The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Finally, these two teams meet and what an emotional yet fun one it was!

Kawhi Leonard laced his New Balance sneakers and brought everything he’s got to the table tonight. There is still no Lowry or Ibaka (on the court) but they were no doubt excited to see their old pal. Leonard didn’t receive his championship ring as he will have to wait until he visits Toronto on Wednesday, December, 11th to put it on. After all of the hugs and cheering, it was down to business. Before tip off, the Clippers stood at 6-3 and tied with five other teams for third place in the Western Conference ( Rockets, Mavs, Jazz, Suns). With Toronto coming off such a hot win Sunday night against the Lakers, they had great momentum and the confidence to make this their fourth win in a row. Doc Rivers also had some momentum coming off his 900th career win. So who came out on top?

The Raptors take the jump and keep the up pace until Nick Nurse screams for a timeout to check on OG Anunoby who gets poked in the eye by Kawhi (accident). OG would head to the locker room and not return. Nurse would then receive a technical foul. Hollis-Jefferson in for OG. You can’t challenge those!  Patrick Patterson (former Raptor) drains to three balls to give the Clippers an early lead of 9-2.


Fun Fact: Patrick Patterson got married at Casa Loma in Toronto over the summer.


 It quickly turned around as Toronto went on a 13-2 run keeping the Clippers at 9 pts for over six minutes!  It was a low scoring first quarter with Toronto up by 8 pts, 23-15. Kawhi would step off and the bench would have some time to shine. Including  the top two scorers off the bench, forever 6th man of the year Lou Williams (avg 20.6 pts LAC) and Montrezl Harrell ( avg 18.8 pts LAC). Leonard hasn’t played since last Thursday, thanks to  the controversial strategy that is called load management. Leonard went 0/5 from the field in the first half.


It’s back to the Clippers taking lead starting the 2nd quarter off on a 8-0 run to tie the game at 23 pts and that would happen a few more times throughout the game.  Siakam tried to catch up with a nice bounce pass in the paint to Gasol but Ivica Zubac shut it down! Raptors were down 51-46 at the half thanks to Patrick Beverly’s free throws second before the horn.


Kawhi Leonard had a nice third frame. He would get his first field goal and a handful of assists. It was interesting to see Kawhi in a different jersey this season. Toronto did a great job keeping him under wraps. Kawhi only put up 12 pts, 9 ast and 11 reb. I mean, those re bad stats for but Leonard you’d expect a little but more as he has been averaging 6.9 ppg.


It was the Montrezl Harrell Show! Chris Boucher met him at the rim for a big stuff but other than that Harrell toook over. No up 14 pta 11 reb. No wonder he and Williams are top leading scorers off the bench. Spies Toronto having four players in double digits, it was a hard fought game but the power of home court took over. The Clipperswill take thi one.


The Clippers will take this one and equal the same record as Toronto with 7-3. Toronto will stay on the west coast and head North to Portland where they will play the red hot Damian Lillard, who just came off a career high 60 pts vs The Nets on Friday and the Trailblazers on Wednesday. It will be another late game with tip off being at 9:30 pm EST.


Clippers 98-88 Toronto