Raptors Regain Strength & Win This Close Call With The Hawks

Veronica Harris
BarnBurner Sports Writer


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Standing Ovation For Former Raptor As He Walks Onto Court

Kaww-Kaww-Kawwwhi! No that wasn’t the Hawks swooping in to catch their prey, it was Kawhi Leonard leading the Raptors to yet another win. I think he’ll stay. You think he’ll stay? I think he’ll stay! Toronto welcomed the Hawk’s into town trying to extend their win streak to three games-which they successfully competed. The Cast included Trey Young as well as “VC15” himself.

Fun Fact: A group of hawks are called a ‘cast’.

(Jump Ball)

Not a great start for Toronto. That could be because the only player to start every game( before this one) is out due to rest. No Danny Green. Pascal Siakam who has been on fire the past few couples out up an air all within the opening seconds of a game. If I know Toronto basketball, and I do. I know that you need to have a good opening quarter or else it’s going to be tricky to have a good game.

At 5:56 in the 1st quarter you can see Carter in his headband heading to to the scorers table to check in and you know it’s about get loud in that Arena. Carter walks on and in seconds the whole arena is on their feet applauding him. He smiles and waves graciously but quickly put his game face on. His mother, Michelle was sitting in the crowd beside ‘Superfan Nav Bhatia’ wearing a bright yellow shirt with a smile every brighter. Okay, poetry session is over! Carter only put up 6 pts vs his former team.

Fun Fact: Toronto has won 6 straight games vs the Atlanta Hawks.

It was a messy 2nd quarter for Toronto. The Hawks were all over them and it was simply because of team errors. Toronto had 18 turnovers but came back to life in the 2nd half. Kawhi stayed consistent throughout the game putting up 31 pts, 6 ast & 4 reb.

Thank goodness for Van Vleet who  steals the ball and outlet passes it to Siakam for a two handed slam giving the home team a 1 pt lead.

Norman Powell had a season high 23 pts Sunday vs Indiana but must’ve been tired as he only hit 1/7 from the girls and didn’t knock any down from beyond the arc. Powell only put up 2 pts & 3reb. That’s okay, he’s been out all season he needs a few more games to warm up.

A huge shoutout goes to referee wearing no. 75, Ashley Moyer-Gleich who is the 4th ever full time female ref in the NBA. She gave a well deserved technical to Lowry for mouthing off to her after he sunk a shot and didn’t call a offensive foul on Lin at the other end. After that, set the tone for the quarter because you then had Trey Young and Van Vleet exchange some heated words.

The reason why the Hawks stayed in this game were because of Trey Young. He is a small guy but muscled his way to the net time after time. Young put up 19 pts, 4 ast & 5 reb. One point shy of Jeremy Lin’s team high 20 pts, 9 ast & 4 reb. This is a fun back court to watch. Once they get some muscle on the rest of the team, I can see them making playoffs in 2020.

With under 2:00 minutes to go Raps down 3 pts but OG Anunoby quickly changes that with a contested layup bringing them within 1 pt. Kawhi steals the rock from DeAndre’ Bemby, goes on a fast break and Serge then slams it down to make it 102-101 Toronto. Hawks possession with 17.1 to go. Carter inbounds the ball, Young tries to blow past Leonard but doesn’t get to the bucket and once again an outlet pass to OG to solidify the win.

For the most part it was a close game. Atlanta had the largest lead with 9 pts, which isn’t really even that large and that was back in the 2nd quarter.

Toronto takes a skip hop and a jump down to Brooklyn where they will play the Net’s who are..well, doing better than last year! Tip off is at 7:30 pm.

Raptors 104-101 Hawks