The Mavericks give Toronto their second loss on this five game road trip

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Luka mentioned he "really wants to make the playoffs this year" and if they play like they did Saturday night then they will!

Okay so that's how it going to be, eh Dallas? The Mavericks handed Toronto their second loss of the this five game road trip. First loss was against Kawhi and his Cippers and then Luka and his Mavs. I'm not totally upset with this loss. Toronto did play well and showed great ball movement esepcially during the last few minutes of the 1st quarter.

A Toronto player who really stepped up was Norman Powell. This may seem off because throughout this road trip Norm has played amaizng but against Portland he was 0/6 and only put up 2 pts  while on the court for twenty-seven minutes aginst Portland. Norman drained a deep three in the first but then  lost power and allowed the team to go on a 13-0 run to bring the Mavs up 16-10.

The ball movement that Toronto showecased throutghout this game was phenomenal. It seemed there was no stopping them....

We can talk about Dwight and we can talk about Kristaps but I mean who is as impressive as Luka? (Nobody). He is only in this second year and is alreadya top contender in the MVP race. Doncic tied Powell or the game high 26 pts but beat him in assists and reb! I mean, can we alrady call him the 202 league MVP? Luka was the leader in all categories! Doncic finished witha team high  26 pts, 15 reb and 7 ast. My goodness this man is wakening up the entire oraganization.

Tim Hardaway Jr. who came from the Knicks, only out up 4 pts. This is very diferent from the numbers he put up with the New York Knicks.

Fun Fact: Tim Hardaway Sr.(Jr's Father) was best known for his crossover dribble which was dubbed the "UTEP Two-step"and was a Golden State Warrior and Miami Heat was drafted 14th pick in the 1st rounf in the 1989 NBA Draft.

Dallas will take this one from Toronto and have them go back home to face the Charlotte Hornet's Monday night with tip off at 7:30pm ET.

Dallas 110-102 Toronto