Spicy P takes over and leads the Raptors to their first NBA Final Win!

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Friday, May 31, 2019

This isn’t your usual NBA Finals. With the Warriors losing their first game 1 ever, It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for this California squad.

So that was cool! The Toronto Raptors win their first-their very first win in an NBA Finals. No, it was (entirely) thanks to Kawhi. It was honestly a team effort. Pascal Siakam showed up, Van Vleet showed up, Gasol showed up, heck, even McCaw showed up! Now, that's not to say Golden State didn't show up. Most of them did but it wasn’t enough. Toronto yet again, made history and so did Siakam. He is the first player since Kobe Bryant in 2009 to put up 30 pts, 5 ast, 5 reb and 2 blocks in a game one of the Finals! Once again the lineup to get in Jurassic Park was around the block. I went at 7:30 a.m and people were already holding their ground. That means they were standing there for seventeen hours! That’s a true fan.


(Jump Ball)


Stephen Curry  heads to the line to put up the first points of the game. In the next possession Danny Green… hits the three bal!! Finally. This was Danny Green’s first points since May 21st, game 3 against the Milwaukee Bucks and even that game he only put up 4 pts. Immediately after he denies Klay Thompson of a bucket.  Thompson stayed consistent and cool throughout the game even despite Drake ringing in his ear. Thompson put up 21 pts in this game. The Raptors first 7 of their 8 shots were from beyond three point land and ended the first quarter going on a 7-2 run.


The whole first half it was the Marc Gasol Show. He took charge and led the game.  With 1:14 left in the game he did pick up his sixth personal foul and received a lot of love from the arena.


Boogie Cousins walks onto the court finally coming back from injury, playing eight minutes and putting up 3 pts. Another player who entered the game in the second frame was Patrick McCaw. McCaw hasn’t played since game 6 against Philadelphia. McCaw has won two titles (2017,2018) with the Golden State Warriors. Talk about a good first three years in the NBA.


Kawhi didn’t have the game or team high this time. This time the leading scorer for the Raptors was Pascal Siakam. Siakam actually had a playoff career high 32 pts, 8 reb going 14/17 from the field. It was a mistake by the Warriors to let him get the ball in his hands so much. As hard as Steve Kerr and the Warriors tried. They couldn’t hold them down or even lead by more than two points! Stephen Curry had a very good game contributing 34 pts, 5 ast and 5 reb.


The city was electric! Just like when the Raptors won game 6 against the Bucks. The Raptors won and move into game 2 with their heads held high and a country still behind them. This is still surreal for Raptor fans but it’s nice to see something positive and finally go in their favour.  Game 2 is this Sunday with tip off at 8:00 p.m.


Raptors 118-109 Warriors