The Toronto Raptor’s dethrone the Warriors and become the 2019 NBA Champions!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Friday, June 14, 2019

24 years in the making and they did it! They are the kings of the NBA.

I can't believe it! The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions! They did it! They played their hearts out and beat the Golden State Warriors in 6 games.  This was definitely the best game of the season.Despite not having Kevin Durant ( and losing Klay in the second half) these Warriors did the best they could but Toronto was just too good. Looking back on this series, Toronto was the better team. They moved the ball better, they shot better, they were better.


(Jump Ball)


Kyle Lowry went 4/4 to start the game and put up the Raptors first 11 pts then Pascal Siakam put up his first two three pointers. Lowry played his best game and if it weren’t for Kawhi being Kawhi, I could see him being the MVP. Lowry and Siakam tied for a team high 26 pts.


Klay Thompson was the reason why the Raptors didn’t run away with this game. He had a game high 30 pts and 5 reb. Klay fell and tore his ACL late in the third quarter. It had everybody shook up including his splash brother Stephen Curry, who had his head between his knee’s as Klay was walking off the court. He did come back to shoot his free throws , much like Kobe Bryant did way back when but then left the game for good. He is said to be out at least until the 2020 playoffs as it takes about 6-9 months to fully heal. I don't think he will be rushing back to to game of basketball like Durant did.


Kawhi picked up his fourth foul with less than three minutes to go in the third and you could see the concern on his and everybody’s face. My girlfriend who has just recently started watching basketball said she noticed the concern on everyone’s face. You do not want to go to game 7 with the Warriors..or as a Toronto fan, do you?


The clock was winding down and the Raptors were up. You could smell the championship. 


There will not be a next game because that's it! the 2019 NBA season is officially over! The Toronto Raptors will bring home their very first NBA title. The Raptors have made so much history this season- the list is as long as my arm. They will be heading down to Vegas to party it up with Larry (O'Brien) and Drake and plan on having thier parade Monday starting at 10:00 a.m. 


Fun Fact: Larry O'Brien was the NBA Commisioner from 1975-1984.  He also introduced the salary cap, Coordinated the NBA's richest TV contract to date, and expanded the league from eighteen tesams to twenty-three. The name of the trophy was the Walter A. Brown Trophy until 1984.


Raptors 114-110 Warriors