Tempers Flare In What Was Basically A Free For All In Cleveland

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Monday, March 11, 2019

Toronto Loses To A Cavs Team That Has No Chance Of Making The Playoffs

Well look at this , Toronto coming off a history making game putting 21 three pointers Sunday vs Miami. Lowry led the team in three’s going 6/11. Let’s keep in mind this is Toronto’s second game of a back to back and I was wrong, I had predicted Leonard would also sit this game out but he did not. He was matched up vs youngster Cedi Osman. All I can say is, I was watching this game with my girlfriend and she (who didn’t watch basketball on the regular) says “ oh it’s one of these games eh”...and she said that 3:00 minutes into the 1st quarter. Keep in mind Toronto is in 2nd in the league and Cleveland is in 28th.

(Jump Ball)

Cleveland goes on a 5-0 run at the top of the 1st. At this point your not too worried because there are still 45 minutes left of play and Kyle Lowry is having a good quarter hitting five of his first six shots. The only time the Raptors were ahead in this game were when OG Anunoby hit his second free throw putting them up 26-25.

This game were almost unbearable to watch. It were very juvenile and it seemed shots were only going in every five minutes, turnovers were happening every two.  Toronto actually had 20 turnovers total. Things were getting stressful when Marc Gasol picked up his 3rd foul in the 2nd.

It was kind of a battle between Lowry and Sexton. Both players put up good numbers and despite the horrible playing  as a whole, they each had a good game. Lowry went for 14 pts, 6 ast & 5 reb while Collin Sexton had a game high 28 pts, 5 reb & 4 reb.

Nick Nurse was sweating bullets on the sideline watching this game. Especially when Green and Ibaka Both went down in separate instances. Both actually fouled by Marquese Chriss. Not intentional, Chriss was just hungry for the ball. Ibaka heads to the line and hits one making it 59-55 Cavs.

Now although the second half wasn’t any better basketball wise at least there were more action.

I think Toronto would like to forget about this game and just move on. All of the starting Raptors were in the negatives and all of the starting Cavs were in the positives. Kyle Lowry picks up his 4th foul mid way through the 3rd. He then takes a seat because with Van Vleet out there is only Jeremy Lin as a backup point guard.

Pascal Siakam who has been relatively quiet picks up his 4th and I have to admit that was a horrible foul. That is what started the diamond effect (literally and figuratively) , everybody we’re dropping and getting shoved. I think everybody were thinking and feeling it but Serge Ibaka were the only Raptor who showed his frustration. He and Chriss went at it both getting ejected. I suggest you go take a peek at the video replay. If Ibaka had connected, Chriss wouldn’t be seeing out of both eyes for a long time.

What does this mean for Toronto? Well it means Ibaka May miss out Thursday against LA, Monday against Detroit and maybe even the Knicks’ a week from now. We will have to wait and see.

Cleveland takes this one happily and won’t be looking back. Cavs largest lead of the game were 27 pts.

Cavaliers 126- 101 Raptors