Raptors try and come back but weren’t strong enough

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Saturday, May 18, 2019

Giannis and the Bucks’ take over in game 2

Okay. I won't lie to you. This was a horrible first quarter by the Toronto Raptors. I was watching the game with some friends and we all said the same thing tonight. This was Milwaukee's game from start to finish. Not once didn't Toronto have the lead in this game...NOT ONCE! They played elementary defence and offence.


(Jump Ball)


As mentioned above, Toronto absolutely blew the first quarter being outscored 35-21. Giannis put up the first nine points of the game. That is until Danny Green put up his first decent shot ( three pointer) in games to cut the lead to  six points. Every single person on that Bucks’ team dominated the floor tonight. They outscored and outsmarted the Raptors. Milwaukee had five players in double figures , while Toronto only had two (Leonard and Lowry). I feel Leonard is tired and ready for his team to step up.  Leonard had another game high 31 pts but not as I,press I’ve as Giannis’ 30 pts & 17 reb.


Come the second quarter, it was even worse for Toronto only putting up 18 pts. The Bucks’ outscored the Raptors in every quarter except the third quarter and that is where they found their groove. Unfortunately, that was just one quarter and there are four of them!  It was frustrating to watch as four Raptors’ players had four fouls and Siakam getting fouled out by the fourth quarter. Lowry, had four fouls by the half. That is not good for a team that needs the win. The worst part was Toronto’s starters weren’t performing. It was up to an obvious Kawhi, Lowry and Norm Powell. I’ve said it before and I’ll  say it again- he is a secret weapon for Toronto. Putting up 14 pts, going 6/9 from the field


Toronto held on as best they could given their messy , slow start, even going on a few good runs but couldn’t catch up to the team with the best record in the NBA. They will travel back to Toronto to play in game three on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. I think Toronto needs to win this game as if they don’t, it will be tough to come back from.


Milwaukee 125-103 Toronto