 from the field and only played eighteen minutes (thumb).

Charlotte calls a timeout after Toronto goes up 14-3 in the first quarter. That woke them up a little as they came back playing stronger and smarter. Jeremy Lamb who was a hero last time these two teams met, got back to back buckets bringing the Hornets within two points. Lamb finished with an impressive 22 pts, 4 ast & 5 reb.

The Raptors led for most of the game but come twenty-eight seconds left in the third quarter they lost it and that would be the last time they would be in charge- or so they thought. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist hits a driving floating jump shot to make it 90-89. The leagues anticipated recipient of the M.I.P hits a shot from beyond the arc putting Toronto up one point with thirty-nine seconds to play in the game.

Kemba Walker who had 29 pts weasels his way through the defence and puts the Hornets up by one point. Kawhi Leonard who also had 29 pts retaliates and does something similar. But guess who it was to bring home this win for a team that if they didn’t win, they would have packed their bags for the season. It was Jeremy Lamb, although it weren’t a buzzer beater he drained a three pointer which would show to be enough against this second placed team.

Toronto gets the spend Saturday in Toronto before inviting Dwayne Wade back one more time before he retires. The game will start at 12:00pm on Sunday and you better believe it will be a packed house so if you don’t have tickets to the game, get yourself situated in front of a television and bring a box of tissues because you know this will be an emotional game for everyone who has ever touched a basketball.

Charlotte 113-111 Toronto