Raptors tie up the series at two and you bet they ‘earned’ it

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Sunday, May 5, 2019

Thankfully Leonard had help this game and stopped the Sixers’ stars

Well well well look at this. Toronto pulls it off and even up the series at two a piece and what a relief! It was a nice surprise to see Pascal Siakam be on the court seeing as he has a leg contusion and as questionable. I was surprised and a little upset when I heard he wasn't going to play in a such a key game, so it was great to see he had "no excuses".


(Jump Ball)


Finally, the starting five it off! All five of them, including Lowry and Green who Green even said himself “ sometimes you make shots sometimes you dont”. So this was nice to see it being a game where shots were made. Siakam played twenty-nine minutes and only put up 9 pts. But hey, those 9 pts could very well have been what they needed to get the win.


Kawhi Leonard was the star of the show (once again) putting up 39 pts and 14 reb. Leonard hits the shots and Lowry gets the team going. As mentioned, Lowry also had a good game with 14 pts, 6 reb and 7 ast while playing forty-one minutes.


Let's not forget about Philadelphia because even though they lost, their players still put up decent numbers..well actually, just Jimmy Butler. Butler had 29 pts and he did have a little help from his supporting players. Simmons put up 10 pts and Embiid put up 11 pts going 2/7 from the field.


It got a little too close for comfort in the last few minutes of the fourth frame but Toronto held onto it. Thanks to Kawhi who made a well needed shot to secure the win. Toronto and Philly will both head back to Ontario to play game five Tuesday night with tip off at 8:00 p.m. Who do you think will take the lead ? 3-2 in a series is a big deal and most likely than not whoever is leading 3-2 will take it.


Raptors 101-96 Sixers