The Kings try to dethrone Toronto but fall a little short

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Thursday, November 7, 2019

(Insert cool Game of Thrones reference here)

The Raptors welcomed the Sacramento Kings to town this chilly Wednesday evening. It was nice to see former Raptor and Canadian Corey Joseph hit the court again. But, who I was most excited to see from the Kings roster were three point star, Buddy Heild and rising star De'Aaron Fox. Before tip off the King's were 4th in the Pacific and had something to prove. 


Siakam was criticized prior to this game being told he wasn't playing and providing as he was expected. Keep in mind he has been putting up between 15-35 ppg but he needed to do more as a leader on the team and I think tonight he did just that. Siakam led both teams in rebounds with 13 and gave the Raptors 23 pts and 2 stls.


Spicy P wasn't the only hero for Toronto. This player has also had an amazing start to the season that doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. I think HE will get the first statue outside of the Scotiabank Arena, not Kawhi. I'm talking about Kyle Lowry. He is showing he is the captain of this team physical and vocally. Lowry put up a team high 24 pts , just 2 pts short of Harrison Barnes game high 26 pts!


Lowry has been the most consistent factor in this Raptors franchise throughout the years and his confidence is exactly what this young team needs. Yes, I said young- in refrence to years in the league, I think so!


As mentioned, this was a great opportunity to check out young talent in the league. Much like Heild and Fox. Fox led both teams in assists and was near close to a triple double( 17 pts, 7 reb, 9 asts). Those aren't very rare anymore as there aren't really any positions anymore. It pretty much known as long as there are 5 players on the court,play on! Heild put up 21 pts and 8 reb.


Ibaka came through the lane mimicking an airplane going down the landing strip with a huge one handed dunk. Ibaka gave the Raptors a 111-104 lead about halfway through the 4th quarter contributing 10 of his 21 pts in the last quarter.


I mean, throughout the whole game Toronto owned it but after that jam, it was secured. Toronto would go on and pick up their fifth win of the season. They will head down to "The Big Easy" to play the Pelicans. Tip off is at 8:00pm.


Toronto 124-120 Sacramento