This Game Had Me On The Edge Of My Seat!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Klaw Comes To Save The Day In Win Over Portland

I’m going to start off by saying this- CJ McCollum does NOT get enough attention. He is having an absolute dominating season averaging 21.2 ppg as well as a field goal percentage of 46% and no one is batting an eye. Why didn’t he make the All-Star team this year? Why?! He was big trouble for the Toronto Raptors in tonight’s game at Scotiabank Arena. Still no Fred Van Vleet and no Enes Kanter, whom of which I was very excited to see play on his new team. I guess i will just have to go to Portland and see for myself.

(Jump Ball)

It was very close game. It seemed both teams had something to prove versus one another. What I found interesting were Serge Ibaka didn’t get the start but Marc Gasol did. I know Nick Nurse likes to change the starting line up from time to time but….okay! Portland went on a 6-2 run to start the game and didn’t regain the lead until Rodney Hood (who yes is on the Trailblazers) put up a shot to make it 39-38.

As mentioned CJ McCollum has been on fire and was tonight. CJ put up a team high 35 pts (inlcuding 7 three pointers) and makes you think he may be the new leader of this Portland team. Dont get me wrong, Damian Lillard put up some pretty numbers (24 pts, 8 reb &6 ast), I just think CJ has potential. We all know Dame Sr. says he doesnt want to leave Portland but in a few years I see him moving and leaving the responsibility to McCollum.

The Toronto Raptors had 5 players in double digits and all 5 of those players were the starting lineup(Lowry, Siakam, Gasol, Leonard & Green). 

Lillard gets fouled from beyond the three point line by Lowry, but if you look at the video replay , Lowry didn’t touch him at all. Another bad call from the Zebra’s. It weren’t until the last 10 seconds of play where Kawhi had enough and put away a bouncing bucket in front of his bench to win the game 119-117. Kawhi put up a game high 38 pts & 3 stls. There is talk around the league that it may have been the refs vs the Raps but i would have to disagree.. I mean other than that call.

The Raptors got away with this one and thankfully because as i’ve mentioned before the second half of the season is the most important. Raptors take their second straight win heading into the weekend. Toronto will gear up and head across the border to play against Motor City ,the Detroit Pistons Sunday at 6:00pm. Will Kawhi play or rest? We will have to wait and see!

Toronto 119-117 Portland