Toronto Doesn't Take This One But Hopes To See The Bucks In The Post Season

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Milwaukee Is Just Too Strong For The Dinosaurs Despite Spicy P's Fantastic Game

I would like to start off by saying thank you to TNT for coming to tonight’s game, it’s nice to see you guys travel to Canada and to see at least a few Toronto games televised. So I didn’t sleep last night because I was too excited for this game. I’ve been practicing my Greek so I can speak to the “Greek Freak” and ask him a few questions. Which will be up on Barnburner soon. This was a great great to end of the month of January and there was a lot riding on this game for both teams. Milwaukee is the best is the East and Toronto was half a game behind them.  Tonight was pride night in Toronto, paying repect to the LGBTQ community. Kawhi is on the court. Giannis is on the court. Let’s get to it.

(Jump Ball)

Pascal Siakam owned the 1st quarter draining a three ball to extend the Raps lead to 5 pts but hold up Giannis had an answer flying by Spicy P for a one handed slam reminding everybody that they are the best team in the league right now.

 Check out this lineup to start the 2nd quarter, Wright, Powell, Anunoby, Siakam and Van Vleet. All bench players (except recently Siakam). It’s different but I’m feeling it and it worked- well kind of. Milwaukee did go on a 8-2 run leading Nick Nurse to bring back Ibaka and Lowry.

 Milwaukee picks up their first foul of the game with 7:11(Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air. Legs movin' side to side, smack it in the air) on the clock in the 2nd period sending Lowry to the line.  The Bucks’ biggest lead of the half was 12 pts.

There were a little bit of concern in the first 24 minutes of play and that concern was that Kawhi only had 10 pts. How is he going to get his 23rd consecutive 20+ pt game if he doesn’t get 20+ pts in this game. Kawhi finished with 16 pts & 8 reb.

Antetokounmpo picks up his second foul that gets the crowd roaring and he walks off obviously upset because I agree with him-that should not have  been a foul.

Oh well welcome to the game Danny Green. With or without Danny Green though, the Bucks were in charge for the majority of the game. Toronto had their positive moments like when Siakam put up a circus shot and got an and one bringing them within 19 pts but they had a long way to go with only 4:00 to play in the 3rd quarter.

First it were Fred Van Vleet hitting a big time three and then Norm Powell with the follow. This is it. This is the energy they need to get back into it. Powell finished with 10 pts while Van Vleet also had 10 pts  going 2/4 from beyond the arc. It was starting to look like the Raptors were making a comeback in the bottom of the third quarter going on a 7-2 run. 87-76 Bucks.

Key matchup in the 4th belonged to Giannis and Pascal. Pascal starts the last frame by getting yet another and one over Giannis forcing him to give his fifth foul forcing him to take a seat (again). Brook Lopez picks up his fourth. Raptors now within 6pt thanks to who? Spicy P of course! He had a team high 28 pts for the Raps.

DJ Wilson wearing number 5, really impressed me as he was up there with the stars with 16pts and being that crucial player for Milwaukee when Giannis couldn’t be. Greek Freak only contributed 19 pts, 9 reb & 5 asts.

Man, Toronto has had some stressful games in the last to minutes of play recently. Leonard brings the Raps within 6 pts  but follows the Greek Freak going to the line and sinking both. Former Raptor Malcolm Brogdon then hits a three extending the lead and it doesn't look good for Toronto. Raps lose this one with hopes to meet in the postseason as this was their last meeting in the regular.

Toronto tried but couldn’t catch up the the Bucks and stay behind them but now 1.5 games behind. Toronto’s record is 37-17 while the Bucks improve to 37-13.  Don’t sleep because Raptors former assistant coach, Rex Kalamian will be in town on Sunday and before heading to my Super Bowl party-I’ll also be at the game covering it and delivery another post game article. Game is starting at 3:00pm sharp so make sure you get to brunch and back home to watch, or at least a spot with a tv.

Bucks 105-92 Toronto